It’s July and college admission season is right around the corner! We know college admission committees are all about your high school GPAs and test scores. However, they often receive tons of applications from students with similar grades. To truly differentiate the cream of the crop, they often rely on college admission essays, along with recommendation letters & extracurricular activities. Plus, your essay reveals something about you that your application can’t – your personality! It provides them a sense of who you are and what you stand for, as well as showcasing your writing prowess. This is especially pertinent during the pandemic, where SAT/ACT scores are optional or totally off the table.

Feeling stuck? Or simply unsure exactly what kind of essay admission officers are looking out for? One option is to use a paper writing service and another is attending college essay workshops. If you’re afraid of going it alone, yourself, then fret not, as we’ve prepared these ten essential tips to help you craft a college admission essay that showcases your very best side!

Open Strong

Much like a click-bait article, a strong headline or opening paragraph can hook the reader in and whet their appetite for the remaining essay to come. It’s the power of the first impression – people determine their attitude towards you within the first 30 seconds of making contact!

Write About Something Significant to You

It might have had a profound impact on you, while not holding much meaning for the person next to you. Don’t limit yourself to just experiences – it can be a book, a video, or even a person! More importantly, explain its significance and how it changed you for the better or set you on your current path.

Explore A Different Approach

Every year, admission officers glance through tons of college admission essays, from both local and international students. What’s a sure-fire way to emerge victorious among the fierce competition? Take inspiration a la Elle Woods from Legally Blonde – show off your strengths in an unexpected way, and you just might stand a chance!

Let Your Personality Shine Through

A college essay is basically a piece of writing to convince colleges to accept you. How else do you convince them but with your own authentic voice? Write with your true self; this isn’t your typical academic paper!

Inject a Little Humour

In a sea of dead-serious essays, injecting a little humour can help you leave a lasting impression and even earn you that coveted spot. But be warned! Stay away from distasteful jokes, lame puns or anything that you wouldn’t dare to tell your own grandmother.

Reflect on the ‘Why”, not just the “What”

When recounting an experience on paper, it’s easy to get carried away with recounting what happened. However, show a greater depth of thinking by theorising why it might have happened and what key learnings did you take away from this experience that has helped shape your personality.

Build A Bridge

Luckily, we don’t mean a literal bridge during a community service trip. If you’re describing a life experience that occurred some time ago, be sure to connect it to your person now. Schools wanna know exactly who is going to be the one stepping through their gates, not your nine year-old self!

No Repetition or Contradictions Please

We know it’s a lot of words to squeeze out of you. Even so, paraphrasing the same experience multiple times in hopes of hitting that sweet word count is a strict no-no from us. Similarly, make sure your essay tells a consistent story and in no way contradicts itself.

Give Yourself Time to Ruminate

You’ve hit the essay word count and you think to yourself, finally you’re done writing. That’s not true! We can’t stress enough the importance of reading through your draft multiple times, preferably with fresh eyes. Leave enough time from the deadline to step away and return to the task several days later. Even better, get a trusted friend or mentor to read through. They just might be able to offer valuable feedback or a whole new perspective that you hadn’t considered for yourself!

Back to Basics

You’ve done the above and more. Feeling fairly confident, you’re about to hit that “send” button. Before you proceed, there’s one last step that can make or break your application, and that is to check your grammar! Proofread and make sure it is grammatically sound, with no glaring spelling errors. Also ensure that your essay successfully answers the essay question.

Need Extra Help?

Brimming with thoughts but struggling to pen them into words? Or is writing simply not your forte? We say it’s time to bring in the experts! Consider dedicated college essay workshops that help you craft your essays from start to finish. Alternatively, find a paper writing service out there that is affordable, accessible and most importantly, authentic!