1.  The base of the test rig will consist of a 1' squared plate made of wood

    2.  A bearing will be press fit into a counter bored hole in the wood base.

   3.  A universal joint will be press fit into the bearing to allow for 2 degrees of freedom

   4.  Attached to the universal joint will be a 1/4" solid nylon rod 24" long.

   5.  At the end of the rod a clevis joint will be mounted to allow for 1 degree of freedom for the duct

   6.  The clevis will attach directly to the ducted fan.

   7.  All specification sheets are below along with CAD drawings of design specified. 

Specification Sheet Links AutoCAD drawings
Universal Joint
Nylon Support Rod
Clevis Joint

Specific Parts List for Test Rig

Item Dimensions Vendor Part # Quantity Unit Price
Steel Ball Bearing OD- 1 1/8", ID- 1/2", WD- 3/8" McMaster-Carr 6384K61 1 4.45
Nylon Clevis 1/4" 28 thread McMaster-Carr 2449K12 1 3.09
Nylon 6/6 Rod diam- 1/4", length-24" Small Parts, Inc ZRN-04 1 1.45
Universal Joint Length -1.82", bore size- 1/4"x1/4" Small Parts, Inc UJD-13-4/4 1 19.95
        TOTALS 28.94

1. Build test rig from ordered parts 

2. Demo test rig with ducted fan for experimentation.

3. Document with video. 

        Picture 1 - Parts unassembled

        Picture 2 - Test rig full assembled w/ducted fan

        Video 1 - Simulation of ducted fan attached to test rig