Dynamic Thrust Experiment

The dynamic thrust test rig was originally developed by Josh Capparella, a Undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering at Drexel University and a student of Dr. Oh's.  The theory and equations can be found at http://www.pages.drexel.edu/~jjc35/thrust%20calculations.html.  In using this test rig, our initial goals was to become familiar with the test rig, it's equations, and the theory behind it's operation.  Our next goal was to be able to evaluate the thrust v. weight, and ensure that our motor/ducted fan configuration was able to lift itself for successful hover.  From test rig we concluded that he ducted fan configuration was unable to lift itself, thus we chose propellers.  This test rig was then redeveloped for our motor/propeller configuration as well as baffle testing.

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Pivot Point A, Test 1                Pivot Point A, Test 2                Pivot Point C, Test 1                Pivot Point C Test 2
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Ducted Fan Test 1            Ducted Fan Test 2
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