Wood Frame Structure

Wood framing systems are composed of members made from wood.  This structural system consists of studded walls, floor joists, and other wooden components to create a structural frame.  Finished surfaces are then fastened to the wooden frame. The loads travel through the floor joists, to the studded wall and then down into the foundation.

Wood framing is limited to residential construction and small commercial buildings because of the material itself. Wood has a good strength to weight ratio, however, it does not have the spanning ability nor loading capacity to withstand very large loads such as that of a warehouse.

Wood framing members can be prefabricated offsite. This allows for quick and effective construction, which will ultimately drive down labor costs. However, a point to consider is that wood framing has very bad resistance to fire and blast loads, therefore usage in a storage facility would be very unwise.

Pros: low construction cost, easy to make useful shaped spaces.

Cons:  Not capable of needed loads, not able to created large open spaces with several large door openings.

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