Creating Spry Menu Bars via Dreamweaver

In Dreamweaver, you can easily create very useful nav bars that nicely illustrate the file hierarchy of your site. It is just a matter of inserting the widget code for the menu of your choice. To insert a spry menu widget, via Dreamweaver, you go to the "spry" tab located at the top left portion of your Dreamweaver interface. It is located somewhere beneath the "modify" option of the uppermost top tool bar. Click on "spry." Towards the right-most part of the icon bar, choose the first blue icon. That will open up the dialog box to create your spry menu bar. You insert the code, and then customize the code as you see fit. Good luck! (Back to Test Pages Tutorials)



Example of a HORIZONTAL drop-down menu bar:





Example of a VERTICAL drop-down menu bar.

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