Week 3

This webpage is an example of how images, colors, fonts, and lines can be implemented using html and css. This webpage shows how inline styling attributes within the HTML works hand-in-hand with the embedded CSS. See notes below.


This is Drexel's Main Hall.


This is a pic of cherry blossoms in East Falls section of Northwest Philly.

Tzipora in the office

This is me on a good day!I do love my coffee and tea!

1) View the source code to see the styling of this webpage (right-click on this page, then go to "view source"). Study the HTML inline styling within the <body></body> element along with the embedded CSS within the <head></head> element.
2) Within the <body>: Note how the <span> element is used to declare css styling inline (meaning in line with html).
3) Within the <head>: Note how the embedded class declaration, "first", is declared inline as html with a class attribute (class=) to inform the styling of the paragraph <p> assigned
4) Lastly, note how the class declaration "first" is expressed in the embedded CSS as .first. Syntax is important here: "." and "first" = .first (embedded) | class="first" = (inline) >> They work hand in hand, they inform each other.

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