Drexel University

About Tzipora

There are many things I could or should tell you about myself. This space is for an introduction to me, the person who sits at her PC, reads your posts and assignments and joins you on this part of your journey. 

Like many learners at Drexel, I returned to school after a "break" from college. The year was 1975 and I knew I was in the wrong major (sound at all familiar?) and needed to rethink my plans. I decided to take a semester off from NYU and consider my options. That semester lasted some 28 years! By then I had experienced much more than I thought I ever would or could in life. Ten of those years were spent as a folk musician/storyteller living in a van with my (ex) husband and two small children. We traveled across the USA and Canada (some 250,000 miles in all during a four year stretch when we all lived in our van). That ended in 1992. 

Eventually I settled down and went back to school (after having an argument with my daughter about the importance of a Master’s degree). I completed my B.F.A. in Digital Communication, my M.Ed. with Instructional Technology, and my Ph.D. in Professional Studies in Education focusing on Adult Online Learning. That journey took me seven years. I understand what you face taking your classes online, balancing work and family, and something like a life. 

Now, I obviously teach for Drexel (I've developed several classes for the university). When I'm not working, my entire family is heavily involved in rescuing dogs. My daughter is very involved with saving pit bulls and has trained her dog to be a support dog for mobility. She suffers from severe fibromyalgia and Mojo is her constant companion carrying her things in his backpack. My son and I have three other dogs between us, all of them rescued. 

The only other things you need to really know are this: I grew up in Brooklyn, NY (no accent though), I try to be fair and realistic with all my students, am absent-minded (my DNA is next to the definition in the dictionary - I'm sure of it) and believe with every ounce of my being that education should be fun and exciting. I'll do my best to keep this class lively and interesting. 

Carry on....