TRAFFIC (2000)
Directed by Steven Soderbergh  
Written by Stephen Gaghan
Based on the miniseries by Simon Moore

Benicio Del Toro ............ Officer Javier Rodriguez
Jacob Vargas .......................... Manolo Sanchez 
Tomas Milian .................. General Arturo Salazar 
Michael Douglas ............... Judge Robert Wakefield 
Luis Guzmán ......................... Agent Ray Castro 
Don Cheadle ...................... Agent Montel Gordon 
Miguel Ferrer ........................... Eduardo Ruiz 
Topher Grace ........................... Seth Abrahams 
Erika Christensen ................. Caroline Wakefield 
Catherine Zeta-Jones .................... Helena Ayala 
Albert Finney ......................... Chief of Staff 
James Brolin .................... General Ralph Landry 
Steven Bauer ............................ Carlos Ayala 
Amy Irving ......................... Barbara Wakefield 
Dennis Quaid ........................... Arnie Metzger 
Clifton Collins Jr. ................. Francisco Flores
Peter Riegert ................. Attorney Michael Adler 

 1   EXT. COLUMBUS, OHIO - DAY                                      1   

     The state capital of Ohio.  It's an impressive building for 
     a city this size.


 2   INT. OHIO STATE SUPREME COURT - DAY                            2   

     In chambers striving for august, JUSTICES listen to a lawyer 
     MR. RODMAN, argue his case before the highest court in Ohio.

     Mr. Rodman enjoys the sound of his own voice.

                           MR. RODMAN
               This informant, paid by the police, 
               using taxpayers dollars to continue 
               his felony drug habit, was the link 
               which allowed police to raid a private 
               farm.  A working farm.  A farm where 
               honest Americans make their living.

     One particular justice, ROBERT WAKEFIELD, younger than the 
     others, is clearly bemused by this performance.

                           MR. RODMAN (CONT'D)
               The government, in its haste, has 
               employed an army of criminals whose 
               allegiance to the truth is, at best, 
               questionable --

     Judge Wakefield interrupts --

               Mr.'s too bad your client 
               didn't show as much sense in choosing 
               what he planted as he did in choosing 
               his attorney...

     A polite chuckle from the justices --

                           ROBERT (CONT'D)
               Lately the only variation I'm hearing 
               in your argument is the name of the 
               client.  And you can sit there all 
               day arguing the ins and outs of 
               Illinois v. Gates, but you aren't 
               going to convince me that this country 
               has not sanctioned the use of 
               anonymous informants.
               Furthermore, there is no sacred 
               protection of property rights in the


                                                             p. 2

                           ROBERT (CONT'D)
               United Sates.  When you make the 
               decision to have marijuana on your 
               farm, whether it's one joint or an 
               acre of plants, your property can be 
               seized and your property can be sold.

                           MR. RODMAN
               I'm sorry the court finds my argument 

               Mr. Rodman, may I offer a piece of 
               advice?  The next time you argue 
               this point before this court, 
               regardless of my whereabouts, I 
               recommend you have something up your 
               sleeve other than your arm.

 3   INT. ROBERT'S CHAMBERS - DAY                                   3   

     The office is marble and dark wood.  A young CLERK, black, 
     29, enters carrying an oddly-shaped gift.  They both look at 

               What do you think it is?

               Depends who it's from.

                    (reading the card)
               Your friends at Warren, Putnam and 

               You can learn a lot about somebody 
               from this stuff.  Three categories: 
               you like me, you hate me, you want 
               something from me.
                    (re: the elaborate 
               Definitely third category.

               What would a law firm want from the 
               new drug Czar?

               Depends on the state.


                                                             p. 3


               Medicinal marijuana initiative.
               Or am I being cynical?

     They both laugh.  Robert reaches up and pulls a bottle of 
     Scotch from a shelf.  He pours a couple of fingers in two 

               Maybe there's a book in it.

     The clerk takes one of the glasses.

               Not by me.

     They toast and drink.

 4   EXT. COURTHOUSE - DAY                                          4   

     Robert exits, trailed by a small group of reporters.  He 
     gets into a car being driven by two security TYPES.

 5   INT. AIRPLANE - DAY                                            5   

     Robert sits in a business class window seat.

 6   INT. HOTEL ROOM - NIGHT                                        6   

     An expensive hotel.  Robert Wakefield stands at the window, 
     looking at the view of our nation's capital.



     the remnants of a meal.  It was a steak and a small caesar 
     salad.  The wine glass is half-empty.


     in front of the mirror now, trying on a dark, tasteful jacket.


     On Robert in the same position, only now we are in HIS HOME.

     It's daytime, and his wife BARBARA is helping him into this 
     same jacket.


                                                             p. 4

     As her hands dust the lint off his shoulders we MATCH CUT 

               in the hotel rooms, making the same 
               motions.  Satisfied, he straightens, 
               then turns to look at himself.

 7   OMITTED                                                        7   


     back at the hotel room window now.  Reaches to the table and 
     lifts the wine glass.

                                                          CUT TO:

 8   EXT. DIRT ROAD - DAY                                           8   

     This is the middle of nowhere.  Scrub cactus and dust and a 
     heartless sun.


     A broken down-looking Police Sedan is parked on the side of 
     the road.  It seems abandoned except there are TWO MEN inside.

 9   INT. POLICE SEDAN - DAY                                        9   

     Two Mexican men, State Police officers, JAVIER RODRIGUEZ, 
     30's, and MANUEL "MANOLO" SANCHEZ, 20's, wearing jeans, knock-
     off Polo shirts, and cowboy boots, wait patiently in the 

               I had that dream again.

     A long pause.

               Which one?

     Another long pause.

               Where my mother's suffocating.

     They continue to wait until there is the sound of a JET 
     ENGINE.  It grows LOUDER as it approaches.

10   EXT. THE POLICE SEDAN - DAY                                   10   

     The shadow of a large plane crosses the desert floor.  Then, 
     an old DC-3 flies fifty feet above the Police Sedan.


                                                             p. 5

11   INT. POLICE SEDAN - DAY                                       11   

     They watch the plane disappear over a small rise in the 
     desert.  They look at each other and wait some more.

12   EXT. MEXICAN DESERT - LATER                                   12   

     From the direction of the landing strip, a moving van lumbers 
     down the road, two TEENAGERS in the cab.

13   INT. POLICE SEDAN - DAY                                       13   

     Javi and Manolo watch the moving van approach.  Javi reaches 
     under the seat and picks up a bubble flasher.  He rolls down 
     the window and plants it on the roof.  He flips the switch.

     Nothing happens.  He jiggles the wire and the siren BURPS 
     and the light flashes.  Manolo and Javi step from the car, 

14   EXT. MEXICAN DESERT - DAY                                     14   

     The moving van slows to a stop.  Javi approaches.  The DRIVER 
     unhurriedly rolls down the window.

               Is there a problem?

               No.  There's no problem.

     The driver hesitates a confused beat then reaches for his 

               Okay.  I see.  How much do you want?

     The driver pulls a wad of bills.  Javi shakes his head.

                           DRIVER (CONT'D)
               You want more than this?

     Javi shakes his head.  The driver exchanges a look with his 

                           DRIVER (CONT'D)
               You want something else?

     Javi smiles.  The driver gets out and walks to the back of 
     the truck.  He opens the rear door.  There are neatly-stacked 
     crates marked with a SCORPION logo and "911."  He reaches 
     into one of them and pulls out a tightly-sealed package also 
     with the scorpion stamped on it.  He turns to see Javi with 
     his gun drawn.


                                                             p. 6

     Manolo, at the passenger side, has also drawn his gun and is 
     motioning the partner to move to the back of the truck.

               Drop the package.  Put your hands 
               behind your head.  You're under 

     The driver hesitates.  He starts to comply then looks at 
     Javi and Manolo.

               I don't understand.  I think there 
               must be some mistake.

               No, there's no mistake.

     Javi motions to Manolo who cuffs both teenagers.  The driver 
     begins spewing OBSCENITIES under his breath.  Javi puts the 
     driver in the front of the Shadow.  Manolo follows in the 
     moving van.

15   OMITTED                                                       15   

16   OMITTED                                                       16   

17   EXT. DIRT ROAD - MEXICO - LATER                               17   

     The truck follows the Shadow down a desert road.

     Suddenly, from behind, four armored SUV's with tinted windows 
     appear, closing fast.

     The SUV's force both vehicles off the road where they pull 
     to a stop.  A long beat as hot wind blows desert detritus 
     past the truck.

     Finally, the SUV doors open and FEDERAL POLICE OFFICERS 
     surround them like a SWAT team.

     The passenger door of the lead SUV opens and GENERAL ARTURO 
     SALAZAR, 50's, a squat, powerful presence in a perfectly 
     pressed uniform gets out and approaches Javi.

                    (to Javier)
               What's your name?

               Javier Rodriguez.


                                                             p. 7

               Well, Javier Rodriguez, you've done 
               a very good job, but we'll take care 
               of it from here.

     Javier stares into the implacable reflection of his 
     sunglasses.  In the distance, the DC-3 takes off and ROARS 
     over their heads.

                           SALAZAR (CONT'D)
               We've been following these Narco-
               trafficantes for some time but had 
               not been able to bring them to 
                    (to his men)
               Put the prisoners in the car.  Impound 
               the truck.

     The men follow Salazar's orders.

                           SALAZAR (CONT'D)
                    (to Javi)
               One question.  How did you find about 

               An informant.

               What is the name of your informant?

               It was an anonymous tip.

     Salazar looks at Javi a beat.

                    (to his men)
               For a State Police officer, you're 
               very well informed.  Let's go.


     Javi and Manolo watch the convoy of vehicles drive away.

     Javier lights a cigarette.

               Wasn't that General Salazar?



                                                             p. 8

               What's he doing up here?

               I don't know.  Something.

     They start for their car.

18   OMITTED                                                       18   

19   OMITTED                                                       19   

20   OMITTED                                                       20   

21   EXT. DEL MAR SELF-STORAGE - DAY                               21   


     Two men, RAY CASTRO, 30's, proud, ambitious, and MONTEL 
     GORDON, 40's, suspicious of everyone including himself and 
     always, always the smartest guy in the room, walk from a 
     Lincoln Towncar toward a dumpy office.  Castro is talking 
     under his breath --

               No telltales.  Nothing to read.  Not 
               touching my face.  Not even blinking.  
               No giveaways.
               How're you feeling?

                    (keyed up)
               I feel good.

               No more pissant basin league bullshit 
               for us, hunh?


     Castro stretches his arms, swings them around.

               Limbering up, gonna stay loose, keep 
               it all together.  Take this 
               motherfucker down.

     They reach the door to the office.  Gordon looks at Castro, 
     then turns the handle.

                           CASTRO (CONT'D)


                                                             p. 9

22   INT. OFFICE, DEL MAR SELF-STORAGE - DAY                       22   

     It's a cluttered, rundown working office unusual only in the 
     extent of its ordinariness.  A SECRETARY goes about her 
     business like a somnambulist.  CLERKS shuffle and file.

     Castro switches into Spanish --

                    (in Spanish)
               Good afternoon, ladies, gentlemen.  
               We're looking for Eduardo Ruiz.  We 
               have a two o'clock appointment.

23   INT. OFFICE, DEL MAR SELF-STORAGE - LATER                     23   

     In a back alcove, Castro and Gordon sit across a cheap table 
     from EDUARDO RUIZ, 40's, an entrepreneur in an expensive 
     suit and bad hairpiece.  They are waiting.

               You ever buy a quarter ton?  Not 
               many people have.

     Another "businessman" enters from another door and whispers 
     in Ruiz's ear, then leaves again.

                           RUIZ (CONT'D)
               So, it's worth the wait, right?  
               What can I do?  Rent a Huey?  Have 
               an airlift?  It's not like you can 
               put it in a condom up some mule's 
               asshole, right?  How many peasants 
               would that take?  A line stretching 
               from here to Mexico City --

               Nobody said shit, Eduardo --

     One of Ruiz's hands dips under the desk where we see a handgun 
     is holstered on the underside.

               Relax.  We're waiting, that's it.

               Hey, you want to hear a joke?  I got 
               a joke.  Why do women wear makeup 
               and perfume?

               Chill out --


                                                            p. 10

               It's a funny fuckin' joke and it's 
               quick.  Why do women wear makeup and 

               I don't know.

               'Cause they're ugly and they stink.

     Castro laughs uproariously.

24   INT. DEA SURVEILLANCE SPACE - DAY                             24   

     ON FUZZY SURVEILLANCE VIDEO: Castro laughing.  Ruiz politely 
     smiling, one of his hands hidden by the table.

               Man, you never been close enough to 
               a woman to know how she smells.

                           DEA AGENT (V.O.)
               What's his hand doing?  Watch his 
               hand.  Anybody?  I don't like the 


     The room is filled with crappy surveillance equipment.  DEA 
     AGENTS, in DEA logo'd outerwear, jiggle a monitor fuzzily 
     displaying the view from another hidden camera: Gordon and 
     Ruiz around the cheap table.

                           DEA AGENT (CONT'D)
               This is ridiculous this fucking thing.
                    (taps monitor)
               Look at this shit -- the first 
               television transmission.  I had better 
               shit when I was the AV guy at junior 
               high, swear-to-God.

                           ANOTHER DEA AGENT
               Come on, Castro, pay attention.  
               Watch his damn hands.

                           ON THE MONITOR
               Another "businessman" enters the 
               office and whispers in Ruiz's ear.

                           RUIZ (ON MONITOR)


                                                            p. 11

     Another AGENT peers out a window through binoculars.  HIS 
     POV: the exterior of the office where Castro, Gordon, and 
     Ruiz talk.

25   EXT. DEL MAR SELF-STORAGE, SAN DIEGO - DAY                    25   

     A BLUE VAN makes a slow turn into the parking lot.

26   EXT. ROOF - DAY                                               26   

     TWO FBI AGENTS, in jackets reading "FBI," hide on an opposing 
     roof.  They look through high-powered binoculars.  Binocular

     POV: the BLUE VAN turning into the plaza.

                           FBI AGENT #2
               All right, here we go.  The blue 

     His binocular POV detects three unmarked cars discreetly 
     following the van.

                           FBI AGENT #2 (CONT'D)
               Three unmarked vehicles.
                    (picks up walkie)
               Three unmarked vehicles accompanying.

     The unmarked cars split up and one turns into the parking 
     lot of a fast-food restaurant.  The other circles around the 
     back of a building.

                           FBI AGENT #2 (CONT'D)
               It's local.  Local or Customs.  Oh, 
               man, I don't know.  Looks like the 

                           FBI AGENT
               This is our show.  Ah, man.  I don't 
               want to share this one.

27   INT. OFFICE, DEL MAR SELF-STORAGE - CONTINUOUS                27   

     Through the window Ruiz, Gordon and Castro watch the van 
     disappear into the bay of a storage unit.  A man is pulling 
     down the door behind it when three unmarked squad cars ROAR 
     into the lot, surrounding the unit, officers exit the cars 
     with their guns drawn --

     Gordon and Castro stare in disbelief.

     Ruiz FIRES the gun under the desk which hits Gordon full in 
     the chest, knocking him backwards.

     Ruiz's men run into the room pulling guns.


                                                            p. 12

     Castro dives and pulls his weapon, firing at Ruiz's men, 
     hitting both of them.  Ruiz bolts through another door.

     Castro pursues, talking into his shirt collar --

               Agent down.  Repeat, agent down.

     Gordon gets slowly to his feet, shaking off the blast to his 
     Kevlar, and runs after them.

28   EXT. DEL MAR SELF-STORAGE - DAY                               28   

     The DEA are shooting at the men inside the storage unit who 
     are shooting back.

     From all over the stake-out location, DEA AGENTS emerge firing 
     their weapons.  An equal number of FBI AGENTS emerge firing 
     in return.  Nobody was aware of the other's presence.

     It's CHAOS, a clusterfuck of law-enforcement zeal with three 
     competing sets of good guys shouting through BULL-HORNS, 

     Ruiz breaks through the corner of the lot, cutting between 
     two buildings.  Castro emerges and chases him.

29   EXT. PARKING LOT - DAY                                        29   

     Ruiz runs out the back of the storage company.  He cuts 
     between parked cars, heading for The Fun Zone, a kiddie 

30   INT. THE FUN ZONE - DAY                                       30   

     Castro enters The Fun Zone.  There's a cardboard cutout of 
     SPASTIC JACK, a beloved comedy figure who looks like a rabbit 
     version of Jar Jar Binks, promoting the "Special Edition" 
     glass: "Collect All Four."  There's an enclosure filled with 
     colored plastic balls.

     The restaurant is empty except for a CLOWN filling out a 
     time card.  The clown stands.

               Hey dudes, we're not open yet.

     Castro makes a motion for him to be quiet and keeps moving 
     toward the room of colored balls.

     Gordon enters the restaurant and follows him.  An ANIMATRONIC 
     BAND starts to play a SONG.


                                                            p. 13

     Gordon sees a half-hidden foot buried underneath the plastic 
     balls at the far end of the room.

     He takes careful aim and FIRES.

     Ruiz SCREAMS and sits up.  Castro pounces on him, disarming 
     him, and roughing him up.

31   EXT. THE FUN ZONE - DAY                                       31   

     Castro and Gordon shove Ruiz into the sunlight.  They wait 
     while their eyes adjust.

               Take me to the hospital.  I'm bleeding 
               to death.

     Castro shoves him forward.


     DEA has opened the back of the van where a quarter-ton of 
     cocaine is spilling out onto the pavement.

                                                          CUT TO:

32   INT. GUEST HOUSE - AFTERNOON                                  32   

     A bong hit is expelled into the air.  In the living room of 
     a comfortable, preppy guest house, private school TEENAGERS 
     party and hang-out: cigarettes in ashtrays, beer and bong on 
     the coffee table, loud MUSIC.


     The TV is on with the sound off.  The curtains are closed.

     The four boys wear school blazers with their ties pulled 
     askew, the three girls' clothing are also identical.  Some 
     sit on couches, some on the floor.  They are stoned.

     One intense-looking boy, SETH ABRAHAMS, 17, wild curly hair 
     and the attitude of a young Coleridge, and a girl, CAROLINE 
     WAKEFIELD, 16, really sixteen which means she looks about 
     12, pretty and flirtatiously irreverent, sit at a desk in 
     front of a Powerbook G-3 playing an on-line trivia game.

     Seth speaks rapidly and precisely.

               Father of Greek tragedy?  Anyone?  
               Okay, Aeschylus it is.


                                                            p. 14

                           SETH (CONT'D)
                    (hits keys)
               His trilogy?  The Oresteia.  I mean 
               this is beautiful, can anyone stop 
               the Seth Machine?
                    (hits keys)
               Score.  Thank you.  Madmax from Omaha 
               we own you.  And Tragedy is closed 

     Seth leans over and snorts a line of coke from a mirror.  He 
     hands it to Caroline who effortlessly does one.

               Entertainment.  The Susan Lucci 
               section or Banal Love Songs of the 

     Seth looks at her.  He has a crush.

               Banal Love Songs it is.
                    (hits keys)
               Hey, you wanna try something?

     She nods.  They both take a swig of beer.  He takes her hand 
     pulling her past the stoned people on the couch --


     Seth takes out a box of baking soda.  He tears off a square 
     of aluminum foil.  He takes out a spoon.  Caroline watches 
     as he dumps a small amount of cocaine into the spoon.  He 
     adds a pinch of baking soda.  He puts in a few drops of water.  
     Stirs it around with the heel of a lighter.  Then holds the 
     flame under the spoon.

               What are you doing?

               Just watch.

     He watches the substance in the spoon as it swirls and 
     bubbles, then separates... He pours the most viscous part 
     onto the aluminum foil, making four separate little puddles.

     He quickly dismantles a ballpoint pen, making a straw.  He 
     hands it to Caroline.

                           SETH (CONT'D)
               Inhale the smoke and hold it.


                                                            p. 15

               What is this, like freebase?

               Not like.  It is.

     He lights the flame under the aluminum foil.  The puddle 
     crackles and pops, then starts to smoke --

                           SETH (CONT'D)
               Go...  Go!

     There's a rush of thick grey smoke.  Caroline catches most 
     of it.

                           SETH (CONT'D)
               Hold it.

     She pulls it in deeper and holds... Suddenly her expression 
     changes... Her eyes lose their focus, her face slackens, an 
     almost sexual response.  Seth is watching her intensely.

                           SETH (CONT'D)
               See... Now, you see.

     Caroline slumps back against the counter.  Seth moves against 
     her, kissing her, running his hands over her breasts and 
     body.  She stares over his shoulder, holding it as long as 
     she can.

     Finally she exhales --


     The cloud of grey smoke from her lungs fills the room.

                                                          CUT TO:

33   INT. WHITE HOUSE OFFICE - DAY                                 33   

     The White House CHIEF OF STAFF meets with Robert Wakefield.

     The Chief of Staff has the floor; he always has the floor.

     This is a man you do not want to disappoint.

                           CHIEF OF STAFF
               Until you officially take over the 
               office of National Drug Control 
               Policy, under no circumstances should 
               you speak to the press unprotected, 
               without going through this office or


                                                            p. 16

                           CHIEF OF STAFF (CONT'D)
               having someone in the room.  There 
               are a lot of interests in this town 
               and, right now, they're all scared 
               of you.  The reason they're scared 
               of you...technically, you have veto 
               power over their budgets.  So think 
               about that: FBI, CIA, DEA, CUSTOMS, 
               TREASURY, ATF, DEFENSE, IRS, Radio 
               Shack and the DMV, they're all gonna 
               want to speak to you.  And that's 
               the good news... You'll also be 
               meeting Senators and Congressman, 
               each with a specially prepared 
               question.  Their question is designed 
               for one thing: to make them look 
               smart.  If you lecture them, they 
               won't think you respect them.  If 
               you respond with utter humility, 
               they will.  Remember, this is about 
               your respect for them, and the 
               President's respect for them.  
               Speaking of which, as soon as he 
               gets back from Russia and China, 
               we'll get you in there for some face-
               time, let the two of you catch up.
               It'd probably be a good idea for you 
               to meet your predecessor.  I'll have 
               Jeff Sheridan take you over.  Also, 
               four weeks from today you will give 
               your first official press conference.  
               In it you will outline the President's 
               strategy for winning the war on drugs.
               Okay, anything else?

               I'll be sure to let you know.

34   INT. EXECUTIVE BUILDING, WASHINGTON, D.C. - DAY               34   

     Robert makes his way through a warren of hallways in the 
     endless corridors of the Old Executive Building alongside 
     JEFF SHERIDAN, 35, an enthusiastic government employee who 
     has found his place.

               I just want to be clear about one 
               thing.  I used to work for him, but 
               now I work for you.  I'm not a 
               partisan person, I'm an issue person.


                                                            p. 17

                           SHERIDAN (CONT'D)
               In the next few weeks, if you allow 
               me, we'll get you well-versed on an 
               incredible array of issues.  The 
               most important of which, in my 
               opinion, being Mexico.  I know 
               everybody that you're gonna meet.  
               It's important that they like you.  
               It's not important that they like 
               me.  That's why I can help protect 

               Like you protected Landry?

               I see where you're going wit that, 
               but if I could just say something, 
               which is basically that a guy like 
               Landry is so autocratic he doesn't 
               know how to let himself be helped; 
               it's a point of pride to take every 
               bullet, no matter who fired it, or 
               whether it was even aimed at him, 
               which personally I think it very 
               self-defeating.  Now, don't get me 
               wrong, he's a man of enormous 
               integrity, but there's a political 
               component to this job that the General 
               just didn't have any patience for.


     Robert and Sheridan enter the office of outgoing Drug Czar, 
     GENERAL RALPH LANDRY, 60's, buzz-cut, professional soldier 
     with a sense of humor.

     Landry is putting some personal items in a box.

                           GENERAL LANDRY
               Jeff, you want to excuse us for a 

     Sheridan nods and leaves.

                           GENERAL LANDRY (CONT'D)
                    (bemused, off 
                    Sheridan's exit)
               Functionaries.  Nice people, the 
               Schedule C's.  About twelve graduate 
               degrees apiece, but it seems sometimes 
               all they do is start rumors.

     Robert and Landry shake hands.


                                                            p. 18

               You've done a fine job here, Sir.  
               The Office of National Drug Control 
               Policy is in better shape than when 
               you found it.

     Landry tries to determine whether Robert believes this.  He 
     looks around the office as if the policy is hiding somewhere.

                           GENERAL LANDRY
               I'm not sure I made the slightest 
               I tried...  I really did.

               There are a lot of encouraging 
               statistics.  The work's just started, 
               but I intend to see it through.  
               You've got my word on that.

                           GENERAL LANDRY
               You're here for two years, three 
               maximum.  What'd they promise you?  
               Court appointment?  What?  District?  
                    (checks Robert's 
               Not Supreme... Supreme?

               I've come in to do a tough job and 
               that's what I'm going to focus on.

     General Landry SIGHS.

                           GENERAL LANDRY
               When Kruschev was forced out, he sat 
               down and wrote two letters and handed 
               them to his successor.  He said "When 
               you get into a situation you can't 
               get out of, open the first letter 
               and you'll be saved.  And when you 
               get into another situation you can't 
               get out of, open the second."  Soon 
               enough this guy found himself in a 
               tight place.  So he opened the first 
               letter.  It said, "Blame everything 
               on me."  So he blamed the old guy 
               and it worked like a charm.
               He got into another situation he 
               couldn't get out of, so he opened


                                                            p. 19

                           GENERAL LANDRY (CONT'D)
               the second letter, which read, "Sit 
               down and write two letters."

     They stare at each other a beat.  Then Landry smiles.

                                                          CUT TO:

36   EXT. MANOLO'S STREET, MEXICO - DAY                            36   

     A cinderblock house.  Kids and dogs in the street.  A face 
     we recognize as Manolo's peers out of a curtain into the 

37   INT. MANOLO'S KITCHEN - DAY                                   37   

     The ceiling is stained, the floor sags.  A cheap radio plays.

     Manolo is at the door.  Javi sits at a dinette table.

     He talks to Manolo but watches Manolo's wife, ANNA, 20's, a 
     nice-looking, ostensibly demure young woman, as she moves 
     around the kitchen.

               Relax.  If they were going to kill 
               us they would have done it in the 

               They wouldn't do it in front of all 
               these people.  They'd send someone 
               later, when we're alone.

     Manolo tenses, and throws open the window.

                           MANOLO (CONT'D)
                    (yelling out the window)
               Away from the car.  Now!

     MANOLO'S POV out the window as KIDS play in the car, sitting 
     behind the wheel.

               Even if that were true, they're not 
               going to come to your house where 
               you're waiting for them.

               He's right.  They'll do it when you're 
               walking somewhere, make it look like 
               street crime.


                                                            p. 20

               Shut your fucking mouth.  Nobody's 
               talking to you.

     Anna sets a cup of coffee in front of Javi and stares at 

38   INT. POLICE SEDAN - DAY                                       38   

     Javi and Manolo cruise through the streets of Tijuana.

               If you want her to stay out of it, 
               then stop telling her everything.  
               You should learn how to keep a secret.

               She's nosy.  She hears me on the 

               Anyway, I don't think we'll ever see 
               them again.  Everything's back to 

39   EXT. TIJUANA STREET - DAY                                     39   

     Tourist hell.  A cacophony of street venders, panhandlers, 
     and vehicular traffic.  Javier and Manolo are speaking with 
     a flustered young American TOURIST COUPLE.

                           TOURIST WOMAN
               You're a police officer.  Aren't you 
               going to take a report or something?  
               Don't you want to know what kind of 
               car it is?

                           TOURIST MAN
               It's a Brown Ford Explorer --

                           TOURIST WOMAN
               It was right here.  It's been stolen.  
               I want to file a report.

               Please.  Filing a report will not 
               help you find your car.

               The police won't find your car.

                           TOURIST WOMAN
               But you're the police.


                                                            p. 21

     Javier pulls out a note pad and scribbles a number.

               Call this man, he'll find your car 
               for you.

                           TOURIST MAN
               I don't get it --

                           TOURIST WOMAN
               How will this guy know who has our 

               The police will tell him.

     There's a beat of confusion.

                           TOURIST MAN
               Why will they tell him but they won't 
               tell us?

                           TOURIST WOMAN
                    (getting it)
               Because we pay him, stupid.
                    (to Javier)
               Right?  And he pays the police.  And 
               then our car appears.

               Yes.  Better than filling out forms, 

     The man reaches in his wallet and offers Javier a twenty.

     Javi waves him off.

     Javier and Manolo walk back to their squad car when two SUV's 
     come to a stop in front of them.

     Javier and Manolo exchange a look.  The doors SLAM and 
     FOOTSTEPS approach.

                           OFFICER (O.S.)
               Javier Rodriguez.

                                                          CUT TO:

40   EXT. LA JOLLA GOLF AND TENNIS CLUB - DAY                      40   

     A ladies luncheon in the Nancy Reagan Dining Room overlooking 
     a putting green.  The bejewelled WIVES of successful men 
     yammer at one another around tables with rich flower 


                                                            p. 22


     One wife, HELENA AYALA, 32, ex-model, with a sweetness and 
     intelligence that almost contradicts her beauty, stares out 
     the window at a small BOY, 5, using a putter as tall as he 
     is.  Helena is six months pregnant and radiant.

     A waiter brings Helena's starter course.  Her friends, NAN 
     DOBBS, early 40's, post Junior League, a little tipsy,

     STEWIE and ALEX, same League, watch her --

               Duck salad?


     Nan can't believe it.

               Helena, you never order duck salad.

               Well, that's true.  I don't.
                    (re: her belly)
               I think someone else is asking for 

               Well, he's got good taste.  Isn't it 
               the most wonderful thing you ever 
               tasted?  I mean ever.

               It's delicious --

               They're the most marvelous little 
               creatures.  Canard.  They fly, swim, 
               walk.  And so cute with their babies 
               marching along behind.

               Looking for a nice sauce ala orange.

     Everyone laughs.  Helena is by far the youngest in her crowd.

               It's a very fatty bird.  All that 
               winter insulation.  Just like me.

               You mean all breast, just like you.


                                                            p. 23

               You're bad --

               Jealous, that's all --

               I've heard... I can't remember 
               where... That it's full of that good 
               kind of fat, the kind you're supposed 
               to eat --

               Unsaturated fat --

                           TWO WOMEN IN UNISON

               And now there's a good cholesterol 
               and bad cholesterol.  Everything 
               they tell you completely changes 
               every other week.  I don't know why 
               they think we should listen at all.

               What I know is ducks, as cute as 
               they are, were designed by God to be 

     Nan reaches for a taste and the other women lean forward 
     also, a sea of inanity swirling around Helena's salad.

41   EXT. COUNTRY CLUB PARKING LOT - DAY                           41   

     Helena buckles her little boy, DAVID, 5, into the front seat 
     of her Mercedes.  He won't let go of his putter.

               I'll put this in the back.

               No --

               All the professionals keep them in 
               the trunk.

               Not Tiger Woods.


                                                            p. 24

               Especially Tiger Woods.
                    (sharing a secret)
               ... Actually, he keeps his on the 
               back seat.

     She pulls the putter away from the reluctant boy and sets it 
     on the back seat.

42   EXT. HOTEL - DAY                                              42   

     A modern high-rise on the waterfront playground of San Diego.

     Helena passes the hotel in her car.

43   INT. HOTEL ROOM - DAY                                         43   

     A standard room looking out at the water which is dotted 
     with sailboats and cruise ships.  The bed is covered with hi-
     tech surveillance equipment.

     The equipment salesman, LONNIE, 40's, who makes a fetish of 
     gadgetry, explains the finer points of operation to FRANCISCO 
     "FRANKIE" FLORES, 30's, sallow, watery-eyed, in expensive 

               Gates, Myrhvold, Bezos.  I sell to 
               all those guys.  Why?  Because the 
               technology to intrude has reached 
               the masses.  Your competitor, your 
               ex-spouse, adversaries, stalkers, 
               they're at the local electronics 
               store right now, and they're gonna 
               be intruding on you not only through 
               your telephone, but your fax, cell 
               phone, pager, cable TV, Musak, 
               windows, walls, air conditioning 
               ventilation, modem, and internet 

     He walks over to the bed and the sexy equipment --

                           LONNIE (CONT'D)
               Nobody has these babies, no way, not 
               the shiznit.

     Frederico picks up a piece of equipment.

               I want to intercept cell phone calls, 
               digital and analog.  And locate the 
               source of the call.


                                                            p. 25

                           FRANCISCO (CONT'D)
               I need databasing capability, to 
               cross-reference calls and numbers.

     Lonnie lovingly picks up a laptop computer with a sleek device 
     attached to it --

               Your Cellular Secretary, friend across 
               all the digital wireless spread 
               So, Francisco, what do you do?  You 
               a PI?  Private security?

     Francisco looks at Lonnie coldly.


                    (not missing a beat)
               Assassin, okay.  Let's get you started 
               in surveillance.

44   EXT. GEORGETOWN BROWNSTONE - NIGHT                            44   

     The house takes up most of one of the nicest blocks.  PEOPLE 
     enter and party VOICES drift out.


45   INT. GEORGETOWN BROWNSTONE - NIGHT                            45   

     A power cocktail party in full swing.  This is where most of 
     the business in Washington gets done.

     Robert, scotch in hand, listens to a smug PHARMACEUTICAL 
     LOBBYIST explain the world.

                           PHARMACEUTICAL LOBBYIST
               We in the legal drug business, and I 
               mean Merck, Pfizer, the rest of my 
               very powerful clients, realize this 
               isn't a war with a traditional winner 
               and loser, but an organism at war 
               with itself, whose weapons of mass 
               destruction happen to be intoxicants.  
               And if you want a body count look no 
               further than alcohol which racks up 
               80,000 kills a year.  Cocaine manages 
               a measly 2,000.  Same for Heroin.


                                                            p. 26

                           PHARMACEUTICAL LOBBYIST (CONT'D)
               But, the big daddy is Big Tobacco 
               which kills 380,000 each year, which, 
               by the war, is more people than have 
               been killed by all the illegal drugs 
               in the last century.

                    (faking it)
               That's very interesting.

     The lobbyist smiles.  Robert sips his drink.


     in another room.  Listening to STAN, overweight advocate for 
     the United States Council of Chambers of Commerce.

               It's time, Robert, to choke some 
               honesty out of these rural 
               legislators; get'em to fess up that 
               it's pretty much Prisons or Casinos 
               in terms of their choices for economic 


     listening to ETHAN, earnest advocate of harm reduction.

               What's the difference between Prozac 
               and Ecstacy, you ask?  One's a 
               mattress and the other's a trampoline.  
               Molecules don't have morality.  
               Really, think about it: some molecule 
               changes the way a serotonin re-uptake 
               inhibitor works, it's not suddenly a 
               bad molecule; it's just a molecule.  
               My theory: America has a real fear 
               of short, intense experiences.

     Robert turns away --

                    (under his breath)
               Like you.


     Robert at the bar getting another scotch.  A secretive man, 
     TIM, 40's, nerdy, sidles up beside him and whispers furtively 
     in his ear.


                                                            p. 27

               Chemicals?  Some say problems, others 
               say solution.  Imagine a cloud that 
               when it rains prohibits the growth 
               of poppies or takes the THC out of 
               marijuana.  Imagine a pill that 
               eliminates any psychological craving, 
               from Dilaudid to Dove Bars.  Law 
               enforcement hasn't let science sit 
               on the sidelines.  Addiction is no 
               more relevant than polio or the Black 

     Tim slips away into the crowd.  Robert moves away from the 


     An argument is breaking out between an ECONOMIST and an 
     UNDERSECRETARY OF DEFENSE with Robert as the audience.

                    (to the undersecretary)
               You're not battling traffickers or 
               dealers, but a market, and the market 
               contains a paradox: if you arrest 
               traffickers, you raise prices, and 
               you also raise profits, which brings 
               more traffickers into the business.

                    (to the Economist)
               Back in the real world, we're talking 
               about Mexico and not John Maynard 
               Keynes.  We will spend 18 billion 
               dollars this year on this "war," and 
               the question on the table every year 
               is do we certify Mexico as an ally 
               or not?

     Another man, RUSH PHILLIPS, a middle-aged powerbroker, 
     overhears, then joins and Robert is encircled.

                           RUSH PHILLIPS
               You want to make a difference, hit 
               the users. You don't jeopardize our 
               financial markets by some hypocritical 
               stance on drug consumption.  We're 
               snorting it, why penalize Mexico for 
               supplying it?

               Mexico, don't talk to me about Mexico --


                                                            p. 28

               It's the stick of law enforcement 
               that creates the carrot of huge 
               profits... That's economic truth --

                           RUSH PHILLIPS
               Addicts don't vote; they don't have 
               PACs; they don't spend soft money, 
               that's political truth --

               We're locking them up and consumption 
               is falling --

               The price of coke and heroin has 
               dropped and purity has increased.  
               All this law enforcement has achieved 
               is kids can get better stuff, cheaper.  
               In economic terms, you can forget 
               it; this is not a winnable war.

                           RUSH PHILLIPS
               Christ, you want to decertify 
               somebody, take Pakistan or Columbia.  
               We don't need them for anything.

               If you manage to seize an 
               inconceivable 50 percent of all drugs 
               coming into this country, you'll 
               still raise the price of coke and 
               heroin less than 3 percent which 
               won't affect drug use at all.

                           RUSH PHILLIPS
               Why are we calling this a war at 
               all?  You don't declare war on your 
               own people.  Addiction is a little 
               worm that gnaws a house apart from 
               the inside.

     MICHAEL ADLER, about Robert's age, and as successful, but in 
     a different way, approaches, catching Robert's eye through 
     the arguing demagogues.

               We need Mexico for these reasons: 
               number one -- Defense; two -- Trade; 
               three -- Tourism; then, way on down 
               the line, comes Drugs.  The President 
               knows this.  Why's he holding 
               everybody's feet to the fire?


                                                            p. 29

               Mr. Wakefield, there's a situation 
               that needs your attention right away.

     Robert looks at Michael, squints, looks closer, then follows.

                           RUSH PHILLIPS
               One in sixteen Americans is of Mexican 
               descent.  Mexico our third largest 
               trading partner...


     on the back porch.

               You're looking pretty good for an 
               old guy.

               My work keeps me young.

               Which part, getting terrorists loose 
               on bail or freeing convicted murderers 
               on technicalities?

               The worst serial killer in history -
               who?  Gacy - right?  Killed forty 
               two people.  Our government killed 
               fifty thousand in Vietnam and lied 
               about it every day.

               Michael, you represent drug dealers, 
               not civil libertarians.

               We kidnapped Noriega out of Panama.  
               Is that covered in your Constitution?  
               Because it isn't in mine.

               Noriega is a criminal.

               Noriega was head of a sovereign nation 
               who made the mistake of doing business 
               with the U.S.  Government.


                                                            p. 30

                           MICHAEL (CONT'D)
               So, no, I don't have a problem waking 
               up every day and fighting our 
               government, fighting people like 
               you, trying to keep this system a 
               little bit honest.

               Last I read your clients were chopping 
               people up with chainsaws and 
               delivering illegal narcotics into 
               this country.

               I hope when you were on the bench, 
               Judge Wakefield, you didn't handle 
               the presumption of innocence in the 
               same fashion.

               If I ever return to the bench, 
               Counselor Adler, I hope I have the 
               pleasure of hearing your arguments.

                                                          CUT TO:

46   INT. HOSPITAL EMERGENCY ROOM, SAN DIEGO - DAY                 46   

     Eduardo Ruiz lies in a hospital bed, handcuffed to the 
     railing.  His bandaged foot is held aloft by a sling and a 
     tube drains the wound.  He is tugging on the handcuffs as 
     Castro and Gordon enter the room.

               You planning on going somewhere, 
               Eduardo?  You don't like it here?  
               This is the best situation you're 
               going to have for a long, long time.

               I am a legitimate business.  Fishing 
               boats.  Tuna.  Check it out.  Tax 
               records, everything --

               Listen you motherfucker, you tried 
               to kill me with a fucking cannon.

               You can't visit me here.  I want my 


                                                            p. 31

               The amount of coke we got on you 
               means capital punishment in some 

               Move 'em to Texas, fry 'em up.

               We got you on tape making the deal.  
               We got you bragging about the quality.  
               We got you bragging about your  
               business.  We got you.

     A NURSE appears in the doorway.  Gordon goes to the door and 
     shuts it in her face.

                           GORDON (CONT'D)
               One chance here, Eduardo.  Make us 
               believe you got a boss.  No boss, 
               it's all on you.

               It's a death sentence.  I'll never 
               make it to the trial.

               We can protect you.

     Ruiz looks at them in disbelief.

               Who do you work for?

               This is coercion.

               That's a big word for a fisherman.

               Who do you work for?

     Gordon and Ruiz stare at each other.

               I know another word... Immunity.

                                                          CUT TO:

47   EXT. AYALA HOME - LA JOLLA - DAY                              47   

     A starter castle high in the hills near Mount Soledad, an 
     exclusive neighborhood with views of the ocean.


                                                            p. 32

     Joggers jog to the SOUNDS of tennis and Jacuzzis gurgling, 
     and lawn care equipment operated by Mexicans.

     Behind the Ayala gate we see David playing with his golf 
     club on the lush lawn.

     Workers set-up the party under the direction of a professional 
     party planner.

     A BMW 740il with tinted windows pulls into the driveway.


     The window lowers and we see CARL AYALA, 40's, handsome, 
     charismatic, second generation American, in expensive, 
     conservative clothes, covering his cell phone as he greets 
     his kids.

               Hello.  Hello.

     He goes back to his phone call, pulling around to the garage.

     David goes back to his game.

48   INT. AYALA DINING ROOM - DAY                                  48   

     There are MAIDS in the house and a COOK in the kitchen.  The 
     large rooms are filled with fine art.

     Helena Ayala sits at the dining room table with plans, bills 
     and receipts spread before her.  Carl enters and paces around 
     the room, continuing his cell phone conversation.

                    (into phone)
               I'm sorry, Jonas.  I don't care if 
               that is the price you have gotten in 
               other countries.

     Helena watches her husband pace as he talks.  He can't help 
     it, but a portion of this call is theatrical, for an 
     audience's benefit, which in this instance happens to be his 
     wife.  Helena's expression of annoyance resets itself into 

                           CARL (CONT'D)
               This is America, a different country.  
               I am Carl, a different man.  So you 
               see, everything about our situation 
               is different and I believe the pricing 
               will be different, too.


                                                            p. 33

                           CARL (CONT'D)
                    (beat, listens)
               You're a reasonable man... So take 
               the weekend to think about it.

     Carl clicks off the phone, turns to Helena.

                           CARL (CONT'D)
               Every day with this guy is like 
               starting all over again.

     Carl winds down and finally becomes present in the room with 
     his wife.  He looks at her.  She looks back.

                           CARL (CONT'D)


               What's up?

               Just watching you.

               I got that.  How was your day?

     She pushes the topiary away from her.  Suddenly, she seems 
     tired.  Carl comes over and puts his hand on her pregnant 

                           CARL (CONT'D)
               You all right?

               I keep feeling like I'm forgetting 

     Her husband watches her, then wraps his arms around her.

49   EXT. AYALA HOME - DAY                                         49   

     Carl and Helena step out on the front porch of their home 
     and watch David play with his golf putter.

                           OUTSIDE THEIR GATE
               An unmarked police car rolls up and 
               stops behind the wall.

     Another arrives and another and another.  OFFICERS in DEA 
     jackets exit the cars.


                                                            p. 34

     There is MURMURING, then SILENCE.

     Helena slowly turns to look at her husband.  He doesn't look 
     at her.

               David, come inside --

     Suddenly, POLICE and DEA enter the front yard.  Gordon and 
     Castro enter the yard and move quickly up the drive to Carl.

               What is this?  What is going on?

               Mr. Ayala?

               That's right.

               You're under arrest for violation of 
               Federal Narcotics laws.

     Gordon and Castro spin him, cuff him, and without emotion 
     begin pulling him from his yard.  David is trying to get to 
     his father.  In a kind of shock.  Helena trails after him.

     Castro drags Carl into the street toward the open door of 
     the cruiser.  He pushes him down into the backseat.

                           GORDON (CONT'D)
               We have a warrant to search your 
               home, Mrs. Ayala.

     Gordon hits the side of the cruiser and it pulls away.  Carl 
     looks at his wife through the window.

     Gordon and Castro head up the driveway toward her house.

     Helena is left standing in the street.  NEIGHBORS, who have 
     appeared in front yards and at the ends of driveways, stare 
     at her with suspicion.  David approaches and holds onto her 

                                                          CUT TO:

50   OMITTED                                                       50   

51   INT. SALAZAR'S HEADQUARTERS - ANTEROOM - DAY                  51   

     Javi and Manolo wait in Salazar's anteroom.  A ceiling fan 
     swirls the air.  After a moment the door opens and an AIDE 
     motions to them.  They stand.


                                                            p. 35

                    (to Manolo)
               Not you.  You.

     Javi goes into the room.

52   INT. SALAZAR'S OFFICE - DAY                                   52   

     The office is Spartan and military.  Salazar and Javi sit 
     facing each other.  Salazar looks at a piece of paper.

               Javier Rodriguez.  Twenty-nine years-
               old.  Graduated from Montessori 
               school.  Five years as a beat cop in 
               TJ.  Three years with the State 
               Police.  Parents died four years ago 
               in their apartment from carbon 
               monoxide poisoning because they could 
               not afford to fix their gas heater.  
               Your sister works in a Maquiladora 
               in Juarez, making designer blue-jeans.  
               On the police force three years, you 
               currently make 316 dollars a month.

     Salazar crumples the piece of paper and tosses it in the 

                           SALAZAR (CONT'D)
               That's your past.  I want to talk 
               about your future.  Would you be 
               willing to do something for me?

               If I can.

               I'm trying to bust the Tijuana Cartel.

               What is it you want me to do?

               A small thing.  Nothing really.

     Javier thinks about this.

               Does this offer include my partner?

               Only if he can be trusted.


                                                            p. 36

               He'll do what I say.

     Salazar slides a folder across the desk.  Javier opens it 
     and sees a black and white surveillance photo of the 

               His name is Francisco Flores.  He is 
               a killer and gun smuggler for the 
               Tijuana cartel.  I need to speak 
               with him.  I need you to find him 
               and bring him to me so that I can 
               speak with him.

53   INT. POLICE SEDAN - DAY                                       53   

     Manolo faces Javier.

               This is fucking crazy.  Instead of 
               killing us, he sends us on a suicide 
               mission.  Do you know who Frankie 
               Flowers is?  He's a psycho-cokehead-
               hitman.  A faggot.  He's killed 
               fucking who knows how many people.  
               You'd need half the force to get 
               close to him.  And you can't get 
               their help because he lives in fucking 
               San Diego.

               Then I guess I'm going by myself.

                                                          CUT TO:

54   INT. AIRPLANE - DAY                                           54   

     Robert Wakefield sits in business class.  He twists the cap 
     off a mini-bottle of bourbon and pours it over a cup of ice.

     He empties a second bottle into the cup, then swirls it around 
     on the ice.  He takes a sip.

55   INT. AIRPORT GATE - DAY                                       55   

     Robert exits with his briefcase and hanging bag, two SECURITY 
     MEN trailing him.  He sees Barbara and Caroline, his wife 
     and daughter, waiting by the their station wagon.  They wave.

56   INT. CAR - DAY                                                56   

     On the way home from the airport.  Caroline drives carefully 
     with Barbara in the front seat and Robert in back.


                                                            p. 37

               What's it like?
               Imagine you're being accosted by a 
               swarm of beggars in the heart of 
               Calcutta, except the beggars are 
               wearing $1500 suits and they don't 
               say "please" or "thank you."

               What about legalizing everything?  
               Has anybody talked about that?

               Fine -- legalization.  Okay, 
               forgetting all of our international 
               trade agreements, legalize everything 
               today.  The Government inserts itself 
               into all drug transactions.  The 
               U.S. becomes a giant pharmacy.  Our 
               borders are mobbed, lines of people 
               from here to Europe wanting to smoke, 
               snort and shoot themselves into 

               Like a Grateful Dead Concert.

               Drugs begin pouring out of America 
               into every other country in the world.  
               Canada is completely overwhelmed.

               What if every country legalized at 
               the same time?

               Somehow, I don't see that happening.

57   INT. WAKEFIELD DINING ROOM - EVENING                          57   

     From the hallway we see Robert and Barbara and Caroline having 
     dinner.  A family tableau.  We hear Barbara talking, the 
     murmur of the days events.

     In the room, Barbara continues her dinner table thoughts.

     Robert has a good deal of reading material stacked on the 


                                                            p. 38

               So you know we put the case before 
               the arbitration panel, none of whom 
               had any expertise.  Superfund is 
               just one of those words.  People 
               stop paying attention.

               That's frustrating.

               It's so frustrating.

     There is wine on the table and Caroline is allowed a glass.

     Her parents watch her take a responsible sip.

                    (to Robert)
               Did you meet the President?

               Honey, your father knows the 

               As it happens, the President of the 
               United States, my new boss, the leader 
               of the free world, has me penciled 
               in for some "face time".

               Will we get invited to the White 

               I don't know.

               How long's the job?

               It's a presidential appointment so... 
               until I quit or get fired.

               Czar for life, just like a real czar.

               That makes mom the Czarina.  I'm a 
               Czarette.  Like Anastasia.

     Caroline thinks about this.


                                                            p. 39

                           CAROLINE (CONT'D)
               None of my friends can fucking believe 
               my dad is the actual Drug Czar.

               Caroline --

               Sorry, but I mean, come on.

     Robert doesn't know if she's putting him down.

                           CAROLINE (CONT'D)
               It's great, daddy.  It's just amazing, 
               that's all.

     They all look at each other.  Caroline sips her wine.

                                                          CUT TO:

58   INT. SAN DIEGO JAIL - DAY                                     58   

     In the intake area of a busy San Diego precinct, Helena sits 
     on a bench and regroups.  Detectives move past her.

     Handcuffed criminals are separated, bagged and tagged.

     A beautifully dressed man, ARNIE METZGER, 30's, super-lawyer, 
     knows everyone from the top of the system to the bottom, 
     slick but likable, smart and ruthless, too, separates himself 
     from a DETECTIVE he's gladhanding and approaches Helena.

               Helena, I'm so sorry --

               Arnie, thank God.

     Metzger sits, giving her a hug.

                           HELENA (CONT'D)
               Can you please tell me what on earth 
               is going on?

     Arnie looks at her as if to say, "do you really not know?"

     Then, he speaks quietly with his hand in front of his mouth.

               I understand.  You're upset.  You 
               want to know what's going on.  That's 


                                                            p. 40

               Why are you talking like that?

               Listen to me carefully.  First of 
               all, Carl isn't here.  DEA's got him 
               and they'll hang on to him until 
               arraignment, which will probably be 
               tomorrow.  So here you're wasting 
               your time.  Are you with me?

     He checks to see if this is registering.

                           ARNIE (CONT'D)
               Good.  From now on I want you to 
               expect that every word you utter 
               will be tape-recorded, that the 
               movement of your lips is being read.  
               Got it?

               Arnie, this is crazy.

     He makes eye contact with her.

               Got it?
                    (she slowly nods)
               Good.  Do not discuss anything over 
               the telephone.  Do not talk to the 
               neighbors.  Stay out of your yard.

               What is he being charged with?

               I don't know, but under no 
               circumstances would I talk about it 
               here.  I want you to go home and 
               relax the best you can.  Continue 
               your life as if nothing has happened.  
               That is very important.

               Arnie, I feel like Alice stepping 
               through the looking glass.

               That's a very apt analogy, Helena.  
               Now, go home and be with your 


                                                            p. 41

59   EXT. BUILDING PARKING LOT - DAY                               59   

     Helena exits.  Her expression is set as she drives.  She 
     turns a corner in the shopping district, passing


     who are walking down the street.  Tourists, drunk Marines 
     and the homeless piss away another day.

     We follow them into a bar with blackened windows and a 
     discrete sign.

60   INT. BAR - DAY                                                60   

     This is a place where men come to meet men.  And it's already 
     lively even at this early hour.  Javier and Manolo find a 
     seat and wait.

               Javi is working on his second beer 
               when he seems to recognize somebody.


     Francisco "Frankie" Flowers has entered the bar.  Javi watches 
     him circulate through the room then settle at the bar.  Javier 
     finishes his beer, rises, and takes the empty seat next to 
     Francisco.  Manolo watches.

     Very quickly Javi strikes up a conversation.  We don't hear 
     what they're saying but it doesn't matter because Francisco 
     clearly likes Javi.

     Off Francisco's anticipatory smile --

61   OMITTED                                                       61   

62   OMITTED                                                       62   

63   EXT. MILITARY BASE - MEXICO - DAY                             63   

     The back of a blue van opens and a blindfolded Francisco 
     falls onto the ground.

     Surrounding him are Javi and Salazar, who watch as two of 
     Salazar's MEN drag Francisco away toward an abandoned mission-
     style building.

                    (clearly pleased with 
               I'm curious how you did this with 
               such economy.


                                                            p. 42

               Everybody has a weakness.

                                                          CUT TO:


     With its old-growth trees and manipulated shrubbery, the 
     large house is shrouded in the mystery of well-heeled 
     suburbia.  It is very late.

65   INT. SOMEBODY'S PARENTS' MANSION - NIGHT                      65   

     Somebody's parents are out of town and the house feels empty.

     Big empty rooms with expensive furniture nobody sits on.

     Faint MUSIC echoes through the house.

66   INT. KITCHEN - NIGHT                                          66   

     High ceilings of a 1930's kitchen.  Vodka bottles and 
     cranberry juice and limes are spilled across a counter.  ON 
     THE RHODES AGAIN by Morcheeba plays from a jam-box on a 

     Maybe ten TEENAGERS are partying hard in this kitchen.  It's 
     weird and disassociated, people wandering in and out, playing 
     with kitchen utensils, heavily fucked up.

     There are drugs on a mirror on the eat-in table.  Caroline 
     and Seth and two friends sit around this table.  VANESSA, 
     16, almost pretty, is hitting a freebase pipe and holds the 
     hit.  FUCKED-UP BOWMAN, 17, super-preppy with a wan, Baby 
     Huey face, takes a slug of vodka.

     They are jittery, sweaty, tweaked, fucked-up --

               All I'm saying, what I'm saying, is 
               it never seems like anybody ever 
               says anything that matters to them, 
               like we all look at each other and 
               nod with responses we've been trained 
               to make, not real responses, just 
               social conventions, phony, fake 
               smiles, surface bullshit... I mean, 
               we're all smart and do we have any 
               idea what each other are like, really 
               like?  Do I know what Seth's afraid 
               of, or Vanessa, or fucked-up Bowman?

     Everyone looks at Fucked-up Bowman who grinds his jaw 
     appreciatively --


                                                            p. 43

                           CAROLINE (CONT'D)
               ... Probably, but do I ever say this 
               stuff, just say, "hey, I'm 
               uncomfortable in this crowd, I don't 
               know what the fuck I'm doing, either?  
               I know you're afraid and it's okay-"

     Seth's words come quickly, they're riffing, totally in sync, 
     totally wired --

               We act like we have all the answers 
               and we're totally invincible like 
               our parents seem and their parents 
               before them and it's fucking bullshit --

     Fucked-up Bowman takes another slug of vodka and almost pukes.

                           FUCKED-UP BOWMAN
               For instance --

               For instance I know you jack-off 
               thinking about Caroline even though 
               you're supposedly "in love" with 
               Vanessa.  Whatever the fuck that 
                    (a digression)
               I mean, what is that convention, 
               anyway?  We're all these random 
               collections of self-interest, and 
               then we just decide that now we're 
               two people walking along --

     Caroline expels a hit of rock cocaine --

               And Vanessa doesn't think she's pretty 
               so she does all these weird fucking 
               diets which is totally about self-
               esteem.  And she's beautiful.
               And that's not even fair.  Because 
               listen to me.  I'm fucking lying 
               right now.  This is exactly what I'm 
               talking about... I'm supposedly 
               talking about you, making some big 
               point about you, and it's really 
               about me.  So I should talk about 
               me, not you, not even the universal 
                    (takes a beat)


                                                            p. 44

                           CAROLINE (CONT'D)
               Okay, I'm worried I'm not really 
               smart or that I'm not nearly as smart 
               as people think I am, or that my 
               parents' expectations have been way 
               too high since I was five, I mean 
               who knows they're going to Harvard 
               when they're five, not that I'm 
               blaming them for anything because 
               everything's great, and I may not 
               even get in, but we all feel this 
               shit and we never acknowledge it and 
               if we can't acknowledge it to the 
               people we care the most about then 
               who will we ever say it too and what 
               kind of life will that be?

     They all look at each other with love.  This is an adventure 
     and they're having a connection --

                           FUCKED-UP BOWMAN
               I jack-off thinking about Seth.  
               Everybody I know does.

     Bowman does another huge hit of freebase.

               Ach, that's what I'm talking about.  
               Sarcasm.  Always fucking sarcasm.  
               You're afraid and you think if you 
               admit it people will think you're 
               weak or won't like you --

               We live our lives by these unspoken 
               rules that are handed to us.

     They all look at each other, vibrating with the moment --

               Let's be different --

                           FUCKED-UP BOWMAN
               I can't feel my hands.

     Bowman looks around, squinting, confused.  He's chalk white.

                           FUCKED-UP BOWMAN (CONT'D)
               I'm serious --

     Suddenly, he clutches his chest and begins to twitch.  Puke 
     and foam come from his mouth.  He seizes and falls from the 
     chair.  Vanessa SCREAMS.


                                                            p. 45

     Seth and Caroline push the table aside to get a better look.

     Other people in the kitchen slowly take notice.

               He's blue.  He isn't breathing --

               Is he breathing?

     Bowman's eyes have rolled back in his head.

               What do we do?  Okay.  Fucked-up 
               Bowman's turning blue.  Doctor.  We 
               need a doctor.

               Your dad's a doctor.  Call him --

               He's a research doctor.  Your dad's 
               a doctor, too --

               What kind of research?

               Mapping the fucking pig genome.  
               We'll call your dad, he's a 
               neurosurgeon --

               It's three a.m.  I'm not supposed to 
               be here.  I snuck out --

               Are you kidding...  I'm staying with 
               you --

               He's gonna fucking die right here on 
               the kitchen floor --

                           ANOTHER KID
               He can't.  My parents are in Barbados --

67   OMITTED                                                       67   


     The Taurus wagon races up to the emergency room of Suburban 
     Hospital.  The back door opens and Bowman tumbles out onto 
     the wheelchair ramp under the fluorescent lights.


                                                            p. 46

     The car screeches around the circle --


     TWO OFFICERS in a police car see the body tumble out of the 

     The cop car wheels around and cuts off the egress of the 
     Taurus wagon --

69   INT. FORD TAURUS WAGON - NIGHT                                69   

     Seth is behind the wheel.  Caroline and Vanessa are in the 
     back.  They stare out at the cops getting out of the cruiser.

               Nobody has anything on them, right?

                                                          CUT TO:

70   OMITTED                                                       70   

71   INT. TORTURE ROOM - BARRACKS - DAY                            71   

     Francisco is strapped naked into a chair.  Duct tape covers 
     his mouth.  His face is bruised and swollen.  A cruel TORTURER 
     talks to him calmly while dumping chili powder into a 
     container of soda water.

               We know Tijuana Cartel gunmen killed 
               our chief of intelligence, Francisco.  
               We know you killed police commanders 
               in Tijuana and Mexico City.  Why do 
               you resist?

     He approaches Francisco and begins shaking up the soda water.

     He rips the tape off his mouth.

               My father is rich.  He'll pay you.

               Not the correct answer, my friend.

     The torturer puts another strip of duct tape across 
     Francisco's mouth.

                           TORTURER (CONT'D)
               We know that you went after the 
               neighbor of General Salazar, a simple 
               alfalfa farmer.


                                                            p. 47

                           TORTURER (CONT'D)
               His grand-daughter was shot.  This 
               is stupid behavior, Francisco.

     Francisco starts to squirm and whimper.  The torturer closes 
     one of Francisco's nostrils and sprays the pepper-laced water 
     into the other nostril.

     It's like a bomb went off in Francisco's brain.  He SCREAMS 
     and passes out.  Blood and mucous oozes out of his nose.

72   INT. BARRACKS - MEXICAN MILITARY BASE - DAY                   72   

     Javier stands guard outside a door, listening  to the 
     strangulated SCREAMS of Francisco.  He's sickened.


     Manolo ignores Francisco's CRIES, while shooting the shit 
     with several of Salazar's MEN, who laugh appreciatively at 
     something he's said.

                                                          CUT TO:

73   EXT. AYALA HOME, SAN DIEGO - NIGHT                            73   

     Valet parkers in uniform work the driveway.  The party is 
     ablaze and there are lights in the trees.  A Lester Lanin-
     like band plays a STANDARD that drifts across the grounds.

74   EXT. AYALA HOME - NIGHT                                       74   

     A conservative monied crowd mingles.  Helena is talking with 
     a GROUP of rich people who include her friends, Nan, Stewie 
     and Alex, from the country-club, and their HUSBANDS.

               This is fabulous, Helena.  What a 

               Thank you so much, but I had a lot 
               of help.

     Helena circles away.  As Helena leaves, the women speak their 
     minds --

               It's a turnout because it's a 
               spectacle.  Can you imagine?

               I've met her husband, as nice as 
               they come.


                                                            p. 48

               It teaches me a valuable lesson...
                    (re: the nice house)
               Apparently crime pays.

               Silly, you knew that already.


     The band stops playing and steps aside as a man in a Tuxedo 
     takes the microphone.  Behind the band is a huge "A.L.A.-- 
     Adult Literacy Advocates" Banner.

               Hello. Thank you.  Thank you all. I 
               have the results of the silent 

                                                          CUT TO:


     Caroline Wakefield lies on a bench in a grey-walled holding 
     cell.  She wears paper slippers and her belt has been removed.  
     Even youth can't disguise her hangover.

76   INT. SOCIAL WORKER OFFICE - MORNING                           76   

     Caroline is perched on the edge of her chair.  Across the 
     desk from her is a tired SOCIAL WORKER, 40's, who has been 
     assigned Caroline's case and is giving her the "exit" 

                           SOCIAL WORKER
               ... How old are you?


                           SOCIAL WORKER
               Live with your parents?


                           SOCIAL WORKER
               Parents still together?


                           SOCIAL WORKER
               Do you work?


                                                            p. 49

               I volunteer.  I read to blind people.  
               One day a week for two hours.

                           SOCIAL WORKER
               In school?

               Cincinnati Country Day.

     The Social worker looks up from her questionnaire and sees 
     Caroline for the first time.

                           SOCIAL WORKER


                           SOCIAL WORKER
               How are your grades?

               I'm third in my class.

                           SOCIAL WORKER
               What's that mean?

               I get A's.  All A's.

                           SOCIAL WORKER
               You do?  What else you do?

                    (her college resume)
               I'm a National Merit Finalist.  I'm 
               on the Hi-Q team and the Math team.  
               I'm in the Spanish Club.  I'm a 
               Thespian.  I'm Vice-President of my 
               class.  I'm on the volleyball team.

     The social worker pushes the forms she's filling out away 
     and looks again at Caroline --

                           SOCIAL WORKER
               You wanna tell me what you're doing 
               here, Caroline?

77   INT. JUVENILE DETENTION - MORNING                             77   

     A cold institutional lobby with hard plastic chairs and bad 
     lighting.  Government workers move behind thick glass windows 
     with tiny mesh screens cut into them for talking.


                                                            p. 50

     Barbara Wakefield sits on one of the uncomfortable chairs.

     She's alone and has been crying.  There's the sound of heavily 
     locked doors OPENING and Caroline appears.

     Barbara stands and wraps Caroline in her arms.

               Oh, honey.  Are you all right?

     Caroline begins to cry into her mother's chest.

78   EXT. JUVI JAIL - MORNING                                      78   

     It's an early morning as Barbara Wakefield escorts her 
     daughter from the bland government building.

               Did you tell Dad?

               Not yet.

               Are you going to?

               I don't know.

               Is this bad for him?

               What do you think?

     The streets are deserted.  Their Saab wagon sits forlornly 
     under grey skies in an uncovered public parking lot.

                                                          CUT TO:

79   INT. DAVID'S ROOM - NIGHT                                     79   

     Helena slips into David's room and quietly watches him sleep.

80   INT. STUDY - LATER                                            80   

     Still wearing her evening gown, Helena collapses into a chair, 
     exhausted.  A TAP at the door startles her.

     It's Arnie Metzger, who goes to the bar and pours himself a 
     strong one.  They sit opposite each other and neither speaks 
     for a while.


                                                            p. 51

               I am on the board of my son's school.  
               I had a fundraiser for A.L.V. in my 
               front yard.  I have a right to know 
               if my husband is a legitimate 

               Of course he is.  I've known him for 
               twenty years and he doesn't jaywalk...

     Helena is relieved, but she's not looking at Arnie and when 
     she does she sees him shaking his head in a very definitive, 

     Arnie stands and continues talking as he walks to the windows 
     and shuts the blinds one by one.

                           ARNIE (CONT'D)
               ... Carl is a very important member 
               of this community and when we're 
               through suing the police and the 
               district attorney and the DEA, they'll 
               have to rename the public parks for 
               your husband.

     The blinds are closed.  Arnie crosses to Helena and talks 
     very softly in her ear.  She's a beautiful woman and Arnie 
     manages to make this act seem both practical and 

                           ARNIE (CONT'D)
               Your husband is very good at his 

     Helena leans back and looks at Arnie.  He whispers more --

                           ARNIE (CONT'D)
               Which is smuggling illegal drugs 
               into this country.

81   EXT. AYALA HOME - NIGHT                                       81   

     Workers break down the party under the watchful eye of the 
     party planner.  The neighborhood is quiet.  There is a 
     telephone repair van parked up the street.

82   INT. VAN - NIGHT                                              82   

     Castro and Gordon have visual and audio equipment trained on 
     the Ayala home.  They both wear headsets.


                                                            p. 52

     GORDON'S POV: the blinds covering Helena's study glowing 

               They're whispering.  I can't hear 
               them, but I know it.  I smell 
               conspiracy.  I feel the lie vibrating 
               out of the home.

               She ain't in on it.

               I have dreams about this, actual 
               dreams about busting the top people, 
               the rich people, the white people.

               I'm telling you, she doesn't know 

               She knows Arnie Metzger.

               So does half of San Diego.

               You want to make a wager on this?

83   INT. STUDY - NIGHT                                            83   

     The music is still playing.  Helena looks numb.  She motions 
     Arnie to her.  He leans in.

               If all our assets are frozen and our 
               "sales force" has scattered...  How 
               am I supposed to survive?  I'm giving 
               birth in three months.  How do I get 
               through this?

               You're gonna get through it, but the 
               first thing we do is get Michael 
               Adler to represent Carl.  We get 
               Adler and we beat this thing.

               How much do I pay him?


                                                            p. 53

               I suspect he'll accept his payment 
               in publicity.

                                                          CUT TO:

84   EXT. WAKEFIELD HOUSE - NIGHT                                  84   

     A large, well-maintained Colonial on Mockingbird Valley Road, 
     an upper-middle class neighborhood in the wealthy East End 
     of Cincinnati.  Leaves fall on the Saab wagon in the driveway.

85   INT. ROBERT'S STUDY - NIGHT                                   85   

     Robert is looking at Caroline and he's not happy.  Barbara 
     is there, at a neutral distance from both of them.

               Caroline?  How well did you know 
               this boy who overdosed?

     She looks up beseechingly.

               He didn't hang around us.  He's like 
               one of those hippie kids.  I'm not 
               part of that group.  It was a party 
               in all these rooms.  His girlfriend 
               who I barely know was completely 
               hysterical... He's blue, he's 
               puking... We didn't want to get in 
               trouble, but what were we supposed 
               to do?
               I mean, what would you have done if 
               you had been us?

               How well do you know this boy, Seth, 
               who was driving?  You know the police 
               have charged him with a DUI and 
               possession of marijuana.

               He's a friend.  He's also like the 
               only one who was dealing with the 
               situation.  He'd definitely had a 
               few beers, but it's not like he wanted 
               to drive.  We didn't know what else 
               to do.
               It wasn't my pot.


                                                            p. 54

     She searches her parents' faces.  It has been a convincing 
     performance and she expects victory.

               Okay, honey.  We understand.  Your 
               mother and I have to talk.

     Caroline is confused by this reaction.

               Honey, we'd like to talk alone.

     Caroline stands abruptly --

               Like always.

     Caroline leaves the study and shuts the door harder than 

     Robert and Barbara look at each other, raising their eyebrows 
     and breathing deeply --

               I think she's lying.

               Me, too.

                    (reaching a decision)
               We'll ground her, clip her wings a 
               bit.  School and scheduled activities 
               and that's it until further notice.  
               This has to be handled delicately.  
               Dan Kelly, in the District Attorney's 
               office, will probably help us out, 
               quietly.  Christ, this could be 

               Honey, this is difficult, but we've 
               all had our moments.  I tried --

               Stop.  You experimented in college.  
               I don't want to hear about that.

               Should we take the quotes off 
               experiment and call it what it is?

               This is different.


                                                            p. 55


               To begin with, she's only sixteen 

               I think she has to find out for 
               herself, on her own.  We have to 
               allow her space --

               Space for what?  To O.D. like that 
               other kid?  I will not send the 
               message that this type of behavior 
               is okay with her parents.  Because 
               it isn't.  Correct?

               We don't want to push her away.  
               These are growing experiences.

     Robert looks at his wife, then it dawns on him.

               How long have you known about this?

     No response.

                           ROBERT (CONT'D)
               How long have you known?

               Six months.  I found some marijuana, 
               that's all.  And a little pipe about 
               two inches long.  I talked with her.  
               She said her friends smoked pot and 
               drank --

               Explain to me how you could think 
               that I shouldn't know about this.
               Explain to me how this wouldn't be 
               relevant to me.  As a parent.

               She asked me not to.

     He leaves the room.


                                                            p. 56

86   INT. UPSTAIRS HALLWAY - NIGHT                                 86   

     Robert is in the hallway, at Caroline's door.  He opens it 
     and we get BLASTED WITH MUSIC.

     Caroline is sitting in a rocking chair with headphones on.

     She faces the window and moves back and forth, back and forth.

     Robert calls her name, but the SOUNDTRACK is drowning him 

     He calls again, this time apparently loud enough for her to 
     hear.  She takes the headphones off - the MUSIC stops - and 
     turns to look at him.  Or rather, she looks right through 
     him, as though he didn't exist.  Robert is so taken aback by 
     the coldness of her gaze that he doesn't speak.

     She turns away from him and puts the headphones back on.

                                                          CUT TO:

87   EXT. MILITARY BASE - MEXICO - DAY                             87   

     Javier and Salazar walk across the base.  Salazar is feeling 
     ebullient and it shows.

               You watch and learn.  I earn his 
               trust.  Then more pain.  Then I appear 
               with kindness.  Within a week he 
               will follow me around like a dog.

               But will he be house-trained?

               When he loves me like a father, he 
               will never tell anyone he was here.  
               He will freely give the names of his 
               superiors.  Then we get them and 
               they too will give us names.  And 
               eventually somebody will get us to 
               Juan Obregon and the cartel will 

     They enter the barracks.

88   INT. CELL - MEXICAN MILITARY BASE - DAY                       88   

     It's pitch black in the cell.  There's a human in here, but 
     we can't see him.


                                                            p. 57

     Suddenly the door is thrown open and light floods in, 
     illuminating a very broken Francisco Flores.

     The figure of Commander Salazar fills the doorway.

               This is shameful.  A disgrace.  
               Francisco Flores --

     Francisco cowers in the corners --

                           SALAZAR (CONT'D)
               It's all right, son.  It's all right.  
               Salazar is here.  You're among 
               gentlemen, now.  This shameful 
               treatment will stop immediately.
                    (calling out)

     A GUARD appears in the doorway.  Francisco is spooked.

                           SALAZAR (CONT'D)
               I want to know who is responsible 
               for this treatment.

               Yes, sir!

               We aren't barbarians.

               Yes, sir!

               Bring this man a change of good 
               clothes.  Has he eaten?

               I don't know, sir.

                    (to Francisco)
               You will dine with me from now on.

     Francisco moves closer to Salazar already feeling safe in 
     his presence.

                                                          CUT TO:


                                                            p. 58

89   INT. COURTHOUSE, SAN DIEGO - DAY                              89   

     A packed courthouse.  Carl is at the defense table.  He 
     doesn't look at Helena who sits in the gallery next to Arnie 

     The PROSECUTOR is finishing his argument --

               This is a man who heads a large 
               criminal organization with 
               international contacts we can only 
               begin to understand.  Our case against 
               him is very strong.  He is not a 
               flight risk.  His flight is assured.  
               The people ask that your honor denies 

     The prosecutor sits.  Carl's defense lawyer, MICHAEL ADLER, 
     from the Georgetown party, stands and speaks.

               My client is no more a flight risk 
               than your Honor or the able 
               prosecutor.  He is a pillar of his 
               community, a family man with a wife 
               and child in La Jolla, the community 
               where he has made his home for over 
               twenty years.  As our defense will 
               quickly show, my client is guilty of 
               nothing more than being a handy target 
               for an admitted criminal.  Therefore 
               we ask that you release Carl Ayala 
               on his own recognizance.

     Adler sits.  The JUDGE makes a quick decision.

               I'm gonna deny bail.

     The judge SLAMS his gavel.  The crowd is on its feet.  Carl 
     tries to get a glimpse of Helena.  They make eye contact.

     Reporters from the press gallery are yelling for Helena.

     Arnie ushers her away.

90   EXT. COURTHOUSE - DAY                                         90   

     Adler, Arnie, and Helena push through a crowd toward her 

     There are several reporters there who ask questions --


                                                            p. 59

               Mrs. Ayala, were you aware your 
               husband is the largest cocaine 
               smuggler in America?

               Alleged, people, alleged.

     Helena gets into her car and slams the door.  Adler faces 
     the reporters.

                           REPORTER #2
               Mrs. Ayala is it true your husband 
               has ordered a hit on Eduardo Ruiz?

     Adler is in a role he relishes.  Helena drives away.  We 
     move up to Gordon, who is watching from the hotel window 
     across the street.  He speaks into a walkie-talkie, and a 
     car down below pulls out to follow Helena.

               Carl Ayala sits on the board of the 
               Children's Hospital.  He is heavily 
               involved with Adult Literacy.  He 
               has a small boy and another child on 
               the way.  If you spread this kind of 
               innuendo, you can expect legal 
               recourse.  Are we clear on this point?

                                                          CUT TO:

91   INT. GOVERNMENT BUILDING - EARLY MORNING                      91   

     The marble government corridors are empty.  No one is in 

     One office has lights on.

92   INT. A.D.A. KELLY'S OFFICE - EARLY MORNING                    92   

     Robert Wakefield talks with an Assistant District Attorney, 
     DAN KELLY, 40's.

               I appreciate you coming in so early.

                           A.D.A. KELLY
               Judge Wakefield, it's an honor to 
               handle it for you.  Consider it gone 
               away.  She's a minor; it probably 
               would've expunged on her 18th birthday 


                                                            p. 60

               Still, this was a sensitive issue 
               for me and I wanted to thank you 

                           A.D.A. KELLY
               Like I said, open container, P.I., 
               Misdemeanor possession.  Easy to 
               make it disappear.  For you, poof, 
               it's gone.

     A.D.A. Kelly thinks a moment, then tries for tact.

                           A.D.A. KELLY (CONT'D)
               One thing bothers me...  That kid 
               they dropped off had coke and heroin 
               in him.  Serious amounts.  He's lucky 
               he lived.  So I gotta ask: what's 
               your daughter on?

               I don't know what you mean.

                           A.D.A. KELLY
               I mean, did you ask her?  What kind 
               of drugs has she tried?

     Robert is silent for a beat.

               I... I don't really know.

                           A.D.A. KELLY
               Is she in any kind of therapy...  
               professional help?

               No, of course not.  She's one of the 
               top students at her school.

                           A.D.A. KELLY
               Well, I hope it stays that way.

93   INT. ROBERT'S CAR - EARLY MORNING                             93   

     Robert in his car, thinking.  The streets are empty.  He 
     picks up the cell phone.

                    (into phone)
               It's Robert.  Wipe your schedule 
               clean for the next three days.


                                                            p. 61

                           ROBERT (CONT'D)
               I'm tired of talking to experts who 
               never set foot outside the beltway.  
               It's time to see the front lines.

94   INT. CAROLINE WAKEFIELD'S BATHROOM - MORNING                  94   

     Caroline sits on the toilet in her private bathroom.  She's 
     not going to the bathroom, it's a seat and she's wearing her 
     pajamas.  She's reading a magazine.  The exhaust fan is on.

     There are pictures of her and her friends on the walls: goofy 
     pictures from camp, from school, a collage she's made with 
     cutouts from magazine pictures and copy.

     On the sink next to her is a little square of well-charred 
     aluminum foil; she's done many hits.  She leans over and 
     picks up a small piece of crack cocaine from a small pile in 
     her soap dish.  She drops it on a clean place on the foil.

     She picks up a lighter and the tube of a ball point pen she's 
     turned into a straw.

     She heats the bottom of the foil.  The crack "crackles."

     She chases the smoke across the foil.  A huge hit.  She leans 
     her head back, her eyes roll back, she tries to focus on the 
     magazine, on anything, she stares up at the ceiling.

     She holds it as long as she can then blows it toward the 
     exhaust fan.

     Caroline looks at her watch.  It's 7:20.  She stands suddenly, 
     unsteadily.  She looks at herself in the mirror.

     She's really high and indecisive.  She looks around wildly.

     She sees the shower.  She turns it on.  She drops her pajamas.

     She goes back to the foil and hits another piece of the rock, 
     taking another really big hit.  She crushes the foil and 
     flushes it down the toilet.  She hops in the shower.


     The water streams over her face.  After a long beat she 
     finally exhales the smoke of the hit through the water and 
     steam.  She's in ecstacy.

     It's almost time to leave for school.

                                                          CUT TO:


                                                            p. 62

95   EXT. LA JOLLA PLAYGROUND - DAY                                95   

     Helena reads a book, Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert, and 
     keeps an eye on David, who is playing on the monkey bars.

     ACROSS THE ROAD at a careful distance is the ubiquitous 
     telephone repair van.  On the roof a parabolic mike swivels 

96   INT. TELEPHONE REPAIR VAN - DAY                               96   

     Castro and Gordon watch Helena via a small surveillance 

               You should see little Montel play.  
               Little Montel is the next Maradona.

               Maradona is a cokehead.  Hand of 
               God, my ass.  We're wasting our time 

               He won.  He was a winner.  That 
               bothers you.

               Winners don't do coke.  Or haven't 
               you been reading the bumper stickers?

     Gordon looks at the monitor --

               What do we have here?

                           ON THE MONITOR:
               David kicking a soccer ball with an 
               older strange man, TIGRILLO, Latino, 
               40's, fit and tough looking.

     The man is very good.  He juggles the ball and bounces it 
     off his head and David follows him away from the center of 
     the playground.

97   EXT. PLAYGROUND - CONTINUOUS                                  97   

     Helena notices David moving away while playing with the man.

     She follows, then begins to jog after them.

               David, come back here this minute.  


                                                            p. 63

     As she closes distance the man stops juggling the ball and 
     abruptly picks up David and begins swinging him around by 
     his arms.  David is having fun as Helena approaches.

                           HELENA (CONT'D)
               David --

               We're playing!

     The strange man swings David up so that he's under his arm.

                           STRANGE MAN
               Yeah, this is fun.

               Please put down my son.

     The man holds David.

                           STRANGE MAN
               Shouldn't let your kid wander off 
               with strangers.

               Thank you.  That's a valuable lesson.  
               David, come on.

     The strange man holds David tighter so that he's no longer 
     having fun.  He begins to wriggle --

                           STRANGE MAN
               Mrs. Ayala --

     This gets her attention --

                           STRANGE MAN (CONT'D)
               Your husband owes a lot of money.  
               Enough that snapping this kid's neck 
               wouldn't nearly cover it.

     David begins to cry.  Helena looks around wildly for help.

                           STRANGE MAN (CONT'D)
               You better come up with it in a hurry 
               or your kid is going to disappear, 
               and he won't turn up until the evening 

     He drops David who runs to his mother.

                           STRANGE MAN (CONT'D)
               You get exactly one warning.


                                                            p. 64

     The strange man moves away across the field.

                           STRANGE MAN (CONT'D)
               The first payment is three million 

     He continues walking away.

98   INT. TELEPHONE REPAIR VAN - DAY                               98   

     Gordon and Castro stare with rapt attention.

               Are you getting this on tape?

               I love my job.  I love it.  The next 
               time I'm having a bad day you gotta 
               remind me of right now and I'll get 
               over it.

                                                          CUT TO:

99   EXT. BARRACKS - NIGHT                                         99   

     Javier and Manolo stand guard outside the front door of the 
     dining hall.  Javi smokes a cigarette.

               A group of us are going out tonight.


               Guzman, Tomas, Esteban --

               Your new friends.

               Yeah.  It should be fun.  You wanna 

               Not this time.

100   INT. DINING HALL - BARRACKS - NIGHT                         100   

     Francisco and Salazar eat at a beautifully set table.  They 
     are waited on by military officers who serve perfect flan at 
     the end of the meal.


                                                            p. 65

               In my home I have B&W speakers.  I 
               recently purchased a compact disc 
               burner.  I can make my own cd's, 
               with whatever music I like, as if I 
               bought them at the store, only I 
               don't have to pay these crazy prices.

               We have much in common.  We both 
               attended school in the United States, 
               and both of our fathers are engineers.

               I got into stereo equipment when I 
               was a kid.  Some people don't notice 
               the difference but it is very 
               important to me.

               Of course it is.  Have some more 

     A soldier pours another glass of red for Francisco.

                           SALAZAR (CONT'D)
               Now, Francisco, my friend... I must 
               know where these men are who killed 
               my captains.  Not where they were 
               last week, but where they are today, 
               and better still, tomorrow.  You are 
               clever.  You can predict where they 
               will be, can't you?

     Francisco begins to weep.

     Salazar slides a pad of paper toward Francisco who slowly 
     begins writing.

101   EXT. TIJUANA NEIGHBORHOOD - DAY                             101   

     Manolo and Javier pound on the front door of an apartment.

     A MAN opens the door and they grab him.

102   EXT. TIJUANA STREETS - DAY                                  102   

     A MAN walks down the street.  Two SUV's pull up in front of 
     him.  He starts to run.  Salazar's men jump out and chase 

     Francisco is in the backseat of one of the SUV's, watching.


                                                            p. 66

103   EXT. TIJUANA - DAY                                          103   

     An SUV pulls up to a curb.

104   INT. SUV - DAY                                              104   

     Javier and Manolo and Francisco sit in the SUV.  Francisco 
     is weeping.

               I can't go home.  I don't want to 
               go.  Please don't make me.

     He looks beseechingly at them.

               It's not our decision.

               I'll be killed.

               Stop complaining.  Nobody knows what 
               you've been up to.

     They push him out of the SUV.

                                                          CUT TO:

105   INT. SAN DIEGO JAIL - DAY                                   105   

     Castro and Gordon sit with Eduardo Ruiz in a conference room.

     They are recording his statements.

               Carlos, I mean Carl, started out in 
               the family connection business: real 
               estate in Tijuana, fishing boats out 
               of Ensenada, hydroponic raspberries.  
               He met up with the Obregon brothers 
               of the Tijuana Cartel who were 
               interested in two things: entering 
               society and using his fishing boats.

               So you pay off our customs officials?

               In Mexico law enforcement is an 
               entrepreneurial activity, this is 
               not so true for the USA.


                                                            p. 67

                           RUIZ (CONT'D)
               Using regression analysis we made a 
               study of the customs lanes at the 
               border and calculated the odds of a 
               search.  The odds are not high, and 
               we found variables that reduce the 
               odds.  We hire drivers with nothing 
               to lose.  Then we throw a lot of 
               product at the problem.  Some get 
               stopped.  Enough get through.  It's 
               not difficult.

               You'd think he wasn't sitting here 
               facing life in prison.

               This has worked for years and it 
               will continue to work for years.  
               NAFTA makes everything more difficult 
               for you.  The border is disappearing.
                    (pointing at them)
               You people are like those Japanese 
               soldiers left behind on deserted 
               islands who think that World War II 
               is still going on.
                    (with total disdain)
               Let me be the first to  tell you, 
               your government surrendered this war 
               a long time ago.

                    (to Castro)
               This attitude's not gonna help him 
               any, is it?

               I got greedy.  I decided to bring a 
               little in on my own and somebody 
               tipped you off.  That was my mistake.  
               Carl would never be so stupid.

               He hired you.  That was a mistake.

               Carl and I were friends from 
               childhood.  He was loyal, that's not 
               a mistake.


                                                            p. 68

106   EXT. TIJUANA - SAN DIEGO BORDER CROSSING - DAY              106   

     Car after car, an unending multi-lane stream of vehicles 
     moving into the U.S.  Any of these cars could be carrying 

107   INT. CUSTOMS CONTROL BOOTH - DAY                            107   

     On an elevated walkway, this booth commands a view of 
     everything.  Robert and Sheridan listen to an OFFICIAL give 
     the spiel.

               The busiest land border crossing in 
               the world.  Over forty-one thousand 
               vehicles per day, twenty-two thousand 
               pedestrians on foot.  I think we do 
               a pretty good job but we know a lot 
               of drugs are still getting through.

               Any idea how much?

               I've read official estimates but I 
               wouldn't bet my house on them.  I've 
               heard the entire cocaine supply for 
               the United States can fit into four 
                    (gestures to the 
               At least a half-dozen of those cars 
               right out there are carrying a load 
               of dope, with drivers employed by 
               people who don't give a damn if 
               they're caught or not.

               What do you look for?

               We ask questions and measure the 
               answers.  When something doesn't 
               ring true, a fact that doesn't make 
               sense, a slight hesitation, then 
               it's off to secondary for a closer 
               look.  Before NAFTA we had about 1.9 
               million trucks a year.  Now it's 
               almost double.  Pretty soon there'll 
               be Mexican truck companies that will 
               have as much freedom in crossing the 
               border as American truck companies.


                                                            p. 69

               Any way we can do it better?

               Sure.  More money in intelligence on 
               their side of the border.  So we 
               have a better idea who we're looking 
               for.  More dogs.  More people.  
               Supposed to be getting some giant x-
               ray machines to run the trucks 
               through.  Outside of martial law 
               that's about the best you're gonna 
               But, I should tell you, there are 
               two things that really have us on 
               edge right now.
               In the last six months seizures have 
               tripled, even though we're pulling 
               over the same number of cars.  What 
               does that tell you?

               That triple the amount of stuff is 
               going through.

               Right.  But, that's not the biggest 
               problem.  One of our Intel officers 
               picked up information from DEA that 
               traffickers have come up with a 
               process, a chemical process, to turn 
               coke into something else.  It doesn't 
               smell like coke.  It doesn't look 
               like coke.  And what's worse, it 
               doesn't react to field test.  It 
               could be anything.  Maybe it's already 
               happening.  I mean, how would we 

     Robert looks out at the border activity.  It's anarchy.

                                                          CUT TO:

108   INT. AYALA STUDY - AFTERNOON                                108   

     Helena is on the floor surrounded by papers.  She's made 
     piles of certain things: articles of incorporation, 
     shipping/transfer documentation, bank statements, credit 
     card statements.  She holds a telephone to her ear --


                                                            p. 70

                    (to phone)
               Yes, hi Jenny, account number 4168 
               2245 3173... I need a cash advance.

     Helena walks into her kitchen.  It's serene in the afternoon 
     light.  She fixes ice-cold lemonade and fills two plastic 

                           HELENA (CONT'D)
               What's the largest amount I can get?
               Okay, I guess that'll have to do.

     Helena hangs up the phone.  She takes the two cups of lemonade 
     to the front door and steps outside.

109   EXT. AYALA HOME - AFTERNOON                                 109   

     Helena carries the cups down the driveway.  She presses a 
     button and the gates swing open.

110   INT. TELEPHONE REPAIR VAN - AFTERNOON                       110   

     Gordon and Castro listen to their headsets.  Suddenly --

                           VOICE (O.S.)
                    (over their headsets)
               Okay.  She's coming out.  She's 
               leaving her property.  Okay, she 
               seems to be heading for the van!  
               She is approaching the van!

     Castro and Gordon looks at each other.

               What do we do?

               I don't know.

     There's a KNOCKING at the door of the van.

               What do you think she wants?

               She's your girlfriend.  Open it, 
               talk about your kids.

     Gordon opens the door.  Helena is standing there with the 


                                                            p. 71

               I so hope I didn't startle you.  I 
               thought you might like some cold 

               Uh... Thank you.

     She hands the cups to him.  Helena gathers herself.

               I know this is a difficult situation 
               and you're only doing your jobs.  I 
               don't bear you any ill-will, but I 
               do have a small favor to ask.

               You want to ask us a favor?

               A man threatened my children.  These 
               charges have attracted a lot of 
               attention and it seems to be bringing 
               all the nut-jobs out of the nut jar.
               Would you keep an eye out for anything 
               out of the ordinary.  I don't know 
               what else to do.

               Of course, we will.

               Thank you.

     They shut the door to the van and sit for a moment.

               It's probably poisoned.

     Gordon takes a big sip of his.

               It's good.  Not too sweet.

                                                          CUT TO:

111   OMITTED                                                     111   

112   OMITTED                                                     112   


                                                            p. 72

113   OMITTED                                                     113   

114   EXT. TIJUANA STREET - MORNING                               114   

     This is a questionable neighborhood pushed up against the 
     edge of poverty.

     Anna hurries across the street.

115   EXT. JAVI'S APARTMENT BUILDING - MORNING                    115   

     Anna walks up the stairs of a rundown building.  She passes 
     two PROSTITUTES loitering in the stairwell.

     She knocks on a door and Javi, half-dressed for work, answers.  
     He's surprised to see her.

               Anna.  What's wrong?  What do you 

               I can't find Manolo.

               He's not here.

               He never came home last night.  Was 
               he with you?


     He lets her into the apartment.

116   INT. JAVI'S APARTMENT - MORNING                             116   

     A small, clean room with a partition for the sleeping area.

               I'm worried.  Last time he was out 
               late, I went through his clothes 
               while he was asleep.

     She pulls out a plastic packet with the scorpion insignia 
     and 911 stamped on it.

     Javier thinks a beat.

               I'll find him.


                                                            p. 73

117   EXT. ALLEY - TIJUANA - DAY                                  117   

     Javi slams Manolo against the side of building.

               What the fuck are you doing?  You're 
               supposed to be at work.

     Look at you.

     Manolo is sweaty and crazy-eyed.

               It's no problem.  I was just with 
               everybody we work with.

               Oh, really.  General Salazar was 

               No, but a lot of other people.  You 
               should come.  You should come out 
               with us.

               Go home.  Get cleaned up.  Get to 
               work.  Salazar is heading down to 
               Mexico City next week and I'm not 
               getting left behind.  Don't fuck 
               this up.

                                                          CUT TO:

118   EXT. COFFEE KIOSK - TIJUANA - DAY                           118   

     Javi buys a cup of coffee.  He turns.  Two men, who will 
     come to be known as AGENT HUGHES and AGENT JOHNSON, are 
     standing close.  Agent Hughes speaks without looking at him.

               The word going around is you're not 
               that happy in your work.
               Maybe we can help.

     Hughes sticks a business card in Javi's pocket.  Javi watches 
     them walk away.  It's all done so smoothly and quickly, it's 
     over before Javi even knows what happened.

119   EXT. WEST END - CINCINNATI - DAY                            119   

     It's the bad part of urban Cincinnati in the daylight: 
     projects and blighted row houses.


                                                            p. 74

     Seth and Caroline walk with a slouched, alert air.  In their 
     mind's eye they are prep-school gangsters following a familiar 

               You know my dad takes eight red cold 
               pills every day?  He and my mom have 
               cocktail hour every night, from six 
               to seven, set your clock, two bourbons --

               Maybe we could show up and smoke a 
               little rock with them to unwind --

               Yeah, then some dope to take the 
               edge off at the end of a long day.

               Have you done your homework, honey?

               Yes, mom --

               Then here's a little bump.

     They turn down a street with a lot of activity on it.

               Drugs weren't even a problem until a 
               hundred years ago when the white men 
               in power declared them a problem.  
               Opiates.  But, who was using 'em?  
               Chinese immigrants.  Slave labor.  
               And the darkies up in the inner cities 
               dancing to them evil rhythms of ju-
               ju music.  People on the fringe.  
               Artists.  Decadent rich people.  And 
               who got scared?  White men in power.  
               Who's scared today?  White men in 
               power.  If J.P. Morgan and John D.  
               Rockefeller ever admitted using, 
               it'd be a whole different story.

     TWO YOUNG STREET DEALERS fall in step with them.  One talks 
     without moving his lips --

                           STREET DEALER
               What you want?

               911, and the come down.


                                                            p. 75

     One dealer hurries ahead toward the doorway of a falling-
     down building.

                           STREET DEALER
               How much?

               Two hundred of C, hundred of the 

     The dealer looks them over.  He looks behind them down the 

               Come on... We've been here before.

                           STREET DEALER
               Then, let's see your money.

     Seth and Caroline are suspicious.  They carefully show money 
     they both have in their front right pockets.  The dealer 
     feints like he might grab it.

                           STREET DEALER (CONT'D)
               Up the steps.  You the experts.  You 
               know what to do.

     They hurry up the steps into the dingy brownstone.

120   INT. ROW HOUSE - DAY                                        120   

     They step into the narrow foyer between the outer door and 
     the inner door.  There are three other PEOPLE waiting 
     nervously.  An older JUNKIE shoots them a crazy look --

               What are you two, about twelve?

               Fuck off.

     They wait.  Finally, the first dealer appears in the inner 
     door and lets them through.

121   INT. FIRST FLOOR CORRIDOR - DAY                             121   

     They wait in a line in the narrow, poorly lit corridor.  At 
     the end of the hall a hatch in a door slides back and the 
     drugstore is open.  People buy and leave.

     Seth and Caroline approach.  In the hatch is a hardened 
     dealer, 20's, named SKETCH, which is tattooed on his forearm.

     He checks out Caroline's body.


                                                            p. 76

               Caroline, give me your money.

     She hands over her money to Seth who pays and gets the drugs: 
     gram baggies of rock stamped with a scorpion and "911," and 
     wax-paper bindles of heroin, also labeled, "911."

     Caroline has been watching the transaction.  Sketch makes 
     slow eye contact with Caroline.  After a beat --

               Goodbye... Caroline.

     Seth and Caroline make their way out of the building.

                    (under his breath)
               Yeah, right.

122   EXT. BUILDING - DAY                                         122   

     Seth and Caroline hold hands as they hurry down the steps.

     The lookout speaks without moving his lips.

                           STREET DEALER
               Now, get the fuck out of here.

     Caroline stops suddenly.  She pulls Seth to her and kisses 
     him hard.  There's no better moment than the one right after 
     scoring before you start using.

123   EXT. VILLA ELAINE - DAY                                     123   

     A flophouse of the seediest variety: wino in the doorway, 
     prostitute taking care of business, everyone fresh out of 
     institutions and graveyards.

124   INT. VILLA ELAINE - DAY                                     124   

     They approach the front desk which is behind six inches of 

               We'd like room 205.

               Then you hand me twenty-eight dollars.

125   INT. ROOM 205 - VILLA ELAINE - DAY                          125   

     They enter and the light bulb goes out.  Seth fumbles his 
     way to the mini-fridge, which he opens, throwing feeble light 
     across the floor.


                                                            p. 77

     They check out the decrepit room: the sloping mattress, the 
     black and white television bolted to the bureau.  The mini- 
     fridge.  Caroline bounces on the bed.  They are teenagers.

     Seth prepares the drugs by the light of the mini-fridge.

               I love this place.

     Seth dumps the drugs on the bedside table.  From other pockets 
     he extracts aluminum foil, lighter, tube.  She trails away 
     watching him fix the first hit.

                           SETH (CONT'D)
               Did Courtney Love play Nancy in Syd 
               and Nancy?

               I think so.  If she didn't she should 
                    (checks her watch)
               I've only got maybe an hour.  Then 
               volleyball practice is over and I 
               have to be home.

               Why?  Nobody's there.

     He prepares the first hit.  She does it and lies back.  He 
     does one.

                    (blowing out the hit)
               The maid... They ask her what time I 
               get back.  She spies for them.

     Seth starts kissing her.  They try to get into it, but both 
     of them are thinking about the drugs.

                           CAROLINE (CONT'D)
               I wish we could stay here.  Just be 
               here forever and ever.  Make it a 
               little home.

     She leans over to snort a tiny line of heroin.

               I want to have sex and do a hit right 
               as we're coming.

     Caroline's distracted by the line she's snorting.  After a 


                                                            p. 78


     Seth begins undoing her jeans.

                                                          CUT TO:

126   INT. EPIC BUNKER LOBBY - DAY                                126   


     Robert and Sheridan listen to the official tour of the EPIC 
     center delivered by the SPECIAL-AGENT-IN-CHARGE, 40, a sincere 
     weight-lifter with a sincere crew-cut.

               ... Over 200 DEA field agents, a 
               budget of almost 100 million dollars 
               and state of the art communications 
               equipment make the El Paso Information 
               Center the Drug Enforcement 
               Administration's flagship for the 
               21st century.

127   INT. EPIC BUNKER CAFETERIA - DAY                            127   

     A huge lunchroom.  Long plastic institutional tables and 
     agents minding their own business, Robert, Sheridan, and 
     their Epic Guide walk through.  They pass a wall of black 
     and white head shots --

               Who are these guys?

               Agents who died in the field.

128   EXT. BINOCULAR POV - DAY                                    128   

     of large mansion with manicured grounds.  The back lawn is 
     filled with children, balloons, a merry-go-round, and pony 
     rides.  It's a sumptuous children's birthday party.

               That house, that you see from the 
               DEA headquarters, belonged to Porfirio 
               Madrigal -- the Lord of the Skies, 
               largest trafficker in Mexico.


     looking through the binoculars.


                                                            p. 79

               He died in a liposuction surgery, 

               Right.  Now it's used by somebody 
               from the Juarez Cartel, one of his 
               lieutenants...  Who knows?
               Every damn day there's birthday party.  
               At first I thought they must have 
               three hundred children, then I 
               realized they're taunting us.  Three 
               miles away and we can't touch them.  
               Ha, ha, ha.

     BINOCULAR POV: a child running in circles holding a clutch 
     of colored balloons.

               Who do we interface with on their 

               What do you mean?

               I mean, who runs interdiction on the 
               Mexico side?

               I don't know.  I don't think there's 
               any one person.
               See the problem is the Juarez cartel 
               owns everything and everybody, all 
               the property on the Mexican side, 
               sometimes all the property on both 
               sides.  Warehouses, transportation, 
               even tunnels.  It's very organized.

129   EXT. TARMAC - DAY                                           129   

     Robert, walking with purpose, leads his group to their plane.

130   INT. MILITARY JET - DAY                                     130   

     Robert and Sheridan and several DEA, Law Enforcement, and 
     Military Officials.  It's a nice plane, used for important 
     people and Robert has the best seat.


                                                            p. 80

               I want everyone thinking out the box 
               for a second.  What are we gonna do 
               about Mexico?
               Come on, guys.  Out of the box.

     The men on the plane just stare at him.  Finally the REP 
     FROM DEA leans forward.

                           REP FROM DEA
               Unlimited funds?


                           REP FROM DEA
               From a DEA standpoint we need a vetted 
               task force and matching funds.  And 
               cut the red tape on getting them 
               equipment and training.

     Robert turns to the others.

               Come on.  I want to hear from 
               everyone: FBI.  Customs.  Treatment.  
               Is there anyone from treatment on 
               this plane?
                    (no one answers)
               Then I want an answer for why there 
               isn't anyone from treatment.
               Look, we know we have to bust one of 
               these cartels, Juarez or Tijuana, 
               not just as a symbol, but hell yes, 
               also as a symbol - they are symbols - 
               and there's nothing wrong with sending 
               a message.  That's why when Carlos 
               Ayala hired Michael Adler lead 
               defense, I flew Ben Williams to San 
               Diego to prosecute.  Because he's 
               the best we have, he's our symbol 
               that we're serious about putting the 
               top people away.
               So, as of right now, this flight 
               only, consider the dam on new ideas 
               thrown open.

     Still, no one else says anything.  They watch Robert 


                                                            p. 81

                           ROBERT (CONT'D)
               If I'm not mistaken, we got DEA, 
               Pentagon, U.S. Attorneys office, 
               about a billion dollars of budget 
               right here.  So what are you people 
               waiting for?

                                                          CUT TO:

131   OMITTED                                                     131   

132   EXT. SAN DIEGO OFFICE BUILDING - DAY                        132   

     Establishing shot of a tall glass building in the downtown 
     skyline of San Diego.

133   INT. ARNIE METZGER'S OFFICE - DAY                           133   

     Helena and Arnie enter his office.  The furniture is sleek 
     mid-century modern, and the view of the harbor is 

               On a clear day you can see Mexico 

     Arnie stands very close to Helena and looks at her profile.

                           ARNIE (CONT'D)
               This place is swept twice a day.  I 
               learned that in Miami in '85.  Then 
               the U.S. shut down the whole 
               Caribbean, but it's a big game of 
               wack-a-mole.  Knock it down in Miami, 
               it pops up here.  And San Diego is 
               so much more relaxing.

               Arnie, I need money.  Somebody 
               threatened my children.  They want a 
               first payment of three million 

               Helena, if I had it I would give it 
               to you, but I don't have that kind 
               of money.

               Arnie, help me.  Doesn't anyone owe 
               us money?


                                                            p. 82

               Yes, I told you before, there are 
               people who owe you money but they're 
               not paying.  There's too much heat 
               on Carl.

               Please.  Tell me who Carl sells to.

     Arnie thinks.

               Even if I knew I wouldn't tell you.  
               You do not want to come into contact 
               with these people.  Only Carl knows 
               who they are.  That's his real asset.  
               Ruiz doesn't know them.  They don't 
               know Ruiz.  Church and State.

               What about legitimate businesses?  
               We own a construction concern, real 
               estate --

               Laundromats for the washing of money.  
               Unfortunately, Carl had only one 
               successful business.

               Don't you have some good news?  Isn't 
               there something positive you could 

     There isn't.  Helena looks Arnie in the eyes.

                           HELENA (CONT'D)
               Sometimes I wonder what I'll do if 
               Carl doesn't get out.  I'm not very 
               adept at being on my own.  I've always 
               had a man in my life.  Always.

               I remember when I first met you: 
               little Helen Watts from the wrong 
               side of somewhere.  I had a feeling 
               even then that your survival instincts 
               were pretty well honed.

               I'm glad you think so, but I'm 
               picturing a debt-ridden, thirty-two


                                                            p. 83

                           HELENA (CONT'D)
               year-old mother whose ex-husband is 
               being compared to Pablo Escobar.
               And I'm wondering who would want to 
               be with someone like that?

     It takes a great effort for Arnie not to answer.

                                                          CUT TO:

134   OMITTED                                                     134   

135   OMITTED                                                     135   

136   OMITTED                                                     136   

137   OMITTED                                                     137   

138   OMITTED                                                     138   

139   INT. ARMORED SUV - MEXICO - DAY                             139   

     Javier and Manolo ride through a nice neighborhood in Mexico 
     City.  Javi isn't familiar with the roads and drives 

     A young lady, ROSARIO, early 20's, sexy and vulnerable, rides 
     in the back of the SUV.

               You two don't like me, do you?

     Manolo laughs and looks her up and down.  Javi watches her 
     in the rearview mirror.

               We don't have an opinion on you.

                    (to Javi)
               Maybe it's because I'm getting an 
               apartment nicer than anything you'll 
               ever see in your life?

     Javi says nothing.

                           ROSARIO (CONT'D)
                    (re: the neighborhood)
               I can't believe the old man kept his 

               The General is a man of his word.


                                                            p. 84

               They will say anything to get what 
               they want, but then you remind them, 
               it's always tomorrow, tomorrow, 
               Occupational hazard, I guess.

     Javi just looks at her in the rearview mirror.

                           ROSARIO (CONT'D)
               His friend is giving us the apartment 
               so it's not like he paid.  It's more 
               like a favor.

     Javier pulls the SUV to the curb in front of a beautiful 
     colonial-style apartment complex in the verdant neighborhood.

140   EXT. VERDANT NEIGHBORHOOD - DAY                             140   

     Birds are chirping.  Javi waits in the car as Manolo takes 
     the young lady's bags from the vehicle and carries them up 
     the walkway to the arched doorway.  He knocks on the heavy 
     wooden door.

               You don't have the keys.  Oh that's 
               perfect.  Are you an idiot?

     Manolo knocks again.  They wait a long beat.

               There's supposed to be someone here 
               to let you in.

     Finally, the door swings open and a BODYGUARD is standing 
     there.  Rosario SQUEALS and sweeps past him into the vast 
     space.  The bodyguard motions for Manolo to put the bags 
     inside the door.

     Manolo sets the bags down and sees another MAN standing a 
     few feet away.  The man wears sunglasses.  His complexion is 
     strange and his neck is bandaged.

     The body guard escorts Manolo back outside where he hears 
     Rosario's happy LAUGHTER drifting down from an upstairs 

141   INT. SUV - DAY                                              141   

     Manolo gets into the truck.  He's shaken by what he's just 


                                                            p. 85

               Madrigal's alive.


               Porfirio Madrigal is not dead.  I 
               just saw him.

     A long beat as Javier considers this.

               This is why Salazar is so interested 
               in cleaning up Tijuana.  Madrigal, 
               who's supposed to be dead, owns him.  
               And Madrigal is making a move on 
               Juan Obregon.

     Javier calmly drives away.

               Javi!  Come on.  Don't pull this you 
               don't care bullshit.  This is 
               incredible information.  It must be.  
               Javi --

               We keep our mouths shut.

                                                          CUT TO:

142   INT. BARBARA'S CAR - NIGHT                                  142   

     Barbara drives Robert home from the airport.  There's a sense 
     they've been silent for a while.

               I think we may have found our Mexican 
               Drug Czar.  It's this General, 
               Salazar.  At least I'll have somebody 
               on the other side I can talk to.

               Does this mean you're going to be 
               gone more?

     A long silence.


     Another silence.


                                                            p. 86

               You might want to pencil in a little 
               face-time with your daughter.

               Barbara --

               Because I'm at the edge of my 
               capabilities, Robert.

               The first thing we have to do is 
               present a unified front.

               If you start in on the war metaphors 
               I'm going to drive this car into a 
               fucking telephone pole.

               Look, I'm as worried as you are --

               No, I don't think so.  Leave me alone, 
               give me money.  That's what I get 
               from our daughter.  She has a way of 
               shutting me out that seems very 

               Yeah, well, she has a way of self-
               medicating that probably seems 
               familiar, too.

     She looks at him, stung.

               I'm not the one who has to have three 
               scotches just to walk in the door 
               and say hello.

               I have a drink before dinner to take 
               the edge off my day.  That's 

               Oh, it is?

               Yeah, because the alternative is to 
               be bored to death.


                                                            p. 87

143   EXT. WAKEFIELD HOUSE - NIGHT                                143   

     He car pulls into the driveway.  Robert gets out.  Barbara 
     doesn't.  He looks back at her.

               Why don't you go in and tell your 
               daughter how bored you are.

     She puts the car in reverse and drives away.  He stands for 
     a moment, steaming.

144   INT. WAKEFIELD HOUSE - NIGHT                                144   

     Robert Wakefield steps inside his home.    It's very QUIET.

     He checks the mail on the hall table.

145   INT. UPSTAIRS HALLWAY - NIGHT                               145   

     Robert walks down the hallway.  He steps into Caroline's 


     Robert stands outside her closed bathroom door.

     There is nothing, then from the other side of the door, the 
     faint sound of a lighter CLICKING.  AGAIN and AGAIN, then a


147   INT. CAROLINE WAKEFIELD'S BATHROOM - NIGHT                  147   

     Caroline sits on the toilet.  Glamour Magazine on her lap.

     She's wild-eyed and paranoid.  The exhaust fan is running.

     The aluminum foil is on the sink.  The last little bit of 
     heroin in a wax-paper bundle sits beside it.

     She's listening hard for any SOUND in the house.  What she's 
     wondering is if someone is outside the door listening.

     She puts a piece of crack on the foil and listens hard once 
     more before lighting it.  She does the hit.

     And seems to feel better.

     Suddenly there's a POUNDING on the door.  The VOICE of her 
     father muffled through the solid wood.


                                                            p. 88

                           ROBERT (V.O.)
                    (muffled by the door)
               Caroline.  Open this door immediately.

     Caroline is up like a shot.  She looks around.  The POUNDING 
     on the door gets stronger.

     She crumples the foil and drops it in the toilet.

     The bathroom door SOUNDS like it's about to cave inward.

                    (faking the best she 
               Who is it?  I'm going to the bathroom.

     She's coping now, full parallel process mode: she dumps the 
     last heroin on the back of her hand and snorts it, checking 
     her nose in the mirror as she reaches for a can of air 
     freshener which she sprays into the air.

                           CAROLINE (CONT'D)
               One minute.

     She takes the remaining crack, lighters, tubes, little smudgy 
     druggy bits of paraphernalia and carefully places it all in 
     a hiding place above the bathroom cabinet.

     She pauses a beat, then opens the door, and tries to brush 
     by her father while avoiding his eyes.

                           CAROLINE (CONT'D)
               Excuse me --

     Robert grabs her by the arms.  He pushes her against the 
     wall and looks at her pupils.  He looks at her fingernails.

     The blister on her thumb from working the lighter is red and 

               You're not going anywhere, young 

     She stands there; she's very high.

     Robert sniffs the air.  He throws open cabinets, searching 
     for drugs.  He sees the smudge mark on the counter left by 
     the charred aluminum foil.

                           ROBERT (CONT'D)
               Where is it?  Where are the drugs?
               Where are they?


                                                            p. 89

               Fuck you.  I wasn't doing anything.  
               You're like the Gestapo.

     Robert KICKS the cabinets.

               Fuck me?  Oh, okay.  Fuck me.  Fuck 

     Robert is losing it.  He throws stuff around the bathroom 
     and then, for the first time, looks up.  He sees the long 
     light in the box atop the medicine cabinet and it dawns on 

                           ROBERT (CONT'D)
               I'm going to ask you one time to 
               tell me the truth so that I can help 

     She just stares.

                           ROBERT (CONT'D)
               Okay, young lady, that's it.

               Like I give a fuck.

     Robert reaches above the medicine cabinet and pulls out a 
     charred spoon.  It confuses him.  He throws it into the sink.

     He pulls out another spoon.  He pulls out crumpled bindles, 
     rolled up, encrusted dollar bills, exhausted lighters, a 
     pill bottle, an empty pint of vodka.

     The detritus of drug addiction keeps on coming, filling up 
     the sink.  Robert stares at it, the amount and complexity 
     has him momentarily baffled.

               What is wrong with you?  What?
               You're going away.  You're getting 
               help somewhere.

               You can't make me.

               Oh, yes I can.

                                                          CUT TO:


                                                            p. 90

148   OMITTED                                                     148   

149   OMITTED                                                     149   

150   OMITTED                                                     150   

151   INT.  - SAN DIEGO - DAY                                     151   

     Javier drives toward downtown.  He's sipping a Burger King 
     soft-drink.  On the seat next to him is a shopping bag from 
     Target.  He takes an exit.  Javier pulls into the underground 
     parking lot of a fancy office tower.

152   INT. POLICE SEDAN - DAY                                     152   

     Javi drives down to the third floor underground.  He pulls 
     into a parking spot next to a white sedan.  He slides open 
     the cargo door of his van.

     The cargo door of the sedan opens.  Javi quickly gets into 
     the sedan.

153   INT. SEDAN - DAY                                            153   

     Special Agents Hughes and Johnson welcome Javi.

               Where are we going?

     Hughes sticks out his hand.

               Special Agent Hughes, Drug Enforcement 
               Administration of the United States.

                    (ignoring the niceties)
               Where are you taking me?

     The agents exchange a look.

               Somewhere safe.


               A place we have, that we know is 



                                                            p. 91

               It's really safe.

               Not for me.

               Okay.  Where would you like to go?

154   EXT. SWIMMING POOL - HOTEL - DAY                            154   

     Javi and Agents Johnson and Hughes stand in the middle of 
     the shallow end of a large swimming pool.  KIDS in waterwings 
     splash nearby.

               It's important that we work together.  
               Mexico.  America.  One hand washing 
               the other.

               We agree.

               So... maybe you tell me about your 
               informants in our operations.

                    (confused by this)
               We thought maybe you'd have that 
               kind of information for us.

                    (feigning surprise)
               This is a very different proposition.

     Johnson and Hughes exchange a glance.

               We pay for that kind of information.

     A fat kid in an inner-tube floats behind them.

                           JOHNSON (CONT'D)
               Is that what you're talking about, 

     Javi makes eye contact with one agent, then the other.

               Ten years ago Tijuana had no drug 
               problem.  Now it is epidemic.


                                                            p. 92

                           JAVIER (CONT'D)
               Ten years ago America takes a hammer 
               to Pablo Escobar, a hammer to the 
               Miami drug trade, and you allowed 
               everything to move to my country.  
               You dumped the problem at our feet.  
               Now, drug use is epidemic.  Now, the 
               treatment centers are full and get 
               no state money.  They survive on 
               donations and what they get for 
               building doghouses to sell to the 
               We need lights for the parks so kids 
               can play at night.  So they can play 
               baseball.  So it's safe.  Everybody 
               likes parks.  Everybody likes 
               What I'm talking about is I would 
               like to see somebody take an interest 
               in Tijuana.  That's what I'm talking 

     Javi starts to get out of the pool.

               Javi, You want to come see us again, 
               you're going on the box.  No more of 
               this water-wing bullshit.

155   INT. PARKING GARAGE - DAY                                   155   

     Javier gets out of the DEA sedan and back into his.  He drives 

156   INT. SEDAN - DAY                                            156   

     Agents Hughes turns to Agent Johnson.

               You wanna tell me what the hell that 
               was all about?

               He's got something.  We just have to 
               be patient.

                                                          CUT TO:


                                                            p. 93

157   INT. JAIL VISITATION ROOM - DAY                             157   

     Helena and Carl each hold a telephone receiver as they stare 
     at each other through a thick pane of meshed glass.  Helena 
     is barely holding it together.  It's hard for Carl to see 
     her like this.  After a beat --

               How's David?

               How's David? How's David? He's 
               terrific, Carl.

               Helena --

               We watched his father get dragged 
               away by federal agents.  I don't 
               even know how to begin to tell him 
               where you are or when you're coming 
               back... Or if you're coming back.

     She can't even look at him.

               We'll get through this, I promise.  
               I'll make it up to you --

               How?  Supportive letters from prison 
               while I'm being kicked out of our 
               Do you have any idea what is happening 
               out here?  Our credit cards are maxed.  
               The people at the bank, you should 
               see their faces when I walk in there.  
               I have a letter from the government 
               telling me that anything I sell from 
               our house will be taken against an 
               income tax lien.  Our friends are 
               behaving like the crowd at a public 
               hanging.  Nobody will help us.  Nobody 
               will take us in.  Nobody wants 
               anything to do with us.  So tell me, 
               Carl, how you're gonna make it up to 


                                                            p. 94

                           HELENA (CONT'D)
                    (losing it)
               Tell me again how we'll get through 
               this, and maybe while you're at it 
               you can put your hand up against the 
               glass so we can have a tender moment 
               of connection.

               Helena --

               Tell me what to do, Carl.  I need 
               guidance, not a fucking platitude.
               I'm not bringing a child into the 
               kind of life I grew up with.  I won't 
               do it.  I want our life back.

     Carl looks at his wife as if he is trying to weigh her.  He 
     thinks, then leans forward --

               I built our house and I don't want 
               to lose it.  Every stone, every brick, 
               every board.
               My business... That would take a lot 
               of private study...
                    (he blinks)
               That you don't have time for.  I 
               suggest you look into the Coronel...
                    (he blinks again)
               Into selling it.  If you can stomach 
               it, you should look into it.  That 
               painting is very valuable.

               I don't understand.

               Look into the Coronel; otherwise, 
               there is nothing to do.

                                                          CUT TO:

158   EXT. SERENITY OAKS - DAY                                    158   

     A peaceful wooded campus with a unobtrusive sign reading, 
     "Serenity Oaks Treatment Facility."


                                                            p. 95

159   INT. MEETING ROOM - SERENITY OAKS - DAY                     159   

     There are sayings on the wall: "Easy Does It;" "Let Go and 
     Let God;" "Turn it over;" "One Day at a Time..." "H.A.L.T.--
     Hungry?  Angry?  Lonely?  Tired?"

     Caroline, wearing a thick, woolly sweater, and the other 
     PATIENTS sit around on beat-up couches and chairs in a loose 
     circle.  It's a mixed BUNCH: trucker meth-head, rocker dope- 
     fiend, yuppie crack-head, fat, thin, rich, middle-class, and 
     all white.  Caroline is the youngest.

     MARTY, 40's, an overweight alcoholic, finishes his "share."

               So it was my birthday an my ex-wife 
               was getting remarried and I was in 
               some church basement telling a bunch 
               of strangers how it was a good day 
               because I didn't have to eat out of 
               a dumpster.  That was enough to send 
               me out on big one.
               I've been thinking a lot about the 
               first step: that I came to believe I 
               was powerless over alcohol and that 
               my life had become unmanageable.
               See my disease tells me I don't have 
               a disease.  That I'm fine.  That 
               it's my birthday and I can have one 
               little drink, then one little line, 
               then one little Valium, then two 
               more fat lines, then two more 10 mil 
               Valium... Six months later I wake up 
               in a sober living house in Philly.  
               And I'm from Dallas, people.
               It's a disease -- an allergy of the 
               body and an obsession of the mind.  
               I know that now.  So my name's Marty 
               and today I'm a grateful recovering 
               alcoholic who didn't eat out of a 
               dumpster.  Thanks.

     And Marty looks to Caroline who didn't relate to one word he 

                    (slowly, very nervous)
               Hi.  I'm Caroline.  I'm not sure I'm 
               an alcoholic.


                                                            p. 96

                           CAROLINE (CONT'D)
               I mean I don't really like to drink.  
               For someone my age it's so much easier 
               to get drugs than beer.  I don't 
               know, this is really weird and I'm 
               really nervous...

     People in the room nod encouragingly.

                           CAROLINE (CONT'D)
               I guess I'm angry.  I mean I think 
               I'm really angry about a lot of stuff, 
               but I don't know what exactly.

     She blushes, and stares out the window.

                                                          CUT TO:

160   INT. AYALA LIVING ROOM - AFTERNOON                          160   

     Helena follows an ART APPRAISER through her formal living 
     room as he inspects paintings and makes notations.  He is 
     very excited and moves quickly from one to the next.

                           ART APPRAISER
               Tamayo.  Carrington.  A simply 
               wonderful collection of Mexican 
               Modern.  Give me three months.  I 
               know several collectors in South 
               America, very discreet.

               I don't have three months.

                           ART APPRAISER
               It takes time to find the proper 

               How much will you give me in cash?

     The appraiser taps out some numbers on a calculator and shows 
     the figure to Helena.

                           HELENA (CONT'D)
               You must be joking.  That's a fraction 
               of their value.

                           ART APPRAISER
               I'm sorry, but that is the figure I 
               can get today.


                                                            p. 97

     Helena turns her back.  She walks to a window and looks out, 
     then surveys the contents of her beautiful home.

               Get out.  Get out of my house.

     Helena turns and sees David in the doorway.  She goes to 

                           HELENA (CONT'D)
               It's all right.  We're have a 
               disagreement, that's all.

     The art appraiser passes them on his way out.

161   INT. AYALA MASTER BEDROOM - NIGHT                           161   

     Helena wakes up in the middle of the night with a start.

     Her eyes are wide open.  She has had a thought --

     She climbs out of bed and quickly puts on a robe.

162   INT. UPSTAIRS HALLWAY - CONTINUOUS                          162   

     Helena walks quickly and quietly down the hallway.  She passes 
     David's room.  She opens a door at the end of the hall --

163   INT. CARL'S PRIVATE STUDY - CONTINUOUS                      163   

     Helena enters the room.  She hits a desk lamp and we're in a 
     very comfortable and masculine upstairs study: bookshelves 
     holding hundreds of art books; comfortable chairs; MacIntosh 
     stereo; discreet flatscreen HD TV.

     Helena stares at a painting on one of the bookshelves.  It 
     is "Boy with a Hoop," a small portrait by Rafael Colonel.

     She goes to it and looks from different angles.  She reaches 
     out and jiggles the oil.  Nothing happens.  She looks behind 
     the painting at the backing.

     She notices that one corner is not glued down.  She picks up 
     a letter opener and pries the paper back.  An envelope slips 

     Inside the envelope: neat, thin strips of paper dense with 
     information in a miniscule type and a magnetic key card.

                                                          CUT TO:


                                                            p. 98

164   OMITTED                                                     164   

165   OMITTED                                                     165   

166   OMITTED                                                     166   

167   INT.  HELICOPTER - DAY                                      167   

     Robert and Sheridan ride in the back of the chopper.  Each 
     looks out his own window.

     A newspaper on the seat between them shows a front page photo 
     of General Salazar, exultant, and the headline reads in 
     Spanish, "Salazar Named Chief of Anti-Narcotics Operations."

168   EXT. MEXICO CITY - DAY                                      168   

     Establishing shot of a military helicopter landing on the 
     roof of an office building in downtown Mexico City.

169   INT. HEADQUARTERS, FEADS, - MEXICO CITY - DAY               169   

     Robert Wakefield and General Salazar stroll through the new 
     headquarters where boxes are still being unpacked.  Javier 
     and Sheridan trail along behind them.

               I recruited the best men in Mexico 
               for my task force and put them through 
               a rigorous screening process.  Not 
               only physical, but also psychological.

               I'd like to bring you up to 
               Washington, walk you around our side 
               of things, and share some of the 
               information we've been able to develop 
               on your cartels.

               That would be very helpful to me.
               Also, I received the offer from DEA 
               and the FBI to train some of my men 
               at Quantico.  I think this will be 
               extremely useful, a good way for us 
               to absorb some of your methods.

170   INT. SALAZAR'S I.N.C.D. OFFICE - DAY                        170   

     The office hasn't been decorated yet.


                                                            p. 99

               I've been too busy to completely 
               settle in.

     Salazar proffers a chair and they sit next to each other 
     like Brezhnev and Nixon.  PHOTOGRAPHS begin SNAPPING pictures.

     After a few moments, Salazar waves them away, and they lower 
     their cameras and leave.

               You've been making very good progress 
               against the Tijuana cartel.

               Yes, I am confident that Juan Obregon 
               will be taken into custody before 
               the end of the year.  But, you must 
               understand that it is very difficult 
               because of corruption in the police 
               force.  We get a tip that he is one 
               place, then we get there and he is 
               already gone, having been warned by 
               someone on our side.

               Hopefully the exchange of training 
               methods and information between our 
               countries will help with this problem.

               Yes, I hope so as well.

               Let me ask you a related question.  
               We've talked about the supply side, 
               but what about demand?  What is your 
               policy for treating addiction?

               Addicts treat themselves... they 
               overdose and then there's one less 
               to worry about.

     Robert cannot respond.

                                                          CUT TO:

171   EXT. SERENITY OAKS - WALKWAY - DAY                          171   

     Caroline ambles alone down a walkway at the treatment 


                                                           p. 100

     She looks through the trees that surround facility and notices 
     cars going by.

                                                          CUT TO:

172   INT. LOW-RENT HOTEL - DAY                                   172   

     Gordon and another DEA AGENT escort Ruiz up the stairs of a 
     large, older hotel.

               This is ridiculous.  Why is there no 

               When the DEA gets into the narcotics 
               business, then we'll stay at the 
               Four Seasons.

     They walk down a hotel hallway.  Two more AGENTS stand outside 
     Room 407.  Gordon opens the door and they enter.

173   INT. SUITE OF CHEAP HOTEL ROOMS - DAY                       173   

     There are more AGENTS inside and old food and coffee 
     containers.  Gordon gives Ruiz a tour.  There are several 
     rooms.  A bored Castro sits at a table staring at a Scrabble 

               Eddie, how you like your new home?  
               I hope you hate it as much as I do.

     Ruiz looks around with disgust.  He's accustomed to finer 
     places.  He goes to a window and looks out.

     RUIZ'S POV: of the Federal Court building not far away.

               This is not what my lawyers 

     Gordon pours himself a cup of coffee.

               Fuck your lawyers.  You aren't getting 
               any cappuccino or Biscotti either.

174   INT. FEDERAL COURTHOUSE - DAY                               174   

     A packed, tense courtroom listens to testimony from a 
     government witness, FRANK, 50's, very matter-of-fact and 


                                                           p. 101

               He first came to me in January.  
               That would've been nineteen eight-
               seven.  He wanted to rent warehouse 
               space along the harbor.  I didn't 
               ask too many questions; I'm a 
               businessman also.

175   INT. FEDERAL COURTHOUSE - DAY                               175   

     Another witness, MRS. BERRY, 40's, pedantic on the stand --

                           MRS. BERRY
               I told Mr. Ayala there were 
               irregularities in his tax return.  
               And I couldn't represent him unless 
               we could explain this...

176   INT. FEDERAL COURTHOUSE - DAY                               176   

     SHEILA, 38, a mousy secretary, is on the stand.  Carlos sits 
     at the defendant's table listening raptly.  Gordon and Castro 
     sit in the back watching Helena who pays close attention to 
     the witness --

               I was the company secretary from 
               1991 to 1994.  I supposedly worked 
               for all six companies.  But... they 
               weren't... I mean, it was just one 
               empty office with a desk and a 
               telephone.  We never sold anything 
               the whole time I was there.  Sometimes 
               people came and got paid.  I don't 
               really know what we did.

               Did Mr. Ayala say where the money 
               came from?

               No, and I didn't ask.

               Where do you think it came from?

     Carl's lawyer, Adler, is on his feet --

               This speculation --

               I'll rephrase.


                                                           p. 102

                           PROSECUTOR (CONT'D)
               Did you feel like you were engaged 
               in a legal enterprise?

     Sheila is reluctant to answer.

               No, not really.

     Helena catches Carl's eye and they share a grim moment.

                                                          CUT TO:

177   OMITTED                                                     177   

178   OMITTED                                                     178   

179   OMITTED                                                     179   

180   OMITTED                                                     180   

181   INT. CARL'S UPSTAIRS STUDY - DAY                            181   

     Helena sits at Carl's office desk.  On the desk in front of 
     her are the lists she found and an encrypted cell phone.

     Helena picks up the phone.  Her hands are shaking.  She is 
     crying as she dials.  A voice on the other end answers.

                           FRANCISCO (V.O.)
               Who is this?

     Helena gathers her courage, then...

               A friend... of Carlos Ayala.

     There is a long pause.

                           FRANCISCO (V.O.)

               I'm on a special phone, may I speak 

                           FRANCISCO (V.O.)
               You may speak.

               I have a job for you and I don't 
               have much time.


                                                           p. 103

182   EXT. BOTANICAL GARDEN - DAY                                 182   

     Helena watches David look at the wide variety of plants and 
     flowers.  All around them a GROUP of 3rd graders, in identical 
     T-shirts, enjoy a field trip.

                           FRANCISCO (V.O.)
               I love this place.  Don't turn around.

     Behind her Francisco Flores takes a photo with an instant 

                           FRANCISCO (CONT'D)
               You were followed by the police, but 
               they won't hear us over the children.  
               I want to use a bomb.

               You're kidding.  Can't you shoot him 
               or something?

               I don't really like guns.  You shoot 
               someone in the head three times and 
               some doctor will keep them alive.

               When will you do it?

               I don't know.  Eduardo Ruiz is the 
               only real witness against Carl.  The 
               security is very tight.  There may 
               not be a way.

               There's always a way.  If people get 
               to the Pope or the President, you 
               can get to him.

     Francisco laughs.

               Careful... You're sounding like your 
               husband, Mrs. Ayala.

                                                          CUT TO:

183   OMITTED                                                     183   


                                                           p. 104

184   OMITTED                                                     184   

185   INT. JAVI'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                               185   

     Anna sits in the living room, staring.  She appears too upset 
     to speak.  The apartment is cleaner.  There have been other 
     changes.  There's a new rug.

               What?  What is it?

               It's very hard for me to come and 
               tell you this.

     Javier just watches her.

                           ANNA (CONT'D)
               It's Manolo.  He's going to do 
               something stupid.  I'm worried that 
               he'll get himself killed.

     He keeps watching.

                           ANNA (CONT'D)
               He's saying he's going to talk to 
               the Americans.  Become an informer.  
               He says they pay a lot of money.

               Why does he need money?

               He has debts.  He has gambling debts.  
               He owes a lot of money.

               How much?

               Nine thousand dollars.

     A long beat.

               What is he planning on telling them?

               Well, you know, he's going to say 
               about Madrigal... and Salazar.

     Javier just looks at her.

                                                          CUT TO:


                                                           p. 105

186   INT. ROBERT'S OFFICE IN WASHINGTON - DAY                    186   

     Robert is on the telephone, listening.  He is not happy.

     Sheridan watches him.

                    (into phone)
               Nobody saw her leave?
               Yes... I understand.

     He hangs up.  He stands and reaches for his jacket.

                           ROBERT (CONT'D)
               I have to go.  I have to go home.

187   INT. WAKEFIELD KITCHEN - NIGHT                              187   

     Robert and Barbara sit at the kitchen table.

               Should we bring the police into this?

               No, not yet.

188   EXT. WEST END STREETS - DAY                                 188   

     Robert drives through the streets in his Cadillac DeVille.

189   INT. DEVILLE - DAY                                          189   

     Robert rides in glum silence.  He looks at passersby who are 
     almost all black and almost all stare back at the white man 
     in his Cadillac.

     A group of young men stare threateningly as he rolls past.

     On the street, in the lee of a Brownstone staircase, a deal 
     is going down.

190   ROBERT AND SETH ABRAHMS - DAY                               190   

     sit in a coffee shop.

                    (genuinely surprised)
               She's not at that place you sent 

               She snuck away.  And we haven't seen 
               her.  She hasn't come home.


                                                           p. 106

               Oh, man --

               She hasn't called you?

               I tried to talk to her when she was 
               up there, but they wouldn't put me 
               I'm surprised she hasn't called.

191   ANOTHER ANGLE ON ROBERT IN THE CAR - DAY                    191   

     He turns a corner and is suddenly in a drive-thru drug market.  
     Dealers, HUSTLERS, run at the windows from both sides, 

               What you want?  Rock?  Rock?  Hey, 
               what you want?

192   ROBERT AND SETH - DAY                                       192   

     in the coffee shop.

               Can you tell me anything?  Do you 
               have any ideas?

               I don't know what to say.

               I'm not the police.  I don't care 
               about experimentation.  She's a kid.  
               I'm worried to death.

               You won't say anything to my parents?

               I don't give a fuck about your parents --

               We sometimes went downtown to score.


               The West End.


                                                           p. 107

                           SETH (CONT'D)
               We buy it off the streets.
               I can stop, you know, and she can't.  
               Two people, really similar, we can 
               talk about anything, but for me it's 
               like a weekend thing, then I get my 
               shit together, and for her it's 
               different --

               You don't know what the hell you're 
               talking about.  You're a cocky 
               seventeen year-old and you don't 
               have a clue what the stakes are.  
               You don't know the value of the life 
               you've yet to throw away.  And neither 
               does she.

193   ROBERT IN HIS CAR - DAY                                     193   

     It is surrounded.  Robert stares.  A face presses up against 
     the window.

                    (through the window)
               What do you want?

                    (through the window)
               What do you mean, what do I want?

               Rock or dope, man?

               I don't want anything.


               Hey man, I'm sorry.  I'm just trying 
               to help.

               You want to help?  Stay the fuck 
               away from her.


                           ROBERT (CONT'D)
               I'm looking for my daughter.


                                                           p. 108

     The dealer looks at him with disgust, turns his back, and 
     waves everyone else away.

     Robert slams his fist against the steering wheel.  He slams 
     it again and again.  He stops and pulls away, just as

     AT THE INTERSECTION behind Robert's car, Caroline crosses 
     the street toward Sketch's house.

194   INT. SKETCH'S BEDROOM - DAY                                 194   

     A single candle lights the room.  Caroline is underneath 
     Sketch the drug dealer.  He is pounding away.  As she clutches 
     his back and holds on, her expression is both surprised and 
     druggy, and SOUNDS escape her mouth that she wouldn't believe 
     she could make.

     There's a KNOCK on the door.  Sketch continues his business.

     The KNOCKING is more insistent.  Finally, he stops and gets 
     up and goes to the door.  Caroline lies back.  She's in a 
     bed with black sheets in a room with nothing else in it but 
     a dresser and some duffle bags.

     Sketch opens the door --

               What the fuck do you want?

     SOMEBODY outside says something.  Sketch walks over to a 
     duffle bag and extracts some product.  Caroline's eyes are 
     glued to it as Sketch hands it through the door.  Sketch 
     sees her staring at the drugs.

     He comes back to bed.

                           SKETCH (CONT'D)
               You want some of that?

     Caroline nods.

                           SKETCH (CONT'D)
               What you gonna do to get some of 

               Please --

               What you gonna do?

     She turns her back to him, pouting.  He laughs.


                                                           p. 109

                           SKETCH (CONT'D)
               Maybe a taste.

     He reaches over beside the bed where there is a small tray.

     On the tray is a rig, spoon, several powders, and an eye 
     dropper.  He pulls the candle over and rapidly fixes a 
     speedball.  He pulls the fluid into the neck of the syringe 
     and holds it up the light.  It has Caroline transfixed.

                           SKETCH (CONT'D)
               Feed this to you like a little bird.

     He squirts the tiniest amount of fluid into the air.  It 
     arcs in the candlelight.

               Don't --

               You want this?

     She nods.

                           SKETCH (CONT'D)
               This is the Express train.  Baby 
               turnin' pro and getting down in a 
               big, big hole.

     Her concentration is entirely, hypnotically focused on the 

     Sketch moves the syringe toward her lips.

                           SKETCH (CONT'D)
               Kiss it.  Kiss your new mommy hello.

     Caroline moves her mouth toward the side of the syringe, her 
     lips part.

     Sketch pulls the sheet back, exposing her legs.  He grips 
     one powerful hand around her ankle and squeezes... Veins 
     stand out on her foot.

     He slides the needle into the largest vein and slowly 
     depresses the plunger.

     Caroline watches, then her head tilts back, then forward, 
     she GROANS, sexually and slumps against the pillows, her 
     eyes half-open, her lips twitching.


                                                           p. 110

     Sketch puts the rig back on the tray, then admires Caroline's 
     beauty for a second before starting to fuck her again.

                                                          CUT TO:

195   EXT. HOTEL - DAY                                            195   

     Gordon and Castro and two other AGENTS escort Ruiz out of 
     the hotel and usher him into a waiting cruiser.

     They pull out in a caravan and move through the streets toward 
     the courthouse.

196   EXT. COURTHOUSE PARKING LOT - DAY                           196   

     The cruiser pulls into a fenced and gated parking lot.

     Gordon, Castro and Ruiz, walking with a limp, cross to the 
     building entrance.

     As they push inside, Francisco Flores, in a conservative 
     grey suit passes them going outside.

     The parking lot is empty of people.  The guards at the gate 
     talk about something distracting.

     Francisco passes by the cruiser and drops his keys.  Kneeling 
     down he extracts a small, powerful, magnetized bomb from his 
     jacket.  He attaches it to the underside of the vehicle, 
     stands and walks toward the guard gate.

197   INT. COURTROOM - DAY                                        197   

     The court is filled to capacity.  Helena and Metzger watch 
     from the gallery.

     The JUDGE bangs his gavel.  Adler is on his feet.

               Your honor, it has come to our 
               attention that your honor, while in 
               private practice, previously 
               represented the town of Seal Beach 
               in their stop-work suit against the 
               Police Department of Seal Beach.  We 
               believe this disqualifies you from 
               hearing this case and we therefore 
               move for a temporary suspension while 
               this is investigated.

     The judge is surprised to hear this.


                                                           p. 111

               Mr. Adler, this is a most unusual 

               Nonetheless, your honor, we feel 
               that our client deserves every 
               fairness afforded under the law.

               If this is in any way designed to 
               delay the testimony of Eduardo Ruiz...

     The judge considers.

                           JUDGE (CONT'D)
               We'll recess until 9:00 am Monday 
               morning.  And I'll see counsel in 

     He slams the gavel down again.

198   EXT. COURTHOUSE - DAY                                       198   

     Gordon, Castro, other AGENTS and Ruiz come down the rear 
     steps of the courthouse and walk across the street toward 
     the parking lot.

               Remember when we sat on that mob 
               guy, that chef, for like six months?

               Oh, man, I've never eaten so good in 
               my life.
                    (to Ruiz)
               Why don't you develop a useful skill?

               Yeah, like turning into a beautiful 

     They reach the car.

               Would you mind if today we walked?

     It's one block.  I could use the fresh air.


                                                           p. 112

199   OMITTED                                                     199   

200   INT. FRANCISCO'S CAR - CONTINUOUS                           200   

     Across the street, Francisco, encrypted cell phone to his 
     ear, watches from his own car as Gordon, Castro, and Ruiz 
     stand by their car without getting in, then walk away from 
     the car.

                    (into phone)
               They're not getting into the car.  
               What are they doing?  They're walking 
               right at me.

     The men start across the street toward Francisco.

201   INT. HELENA'S CAR - DAY                                     201   

     Helena drives her car through downtown San Diego.

                    (into phone)
               You've got a gun.  Get out of the 
               car and shoot him in the head.

202   INT. FRANCISCO'S CAR - DAY                                  202   

     Francisco watches Ruiz and the agents walk up the street 
     toward him.

                    (into phone)
               They're going to walk right past me.

                           HELENA (V.O.)
               What are you?  A mouse?  Get out of 
               the car and do it.  This is your 

     Francisco watches the three men walk past his car.  He makes 
     a decision and opens his door.

203   EXT. STREET - DAY                                           203   

     Francisco steps from the car and mingles in with OTHER PEOPLE 
     walking along the sidewalk.  He follows them for few yards, 
     picking his moment.

     He closes the distance to Gordon, Castro and Ruiz, pulling a 
     pistol from inside his jacket.  He takes careful aim from 
     twelve feet away and is about to shoot Ruiz when a bullet 
     hole appears in his chest.  He staggers, trying to squeeze 
     the trigger,


                                                           p. 113

     Francisco fires the gun once, wildly --


     Gordon and Castro and Ruiz turn --

     Francisco is looking down at the widening red splotch in the 
     center of his shirt, uncertain of what has happened --

     Gordon shoves Ruiz down into a doorway and fires three quick 
     Shots --

     Francisco spins around and drops on his face in the street.

     Citizens run in all directions fearing a psychopath with an

     NRA card coming off a bad week of day-trading --

     Gordon and Castro with Ruiz beneath them scan the streets.

               Stay here.  I'll get the car.

     Castro runs down the street for the court parking lot.

     Other AGENTS are running toward Gordon and Ruiz.

204   INT. OFFICE BUILDING WINDOW - CONTINUOUS                    204   

     The STRANGE MAN who threatened Helena's children packs a 
     high-caliber rifle and scope into a briefcase.

     He snaps the case shut and quickly exits the room.  We notice 
     a man on the floor with a bullet hole in his head next to 
     the open door.

205   EXT. STREET - CONTINUOUS                                    205   

     Agents surround Ruiz.

     Gordon walks to the body of Francisco lying face down in the 
     gutter.  He turns him over with his shoe and sees his face.

                    (to the other agents)
               I saw this guy at the courthouse.
               The car --

     Gordon takes off running, yelling for Castro.

206   EXT. COURT PARKING LOT - DAY                                206   

     Castro has reached the car and gets in.


                                                           p. 114

     Gordon appears at the gate of the lot --

               No --

207   INT. CRUISER - DAY                                          207   

     Castro turns the ignition exactly at the moment he sees Gordon 
     yelling and waving his arms --

208   EXT. COURT PARKING LOT - DAY                                208   

     The cruiser EXPLODES.

     Gordon hits the pavement.  Parts of the car begin raining 
     down around him.

                                                          CUT TO:

209   OMITTED                                                     209   

210   INT. SIDEWALK CAFE - SAN DIEGO - DAY                        210   

     A fire truck and paramedic unit WHIZZES by.  Manolo sits at 
     an outdoor cafe table, waiting.  He can't help looking around 
     at the attractive people, but he's also nervous.

     Suddenly two MEN, recognizable as Salazar's OFFICERS from 
     the desert drug bust, sitting at a nearby table, rise and 
     move to Manolo's table.

                           MAN #1
               Manolo, how are you?

     They take seats uncomfortably close to Manolo.

                           MAN #2
               Manolo, have we interrupted?  You're 
               looking around like you're expecting 

               No.  I'm looking for the waiter.  I 
               want to order.

                           MAN #1
               What are you gonna have?

               A steak.


                                                           p. 115

                           MAN #1
               Well, if you like steak, we know a 
               much better place.  We'll take you 

               That's okay, really.

     They each take Manolo by an arm.

                           MAN #2
               Manolo, we should really be going 
               now, before it gets too crowded.

211   INT. SUV - DAY                                              211   

     We're looking through the windshield as we approach the 
     Mexican border.  As the car slows, we pan to follow the border 
     official as he looks in briefly and waves us through.

     We continue to pan to reveal Manolo in the backseat sitting 
     beside Man #2.

212   INT. SUV - DAY                                              212   

     We're in the desert.  There's nothing in any directions.

     Javi is implacable.  Manolo understands what is happening.

               I was going to feed them wrong 
               information.  Feed them lies to ...  
               it was for...

     The men say nothing.  After a beat --

                           MANOLO (CONT'D)
               Don't tell Anna I died like this.  
               Tell her it was something else.  
               Tell her it was official business.  
               Tell her that I died doing something 
               honorable.  Please, tell her that 
               for me...

213   EXT. DESERT - DAY                                           213   

     Javi and Manolo stand next to two freshly dug graves.

                           MAN #1
               Turn around.

     Javi hesitates before turning.  We're on Javi as we hear the 
     GUNSHOT.  Javi doesn't flinch.  Manolo's body falls into the 


                                                           p. 116

     Javi stands there, waiting.

                           MAN #1 (CONT'D)
               You got anything you want to say?

     Javi shakes his head.  Finally, another GUNSHOT.  After a 
     beat, a hand reaches out of Javi's shoulder.

                           MAN #1 (CONT'D)
               Sorry about that... we had to be 

     They walk back to the SUV.

                           SOMEBODY ELSE
               Are you sure you don't have anything 
               to tell us?

     Javi says nothing, doesn't even acknowledge them.  We hear a 

                                                          CUT TO:

214   INT. AYALA HOME - DAY                                       214   

     Arnie Metzger is in Helena's living room.  The stereo is 
     loudly playing MOZART.

               That was a stupid thing you did.  
               Incredibly stupid.

               I tried, Arnie.  And, I will continue 
               to try.

               Have you gone crazy?  You are not 
               Carl.  You aren't as good as Carl.
               They are moving the trial to a high 
               security location.  The press has 
               gone berserk.  The jury will be 
               influenced.  Stay out of things.  
               Let us try to win the case.

               That is going to be rather difficult 
               when all the evidence is against us.

     Helena steps closer to Arnie, close enough that her breasts 
     are almost touching his chest.


                                                           p. 117

               Helena, please.  This is out of your 

               I know I made things worse.  I know 
               that and I'm sorry, but Arnie I need 
               something from you.  Something only 
               you can help me with.

     Helena looks searchingly into his eyes.

               Helena --

               I need an introduction to the Obregon 

               I can't do that.

     Helena leans closer to him.

               I figured out what Carl was up to 
               and I need your help.  Will you help 

                                                          CUT TO:

215   EXT. LABORATORY RESEARCH FACILITIES - DAY                   215   

     An establishing shot of a hi-tech company within shooting 
     distance of the Salk Institute.

216   INT. LAB FACILITY - DAY                                     216   

     This is a professional chemical lab that can be rented by 
     the month.  Long tables of lab and computer equipment.

     Nobody has been here in a while.  There are toys - plastic 
     dolls, frisbees, hula hoops - on many of the tables.

     Helena lets herself into the room.  She scans ledgers. She 
     looks over the equipment.

     She picks up a twelve-inch high plastic Spastic Jack action 
     figure and a can labeled "solvent" and hurries from the lab.

                                                          CUT TO:


                                                           p. 118

217   EXT. WEST END - CINCINNATI - NIGHT                          217   

     Robert drives through the streets, searching for Caroline.

     He doesn't find her.

218   INT. WAKEFIELD HOUSE - NIGHT                                218   

     Barbara is waiting in the living room.  Robert enters.  He 
     shakes his head then stands silently for a beat.

               About the other night, I'm sorry.

               Me, too.

               God, I don't get it.  Are we supposed 
               to say to ourselves, be prepared to 
               lose her, be prepared to lose our 
               Why does this happen to someone?  
               How does it happen?

               I don't know.

219   INT. CAROLINE'S BEDROOM - NIGHT                             219   

     Robert is standing in the middle of her room.  He's not sure 
     what he's looking for.  Everywhere he looks: her personal 
     things, beloved objects from more innocent times, pictures.

     Within moments a legitimate desire to connect with his 
     daughter has escalated into a search for clues.  He opens 
     her drawers, dumps little boxes, pulls things off of shelves.

     He becomes increasingly unhinged, flinging things around her 
     room.  He tosses a stack of magazines.  A fashion magazine, 
     airborne, discharges some contents: a lighter, a plastic 
     tube and a piece of folded aluminum foil fluttering to the 

     Robert stares at the foil on the carpet.  It's charred on 
     the outside.  He picks it up.  And unfolds it.  There's a 
     dried milky white substance.

     He picks up the tube and lighter and stares at them.  Then, 
     somewhat tentatively, he puts the tube in his mouth.  He 
     holds the lighter under the foil, then heats the milky 
     substance which turns translucent and disappears in a cloud 
     of smoke.  Robert sucks all of it in.


                                                           p. 119

     He waits a long time then exhales.  His eyes shut.  The tube 
     drops from his mouth.  He staggers and, overwhelmed by the 
     sensations, sits on the bed.  The lighter and foil fall from 
     his hands.

     A moment later he opens his eyes and doesn't seem to know 
     where he is.  He looks at the room, confused.  He stumbles 
     to the door and shuts it firmly behind him.

                                                          CUT TO:

220   INT. MANOLO'S HOUSE - DAY                                   220   

     Anna is weeping.  Javier sits next to her.  He puts his arm 
     around her and she leans her head against his shoulder.

221   INT. JAVIER'S SUV - DAY                                     221   

     Javi drives through the streets of Tijuana.  He brakes for a 
     stop sign and watches, trance-like, the pedestrians crossing 
     in front of him.  As the intersection clears he remains still.

     A HONK from behind brings him back and he pulls forward 
     passing Helena Ayala who crosses going the opposite direction.

     We stay with her.

222   EXT. TIJUANA - DAY                                          222   

     Helena walks down a nightlife street that is tawdry and stale 
     in the midday sun.

223   OMITTED                                                     223   

224   INT. CLUB PLATINUM - DAY                                    224   

     A shrewd Obregon Lieutenant, JUAN MARQUEZ, 40, sits at a 
     table opposite Helena.  The Strange Man who both threatened 
     Helena's child and executed Francisco sits in another chair.

               Mrs. Ayala.  Thank you for coming.  
               I am Juan Marquez, I work for Mr. 
               Obregon.  I believe you know my 
               associate, "Tigrillo," the Little 

     Helena nods to Tigrillo --

               Yes, he threatened to kill my five 
               year-old son.


                                                           p. 120

                           HELENA (CONT'D)
               I was under the impression I would 
               be meeting Juan Obregon.

               No, this is not possible.  And I 
               thank you for coming down here, though 
               I suspect it's been a pointless 

               Why do you say that, Mr. Marquez?

               I hear these stories.  Your husband 
               in jail.  His business in chaos.  
               Various people fighting over the 

               My husband is the victim of an 
               informer in your organization, not 

               That is not true, Mrs. Ayala.  Your 
               route is compromised.  Perhaps it is 
               time for me to deal with other 
               distributors in California.

               I don't think you're going to do 

               You don't?  Listen to this woman in 
               a man's world, a very violent world.

               There are plenty of other suppliers 
               in Mexico.

               But not in whose interest it is to 
               help you out of debt.

     Helena reaches into her bag and pulls out the Spastic Jack 
     action figure.  She puts it on the desk.

               My husband had been working on 
               something he called, The Project for 
               the Children.  Are you aware of this?


                                                           p. 121

               I don't know.  Perhaps I remember 

               We have the ability to change the 
               color, odor, and physical property 
               of cocaine.

               You want to smuggle narcotics in Mr. 
               Espastico Jacobo.  That's nothing 

               Not in...

     Juan Marquez is confused.

               This doll is cocaine.

     Juan picks up Spastic Jack and looks at him.  He bangs it on 
     the desk.

                           HELENA (CONT'D)
               Every part, from his ears to his 
               accessory belt, is high-impact, 
               pressure-molded cocaine.  Odorless.  
               Undetectable by dogs.  Undetectable 
               by anyone.

               I don't believe you.

     She takes out the "solvent" and puts it on his desk.

               Get a bowl.

225   INT. CLUB PLATINUM - OFFICE - LATER                         225   

     Spastic Jack is slowly dissolving in a bowl of solvent.

     Only his shoulders, head, and ridiculous ears remain above 
     the quicksand of milky glop.

     Helena holds a mirror under the desk lamp.  She is drying 
     the paste.  She puts the mirror on the desk.  A white 
     substance has coagulated there.

               Try it.


                                                           p. 122

     Juan takes out a razor blade and chops the dried substance 
     into two white powder lines.  He hands a silver straw to 

               You first.

               I'm six months pregnant.  I won't do 

               Fine, then we don't have deal.

               Fine, then we don't have a deal.

     She stands.  He watches her a beat, then smiles.

               Okay, okay.

     He leans down and quickly snorts a line.  After a beat.

                           MARQUEZ (CONT'D)
               That's good coke.

               It should be... It's yours.
               I want our debt forgiven.  I want to 
               be the exclusive distributor of 
               Obregon Brothers Cocaine for the 
               United States.  And I want the 
               principle witness against my husband, 
               Eduardo Ruiz, killed.

               Perhaps... Perhaps... I'm afraid I 
               must first ask you to pass a test.  
               I asked the same of your husband and 
               he succeeded with flying colors.

     Helena waits.  Juan Marquez reaches in his desk and pulls 
     out a quarter kilo of cocaine.  He pushes it across the desk.

                           MARQUEZ (CONT'D)
               Take this back with you.  Deliver it 
               safely to Tigrillo in San Diego and 
               we have a deal.

               That's crazy.  My husband is on trial 
               for smuggling.


                                                           p. 123

               Exactly, and this is how I know I'm 
               not getting into business with the 
               U.S. Government.

     She puts the quarter key in her bag and stands.

               You will help me with my other 

               Deliver that safely to Tigrillo in 
               San Diego.  And we have a deal.

     Tigrillo escorts her out of the room.

226   INT. CLUB PLATINUM - DAY                                    226   

     Helena follows Tigrillo.  As they pass the restrooms she 
     signals that she has to stop.

227   INT. CLUB PLATINUM - LADIES' ROOM - DAY                     227   

     Helena goes into a stall.  She extracts the cocaine from her 

     She looks at it, trying to figure out where it goes.  She 
     hikes up her skirt.

                                                          CUT TO:

228   OMITTED                                                     228   

229   OMITTED                                                     229   

230   OMITTED                                                     230   

231   OMITTED                                                     231   

232   OMITTED                                                     232   

233   OMITTED                                                     233   

234   OMITTED                                                     234   

235   INT. HOTEL ROOM - DAY                                       235   

     Javier is hooked up to a polygraph machine watched closely 
     by a POLYGRAPH OPERATOR.  Hughes and Johnson watch as Javi 
     talks into a tape recorder on the table.


                                                           p. 124

               ... And I have the electronic serial 
               numbers for their cellular phones.  
               They change them every twenty-four 
               hours but I have a contact at MexTel 
               who can get me the new ESNs within 

     Javi finishes talking and sits back.  Agent Hughes shuts off 
     the tape recorder and looks at the polygraph operator who 
     nods approval.  Hughes and Johnson exchange a look.  They 
     are dumbstruck.

               That's good shit.

               Now that you have what you want, 
               let's talk about how I get what I 

               Oh, don't worry, Javier, you're not 
               gonna have any problems there.

               I want to take a minute and talk 
               about what type of precautions you're 
               taking to protect yourself.  When 
               Salazar and Madrigal go down, they 
               might send someone to see you.

               You worry about getting me the things 
               that I want.  I'll worry about myself.

     There's a beat.  Javier seems discomfited.  The two agents 
     notice this and exchange looks.

               You should feel good about this.

               I feel like a traitor.

                                                          CUT TO:

236   OMITTED                                                     236   

237   OMITTED                                                     237   


     Javi goes into Mexico.  Pan over to Helena's Mercedes.


                                                           p. 125

239   INT. HELENA'S CAR - DAY                                     239   

     She inches the car forward towards the officer who selects 
     vehicles for inspection.  The car ahead of her passes through 
     and speeds away.  The OFFICER flags Helena and directs her 
     into the search facility.

240   EXT. CUSTOMS SEARCH BAY - DAY                               240   

     Helena pulls into a search bay.

     A CUSTOMS OFFICER watches Helena lower her window.

                           CUSTOMS OFFICER
               Please step from the car, Ma'am.

               I'm in a hurry --

                           CUSTOMS OFFICER
               Step from the car, Ma'am.  This won't 
               take long from your day.

     Helena gets out of her car.


     There is a bank of video monitors showing the scenes all 
     over the facility.

     ON THE MONITOR: Helena's car is on a lift three feet off the 
     ground.  Officers pour over the inside and undercarriage of 
     the Mercedes.

     Nearby, A GERMAN SHEPHERD sniffs at the items that have been 
     removed from the car: bags, spare tire, cd boxes.

242   EXT. CUSTOMS SEARCH BAY - DAY                               242   

     Customs OFFICERS approach Helena --

               Ma'am, we have to ask you to come 
               with us.

     She follows them toward the Customs building.

243   INT. STRIP SEARCH ROOM - DAY                                243   

     A FEMALE CUSTOMS INSPECTOR accompanied by a female SUPERVISORY 
     INSPECTOR leads Helena into a sterile room where there is no 
     place to hide anything.


                                                           p. 126

                           CUSTOMS MATRON
               Ma'am, we have reason to believe you 
               may have illegal drugs hidden beneath 
               your clothing.  I need to conduct a 
               pat down search.  Supervisory 
               Inspector Haig will witness the 

               You've got to be kidding me.  I'm 
               pregnant.  What if I refuse?

                           CUSTOMS MATRON
               This pamphlet explains the law and 
               your rights under it.  You're welcome 
               to read it first.  It says we have 
               the authority to conduct this search.  
               Would you like to read it first or 
               shall we proceed?

244   EXT. FUNERAL SERVICE - DAY                                  244   

     Hundreds of DEA AGENTS, spouses, others stand around a grave 
     in a leafy cemetery in working class San Diego.

245   EXT. CEMETERY - DAY                                         245   

     The funeral is over and people are filing back to the cars.

     Gordon walks away from the service when he is approached by 
     a mourning LUCINDA CASTRO, the mother of the deceased.

                           MRS. CASTRO
               Montel... Oh, Montel.

     Gordon hugs her.

                           MRS. CASTRO (CONT'D)
               You know how much he cared about 
               you.  You do, don't you?


                           MRS. CASTRO
               I know if he could have it back 
               somehow, he wouldn't do it differently 
               or have it any other way.  He 
               wouldn't.  He loved his job.

     Another AGENT hustles toward him from the other direction, 
     the direction of the cars.


                                                           p. 127

               Excuse me, Agent Gordon.  Mrs. Castro.
                    (to Gordon)
               Helena Ayala left Club Platinum in 
               Tijuana.  The Obregon Brothers' place.  
               They stopped her at the border but 
               she was clean.  She's in San Diego 

     Gordon runs for his car.

                                                          CUT TO:

246   INT. ARNIE METZGER'S OFFICE - DAY                           246   

     Arnie sits in his office, spacing out, admiring his view 
     when an ASSISTANT shows Helena in.  As soon as the door shuts --

               Did you get it?

               What are you thinking, calling me at 
               home with a message like that?
               You've compromised me and our 
               relationship --

     Helena sits confidently on his couch.

                    (making fun of Arnie)
               The place is swept twice a day.  I 
               learned that down in Miami in '85...
               Arnie.  I'm the housewife.  I belong 
               to the most exclusive country club 
               in La Jolla that accepts Latinos.  
               Until recently, I believed my husband 
               imported hydroponic strawberries, 
               which I donated at the school fair.

     Arnie reaches into a desk drawer and pulls out a quarter- 
     kilo baggy identical to the one Juan Obregon gave her in 

                           HELENA (CONT'D)
               It's the same stuff?  From the rainy 
               day stash?

               It's the same.  What happened to 
               what they gave you?

     Helena puts the bag in her purse.


                                                           p. 128

               I'm desperate, but I'm not stupid.  
               I flushed it in the bathroom of their 
               godawful nightclub.

                                                          CUT TO:

247   OMITTED                                                     247   


     Robert sleeps in his clothes on top of the covers.  Barbara 
     is asleep beside him.  The phone rings.  Robert answers.

     Barbara watches.


                           SHERIDAN (V.O.)
               I'm sorry... Did I wake you?

     Robert looks at Barbara and shakes his head.  She gets up.

               No, it's all right.

     There's a beat.

                           SHERIDAN (V.O.)
               Salazar's been taken down.  He was 
               working for Porfirio Madrigal.

               What?  I thought Madrigal was dead.  
               I thought it was verified.

                           SHERIDAN (V.O.)
               Apparently not.  Look, it's a shit 
               storm here right now.  When are you 
               coming back?
               I don't know what to tell people any 

               I'll get there as soon as I can.

                           SHERIDAN (V.O.)
               If we're moving the press conference, 
               we need to do it now.
               Are you all right?


                                                           p. 129

                           BARBARA (V.O.)

     The tone in Barbara's voice causes him to look up.  She holds 
     an empty jewelry box.

                    (to Sheridan)
               I have to call you back.

249   INT. DINING ROOM - EARLY MORNING                            249   

     The drawers and cabinets are open.  Barbara and Robert assess 
     what is missing.

               The silver wedding cup.

250   INT. LIVING ROOM - EARLY MORNING                            250   

     Robert looks at their home entertainment center.  Barbara 
     enters this room.

               My Leica's gone.

               So's the video camera.

               At least she's alive.

     Robert turns for the door.

                           BARBARA (CONT'D)
               Where are you going?

               She'll be at a pawn shop in an hour.  
               Ten minutes after that she'll be at 
               her dealer's.  If I find him, maybe 
               I find her.

251   INT. CLASSROOM - CINCINNATI COUNTRY DAY - DAY               251   

     The bored children of privilege, wearing their blazers or 
     uniform grey skirts, stare at a TEACHER behind a desk.

     The door opens and Robert enters.  He finds Seth Abrahms in 
     the back of the class and walks straight to him.  Robert 
     grabs a fistful of shirt and tie.

               Hey man, what are you doing?


                                                           p. 130

                           TEACHER (O.S.)
               Excuse me?  Excuse me?

     Robert yanks Seth out of his seat.  The teacher is 

               Seth has to be excused.  He's going 
               on a field trip.

252   INT. THE FUN ZONE - DAY                                     252   

     Helena watches David play a video game.  They have finished 
     their lunch, a mess of pizza rinds.

               Come on.  Time to go.

     The CLOWN tries to catch their attention with some mime, but 
     they ignore him.

253   EXT. THE FUN ZONE - DAY                                     253   

     Helena and David are pushing out the door.  The man walking 
     the other way past them is Tigrillo from the Tijuana cartel.

     As they pass --

                    (under her breath)
               Women's room, stall two.
               Should we stop for ice-cream?


     Tigrillo disappears into the restaurant.

     As Helena pulls out of the Fun Zone parking lot, an unmarked 
     DEA cruiser falls in behind her.

                                                          CUT TO:

254   INT. ROBERT'S CAR - DAY                                     254   

     Robert and Seth are parked across the street from Sketch's 
     building.  They watch people, mostly white people, get what 
     they need.

               I don't know, maybe we missed her.


                                                           p. 131

               I can't believe you used to bring my 
               daughter here, to this place.

               Hey man, back the fuck up.  To this 
               place.  What's that shit?  Right 
               now, all over this country, a hundred 
               thousand white people from the suburbs 
               are driving around downtown asking 
               every black person they see, You got 
               any drugs?  You know where I can get 
               drugs?  What kind of effect you think 
               this has on the psyche of a black 
               person, on their possibilities?  If 
               you sent a hundred thousand black 
               people into your neighborhood, Indian 
               Hills, and they asked every white 
               person they saw, hey, you got any 
               drugs?, within a day, your friends 
               and their kids would be selling.  
               It's market forces, man.  The 
               product's marked up three hundred 
               percent.  You can go out on the street 
               and make five hundred bucks in two 
               hours and then do whatever you want 
               for the rest of the day.  You think 
               white people would still be going to 
               law school?

     There's a beat.

               You're starting to piss me off.  Get 
               out of the car.

     Robert and Seth get our of the car and walk across the street.

255   INT. HALLWAY - DAY                                          255   

     Robert and Seth stand in the dim, dingy hallway.  A JUNKIE 

               You're gonna get me killed.

     Robert shoves Seth toward the door.  Seth knocks.  The door 
     opens a crack and Sketch's face appears.

               What do you want?

     Robert moves around Seth.


                                                           p. 132

               I'm looking for my daughter, Caroline.  
               She comes here.

               This is a business.  Get the fuck 
               outta here.

               I need to find my daughter.  I'll 
               pay you.

     Sketch pulls a gun and shoves it against Robert's cheek.

               Who the fuck do you think you are?  
               Where the fuck do you think you are?  
               Why the fuck do you think I shouldn't 
               just put you in a dumpster?

               I have money --

               I got money.

               I'll pay you a thousand dollars.  I 
               have it in my wallet.

               I want your money, I'll take your 

               Just tell me where she is.

     Sketch pushes Robert back into the hall.  Sketch sees Seth 
     lurking there.

                    (to Seth)
               Don't do that shit again.

     Sketch slams the door in their face.

               Great.  What a good idea.

256   EXT. STREET - DAY                                           256   

     Seth and Robert walk to the car.


                                                           p. 133

               Man, I'm telling you.  Don't do this 
               vigilante thing.  Either the cops 
               find her or she'll call you.  I 

     Robert looks at him, carefully.

                                                          CUT TO:

257   EXT. MANOLO'S HOUSE - DAY                                   257   

     Javier KNOCKS on the front door.  There is no answer.  The 
     shades are drawn.  The house is darkened.

                    (calling out)
               Anna.  Anna, please.  Let me in.

     He KNOCKS again.

                           JAVIER (CONT'D)
               Come on.  You can't stay locked in 
               your house all day.

     Finally, the door cracks open.  Anna has clearly not been 
     out of the house since the last time we saw her.

258   INT. MANOLO'S HOUSE - DAY                                   258   

     Javier sits opposite Anna.

               I know this is a tragedy, but you 
               have to realize that good has come 
               out of it.

     She looks at him.

                           JAVIER (CONT'D)
               If Manolo hadn't gone and told them 
               what he did then Salazar and Madrigal 
               would never have been brought to 
               justice.  He did a great thing for 
               Tijuana.  He did a great thing for 

               I want to believe you.  I really do.

               You will believe me, because it's 


                                                           p. 134

259   EXT. SKETCH'S APARTMENT - DAY                               259   

     Seth walks up the steps and into the building.  A beat later 
     he reappears and continues down the street.

     Robert emerges from across the street and follows at a guarded 

260   EXT. STREETS - DAY                                          260   

     Seth walks along the seedy neighborhood street.  He approaches 
     the Villa Elaine.  He turns up the steps and disappears 

     Robert follows him.

261   INT. VILLA ELAINE HALLWAY - DAY                             261   

     Robert ascends the stairs.  As he enters the hallway he sees 
     Seth pounding on one of the doors.

               Open the door.  Open the fucking 
               door, man.

     A MAN'S VOICE comes from the other side of the door.

                           MUFFLED VOICE
               Go away!

     Robert closes the distance.  Seth pounds harder.

               I know she's in there.  Let me talk 
               to her.

                           MUFFLED VOICE
               I don't know what you're talking 
               about.  Go away!

     Robert reaches the door.  Seth sees him.

               I know she's in there.

     Robert kicks the door in.

262   INT. HOTEL ROOM - DAY                                       262   

     Robert sees a middle-aged JOHN in his underwear and a dress 

               Hey, I haven't touched her --


                                                           p. 135

     Caroline is passed out on the bed.  Robert goes to her as 
     the John scrambles for his clothes.

     She stirs and sees him --

                    (really out of it)
               Hi, Daddy.

263   INT. ROBERT'S CAR - DAY                                     263   

     Caroline rides in the passenger seat.  She's come out of her 
     stupor and is now filled with ebullience.

               It's gonna be great...  I mean, I'm 
               okay and all, because, see, I met a 
               guy, he's in this pretty famous band 
                    (gets up confessional 
               They've invited me to write lyrics 
               for them, I'm gonna be able to do 
               that and maybe sing, too... not at 
               first, but later.

     Caroline gets lost in her grandiose vision.  Robert looks 
     over at her as she drifts off into a nod.  A moment later 
     she's awake and rambling again.

                           CAROLINE (CONT'D)
                    (sounding completely 
               I've been doing research for the 
               school paper, that's what I've been 
               doing, like on assignment kind-of, 
               I've seen some stuff you wouldn't 
               believe, but I'm gonna write it all 
               down into lyrics.  They think I'm 
               really good, everybody says so, what 
               do you think?

     Robert fights back tears.  He reaches over and takes his 
     daughter's hand.

                                                          CUT TO:

264   OMITTED                                                     264   

265   OMITTED                                                     265   

266   OMITTED                                                     266   


                                                           p. 136

267   OMITTED                                                     267   

268   OMITTED                                                     268   

269   OMITTED                                                     269   

270   OMITTED                                                     270   

271   OMITTED                                                     271   

272   INT. CLUB PLATINUM OFFICE - DAY                             272   

     Juan Marquez sits across the desk from Javi.  Tigrillo and 
     PABLO, 30's, are also in the meeting.

               Salazar and Madrigal are no longer 
               with us.
               A feat none of these people could 
               get accomplished.

     Juan nods toward Pablo and Tigrillo.

                           MARQUEZ (CONT'D)
               You're going to be made the Special 
               Assistant to the new drug Czar, which 
               makes you a very valuable law 
               enforcement officer.
               I hope you like to travel because we 
               have plans for Juarez and El Paso, 
               Nogales, Sinaloa, Jalisco, 

     Javi just stares at him for a long moment, then looks off.

                                                          CUT TO:

273   INT. ROBERT'S OFFICE IN WASHINGTON - DAY                    273   

     Robert on the telephone.

                    (into phone)
               How was she?

274   INT. BARBARA'S OFFICE - DAY                                 274   

     A cramped, messy office at the Environmental Protection 
     Agency.  Barbara is on the phone.


                                                           p. 137

                    (into phone)
               I'm really not sure.  She seemed to 
               recognize it wasn't Serenity Oaks.  
               It's a pretty hard-core facility, 
               but at least we know where she is.
               Maybe it's what she needs now.


     He holds the phone and doesn't say anything.

                                                          CUT TO:

275   INT. COURTROOM - EARLY MORNING                              275   

     The court is searched carefully by a phalanx of OFFICERS.

     Metal Detectors are checked.  Bomb sniffing German Shepherds 
     are led through the space.

276   INT. HOTEL SUITE - MORNING                                  276   

     The agents are unkempt and everyone is tired.  Ruiz moves 
     through a cluttered room in a bathrobe with a cup of coffee.

     An agent shows him a morning paper --

               Big day.
                    (shows picture in 
               You're a star.

     Ruiz walks over and sits across from Gordon, switching off 
     the radio show he's listening to.  Gordon looks up from his 

               Go shower.  You smell.

     There is a KNOCK on the front door.  An AGENT goes to answer --

               Who is it?

                           SOMEBODY (V.O.)
                    (through the door)
               The Mafia.  I've got his breakfast.

     The agent opens the door and is handed a breakfast tray.  He 
     puts the food in front of Ruiz who uncovers the sausage and 


                                                           p. 138

     An agent walking by tries to take a bite of sausage.  Ruiz 
     stabs it with a fork --

               Fuck off.

     Gordon watches the interchange --

               Where's the love gone, Eddie?

     You'll be testifying for at least ten days.  What if we stop 
     feeding you?

     Ruiz begins to eat hungrily.

               You expect me to be grateful for 
               spending the rest of my life looking 
               over my shoulder.

               That thought makes me feel awful.

     Ruiz pushes eggs into a piece of toast.

               Can't you for a second imagine none 
               of this had happened?  That my drugs 
               had gone through.  What would have 
               been the harm?  A few people get 
               high who are getting high anyway.  
               Your partner is still alive.  We 
               avoid having breakfast together.  
               Don't you see this means nothing?  
               That your whole life is pointless?

               You're breaking my heart.

               The worst thing about you, Monty, is 
               you realize the futility of what 
               you're doing and you do it anyway.  
               I wish you could see how transparent 
               you are.
               This food tastes like shit.

               So go shower already.


                                                           p. 139

               You only got to me because you were 
               tipped off by the Juarez Cartel, 
               who's trying to break into Tijuana.  
               You're helping them.
               You work for a drug dealer too, Monty.

     Ruiz stands and heads for the bathroom.

                    (yelling after him)
               And shave.  You better look nice and 
               believable for the jury.

     Ruiz disappears into the bathroom and slams the door behind 

                           GORDON (CONT'D)
                    (to another agent)
               It's like having another wife.

     The agent laughs.  There's another KNOCK on the door.

                           GORDON (CONT'D)
               Who is it?

                           SOMEBODY ELSE (V.O.)
                    (though the door)

     Gordon and the agent look at each other.

                           SOMEBODY ELSE (CONT'D)
               Hurry up.  It's getting cold.

     Gordon moves to the side of the door and pulls his gun.  The 
     other agent opens the door.

     A MAN with a breakfast tray enters.  Gordon puts the gun to 
     the side of his head.

                           MAN WITH TRAY
               I'm on your side.  God, you're jumpy.

     Gordon is momentarily confused, then goes for the bathroom 

               Call an ambulance.  Hurry.

     Gordon tries the bathroom door.  It's stuck.  He gets it 
     open a crack.  There's a body against the other side.  He 


                                                           p. 140

277   INT. BATHROOM - CONTINUOUS                                  277   

     Ruiz is on the floor in convulsions.

               Call the ambulance.
                    (to Ruiz)
               Don't die on me.  You will not die 
               on me.  Do you hear me?  Don't you 
               die on me.

     Ruiz's convulsions get worse, his claw-like fingers scratch 
     across the tile.

                                                          CUT TO:

278   OMITTED                                                     278   

279   INT. COURTROOM - SAN DIEGO - DAY                            279   

     The court is packed.  Helena and Arnie watch from the gallery.  
     The judge is at the bench.

     The prosecutor rises --

               Your honor, ladies and gentlemen of 
               the jury...  Because of the sudden 
               death of Eduardo Ruiz, the people 
               have decided that at this point we 
               cannot continue our case against 
               Carl Ayala.

     The court ERUPTS.  Reporters scatter.  Helena cheers.

                                                          CUT TO:

280   OMITTED                                                     280   

281   INT. WHITE HOUSE OFFICE - DAY                               281   

     Robert Wakefield enters the office of the Chief of Staff, 
     who looks up from what he's doing, which is reading Robert's 
     report, and is already mid-sentence.

                           CHIEF OF STAFF
               Yeah, hi --
                    (waves Robert to a 
               So I've got a copy of your speech 


                                                           p. 141

                           CHIEF OF STAFF (CONT'D)
                    (glances down, still 
               It's fantastic... So, Robert, my 
               genuine thanks.  You're my choice 
               and you're gonna be great.  The 
               President is sorry he hasn't been 
               able to spend more time with you.  
               After the press conference he wants 
               to really sit down.
                    (an afterthought)
               Oh, I got to the Post, too.  Don't 
               worry about that thing with your 
               daughter, it's not news; they're 
               willing to treat it as a family 
               matter, a personal matter.
                    (off Robert's stare)
               Look, even if it came out, we'd turn 
               it into a qualification, I've been 
               in the trenches of this Drug War, I 
               have seen the face of the enemy, 

     Robert just stares at him.

                                                          CUT TO:

282   INT. JAIL CELL - DAY                                        282   

     General Salazar sits in the same grimy cell that housed 
     Francisco Flores.  He is sweating and his breathing is 
     labored.  A DOCTOR enters and gives him an injection, 
     explaining that it will calm him down.

283   EXT. DESERT OUTSIDE TIJUANA - DAY                           283   

     It's a reprise of the earlier desert bust... a landing strip 
     in the middle of nowhere, a plane landing, SUV's approaching.

     This time Javi is at the wheel of one of them.  News crews 
     are trailing behind him.

284   EXT. DESERT AIRSTRIP - LATER                                284   

     Javi and Special Agent Hughes stand next to a giant mound of 
     seized cocaine, the same cocaine, in fact, Javi held briefly 
     at the beginning.  The same teenagers from the pickup truck 
     have been arrested.  The news crews get everything.

                    (to the press)
               This seizure is one of the largest 
               seizures in Mexican history...  It


                                                           p. 142

                           JAVIER (CONT'D)
               represents the first bilateral effort 
               of the American DEA and the Mexican 

285   INT. JAIL CELL - DAY                                        285   

     General Salazar lies on his side, eyes and mouth open.  He 
     is dead.  Javier looks at him through the doorway.

                           JAVIER (V.O. CONT'D)
               Today I'm very proud to announce 
               that Mexico, with the help of our 
               American partners, is finally winning 
               the war against narcotics trafficking.

     The PRESS begins shouting questions --

                                                          CUT TO:

286   OMITTED                                                     286   

287   INT. HEADQUARTERS, I.N.C.D. - MEXICO - DAY                  287   

     Robert and Javi walk through the headquarters, a nondescript 
     government building.

     Robert extracts photographs of the bust from a manila 
     envelope.  The crates of cocaine are clearly marked "911."

               The cocaine brand, 911, is an East 
               Coast brand, a Juarez Cartel brand, 
               and you must know it usually comes 
               through into El Paso?

               I'm aware of that.

               So what's it doing in Tijuana?

     Javi looks Robert Wakefield squarely in the eye.  He shrugs.

                           ROBERT (CONT'D)
               Let me ask you a hypothetical 
               question: if Salazar worked for 
               Madrigal and the Juaraz cartel, and 
               he went out of power, would it mean 
               the Juarez Cartel is losing influence?

               It could mean that, yes.


                                                           p. 143

               That would probably mean the Tijuana 
               Cartel is gaining power?

               It's possible.

               Is it possible to have a Drug Czar 
               in Mexico who isn't connected in 
               some war to one of the cartels?

     Javi thinks along time before answering.

               Yeah, it's possible... if you're 
               prepared to die.

                                                          CUT TO:

288   EXT. AYALA FRONT YARD - AFTERNOON                           288   

     An outdoor party is going on.  Children and adults arrive 
     and mingle.  Caterers work the barbecue grill.  Waiters serve 
     food and drink on the rolling lawn.

     Helena circles through the crowd greeting friends.  She looks 
     past her tree line and up the street where a telephone repair 
     van is parked.  She turns back toward her guests.

     Somebody has raised a cup and everyone is CHEERING.

     Helena drinks with her guests, then walks inside her house.


     Montel Gordon walks through the gate and up the drive.  He 
     grabs a drink off the tray of a passing waiter.  He appears 

     Montel follows Helena into the house.

289   INT. CARL'S PRIVATE STUDY - AFTERNOON                       289   

     Carl hears the CHEERING outside and the sound of LAUGHTER.

     He makes a cellular telephone call.

290   INT. ARNIE METZGER'S OFFICE - AFTERNOON                     290   

     Arnie is in his office and answers the cell phone --


                                                           p. 144

                           CARLOS (V.O.)
               It's Saturday, Arnie.  You work too 

               Carl, I'm running late.  I'm coming 
               right now --

     Behind Arnie in the office there is a movement of SHADOW.

291   INT. CARL'S PRIVATE STUDY - AFTERNOON                       291   

     Carl stands at the window looking at his guests while he 
     talks on the phone --

               Don't bother.

                           ARNIE (V.O.)

               So Arnie, when were you going to 
               tell me about the 3 million dollars 
               we got in from San Francisco two 
               days after I got arrested?

                           ARNIE (V.O.)
               I was just waiting for the right 

               And you didn't feel like you could 
               trust my wife with this news?

                           ARNIE (V.O.)
               I just didn't want to take a chance.  
               I didn't want to risk it.  It could 
               have been frozen along with everything 

               You had it all figured out.  You 
               move into my house.  You raise my 
               kids.  You sleep with my wife.  It 
               was a good plane, Arnie.

                           ARNIE (V.O.)
               Carl, that's insane.

               So my wife is lying?


                                                           p. 145

                           ARNIE (V.O.)
               Carl, think about it, if I was trying 
               to rip you off, I would have left 
               town after Ruiz was killed.  I 
               wouldn't sit next to you in court 
               listening to the dismissal.

     On the front lawn CHILDREN are lined up for the ice-cream 
     sundae bar that is being tended by a WAITER.

               Arnie, do think there's a difference 
               between a reason and an excuse, 
               because I don't think there is.

                           ARNIE (V.O.)
               Carl --

               Goodbye Arnie.

292   INT. ARNIE METZGER'S OFFICE - AFTERNOON                     292   

     Arnie turns around and there are TWO MEN in his office.

293   INT. CARL'S PRIVATE STUDY - AFTERNOON                       293   

     Carl hears MUFFLED GUNSHOTS over the phone.  He hangs up and 
     turns from the window.  Helena is standing there.

               Who was that?

               Arnie.  He's not going to be able to 
               make the barbecue.

     Carl and Helena share an embrace and a kiss.

               Come downstairs.  Everyone is waiting.

     Carl and Helena turn to leave the room and Montel Gordon is 
     standing in the doorway with his glass of champagne.

               Hello, Helena.  What a great party.

               Who are you?

               Nobody.  I'm a nobody who arrested 
               you, but your wife is a murderer.


                                                           p. 146

     Gordon takes a sip of his drink.  Two SECURITY OFFICERS appear 
     in the doorway behind him.

                           SECURITY OFFICER
               Hey, you can't be in here.

               I'm a cop.

                           SECURITY OFFICER
               I don't care.

                    (to the guards)
               Throw him out of here.

     The security officers grab Gordon.  There is a scuffle.

     Gordon falls to the floor by the window.  They are wrestling.

     As they wrestle, Gordon reaches out and, unnoticed, affixes 
     TINY LISTENING DEVICE underneath the desk.

     He continues to struggle with the guards.  Helena and Carlos 
     start from the room.

                    (calling out)
               You didn't win, Helena.  You lost 
               everything.  Tell your children a 
               nice bedtime story...  How you killed 
               my partner.

294   EXT. AYALA FRONT YARD - AFTERNOON                           294   

     The guests watch as the guards eject Gordon from the premises.

     Near the gate David has stopped playing to watch the action.

     Then he goes back to playing with his toy: a Spastic Jack 

                                                          CUT TO:

295   EXT. VERDANT NEIGHBORHOOD - MEXICO CITY - DAY               295   

     Javi and his convoy of armored SUV's pull up in front of the 
     beautiful house where earlier he deposited Rosario, Salazar's 
     former mistress.

     Javier opens the front door and Rosario greets him by throwing 
     her arms around his neck.  They disappear inside.

                                                          CUT TO:


                                                           p. 147

296   INT. WHITE HOUSE PRESS ROOM - DAY                           296   

     The PRESS SECRETARY stands at the familiar podium addressing 
     the White House Press Corps.

     Robert Wakefield stands to one side with Chief of Staff, his 
     lawyers, Sheridan and General Landry.

                           PRESS SECRETARY
               ... a sterling reputation and close 
               friend of the President, recently 
               confirmed into The Office of National 
               Drug Control Policy... our new Drug 
               Czar, Robert Hudson Wakefield.

     Applause from the assembled PRESS.  The Press Secretary 
     signals and Robert walks to the podium.  He looks back to 
     the Chief of Staff; he stares out at the expectant faces and 
     television lights and camera flashes.

                    (reading his prepared 
               The War on Drugs is a war on our 
               nation's most precious resource...  
               our children.  Sixty-eight million 
               children have been targeted by those 
               who perpetrate this war and protecting 
               those children must be priority number 
               There has been progress and there 
               have been failures, but where we 
               have fallen short I see not a problem 
               but an opportunity.

     Robert is becoming increasingly uneasy.  He glances at the 
     Chief of Staff who bores into him.  He looks again at his 
     speech.  With great effort he continues.

                           ROBERT (CONT'D)
               An opportunity to correct the mistakes 
               of the past while laying a solid 
               foundation for the future.
                    (a long, uncomfortable 
               This takes not only new ideas, but 
               perseverance.  This takes not only 
               resources, but courage.  This takes 
               not only government, but families.

     Robert stops again as though the words are choking him.


                                                           p. 148

                           ROBERT (CONT'D)
               I've... I've outlined a ten-point 
               plan, representing a new bilateral 

     He can't finish.  Everyone stares at Robert.  The crowd of 
     reporters senses something is wrong.

                           ROBERT (CONT'D)
               I can't do this.
               If there is a War on Drugs then our 
               own families have become the enemy.  
               How can you wage war on your own 

     He walks out of the room.  The crowd waits, expecting him to 

     Robert walks down a corridor and out of the White House.

297   EXT. WHITE HOUSE - DAY                                      297   

     A beautiful spring morning.  He walks down to Pennsylvania 
     Avenue.  He hails a cab and gets in.  The cab pulls away.

298   INT. CHURCH BASEMENT - DAY                                  298   

     A twelve step meeting is in progress.  Caroline shares from 
     her seat.

               On the good days I feel like I get 
               it, like it all makes sense.  I can 
               stay in the moment.  I don't have to 
               control everything in the future.  
               And I believe everything is going to 
               work out fine.
               On the bad days, I just want to grab 
               the phone and start dialing numbers.  
               I want to pull my hair and run through 
               the streets screaming.
               But, thanks to the people I've met 
               in these rooms, people like Margaret 
               and Jim and Sarah, people who've 
               taught me how to listen, I'm pretty 
               sure I'll make it through today.

     Caroline is finished sharing.

                           VOICE (O.S.)
               Would you like to share?


                                                           p. 149

     We pan over to reveal Robert and Barbara sitting next to 

               My name is Robert.  This is my wife, 
               Barbara.  We're Caroline's parents.  
               We're just hear to listen.

                                                          CUT TO:


299   EXT. AYALA HOME - NIGHT                                     299   

     The house is dark and silent.  The van is parked up the 

300   INT. VAN - NIGHT                                            300   

     Gordon listens through a headset, his expression set.

                           CARLOS (V.O.)
                    (over a listening 
               We're back up and running.  Completely 
               untouchable.  Completely.

                                                          CUT TO:

301   EXT. BASEBALL FIELD - TIJUANA - DAY                         301   

     A bank of lights CRANKS on.  Then ANOTHER and ANOTHER.

     In a wider shot we see an illuminated baseball field where a 
     children's pickup game is in progress.

     In the crowd, Javi serenely watches the game.

                               THE END