Bound (1996)
Directed by Andy Wachowski & Larry Wachowski
Written by The Wachowski Brothers
Gina Gershon ........................... Corky
Jennifer Tilly ........................ Violet
Joe Pantoliano......................... Ceasar
Mary Mara .......................... Bartender
Susie Bright ........................... Jesse
Margaret Smith  .................... Woman Cop
Barry Kivel ........................... Shelly
Christopher Meloni .......... Johnnie Marzzone
John P. Ryan ................... Micky Malnato
Peter Spellos ............................ Lou
Ivan Kane.............................. Cop #1
Kevin Michael Richardson .............. Cop #2
Richard C. Sarafian ............ Gino Marzzone
Gene Borkan .............................. Roy


     FADE IN:

 1   INSIDE A CLOSET.                                               1   

     It is a large closet with double doors, a crisp line of light 
     cutting down through the center of the darkness.

     As we begin to descend, voices echo in our head.

                           VIOLET (V.O.)
               I had this image of you, inside of 
               me, like a part of me.

     We move past a shelf filled with hatboxes and handbags. It 
     is a woman's closet.

                           CORKY (V.O.)
               You planned this whole thing, didn't 

                           CEASAR (V.O.)
               Where's the fucking money?

     We glide over the tightly packed hangers, close enough to 
     feel the different fabrics and descend past the dresses to 
     the racks of high heels.

                           VIOLET (V.O.)
               We make our own choices, we pay our 
               own prices.

                           CEASAR (V.O.)
               All part of the business.

                           VIOLET (V.O.)
               All part of the business.

                           CORKY (V.O.)
               What choice?

     We slide along the delicate taper of a stiletto heel and 
     reach the bottom of the closet, where we find a pair of black 
     Dr. Martens boots that are tied together with a white rope.

                           VIOLET (V.O.)
               I want out.

     We move up the boots and we see it is a woman who is bound, 
     lying motionless on the floor of the closet, the rope coiling 
     tightly around her wrists.


                                                             p. 2

     The crack at the bottom of the door lights her face. She is 
     gagged and unconscious, a trickle of blood running down her 
     forehead. Her name is CORKY.

                           VIOLET (V.O.) (CONT'D)
               Like a part of me.

                                                          CUT TO:

 2   INT. ELEVATOR - DAY                                            2   

     Leaning against the back of the elevator is Corky, a very 
     butch-looking woman with short hair and a black leather 
     jacket. She is a lesbian and wants people to know it.

     As the doors begin to slide shut, a woman yells.

               Wait! Hold the elevator.

     Corky pushes the "open" button. A couple steps into the 
     elevator. His name is CEASAR, a middle-aged Italian, wearing 
     an expensive suit and sunglasses.

     She is VIOLET; a piece of sexual candy that would melt in 
     your mouth.

     From her tight dress to her high heels, she is on the surface, 
     the exact opposite of Corky.

     Violet smiles at her.

               Thank you.

     In his own world, Ceasar does not even see Corky.

     As the elevator begins to rise, Violet catches Corky admiring 
     the curve of her dress.

     Corky does not look away, instead she stares straight into 
     Violet's eyes.

     Violet stares back, a faint smile on her painted lips.  It 
     is awkward at first, the tension between them escalating.

     The doors "ding" and glide open.

     Violet slowly turns and steps into the hall just behind 

     Corky follows them down the hall.


                                                             p. 3

 3   INT. HALL                                                      3   

     They reach the door at the end of the hall. Ceasar opens it 
     and enters.  Just before Violet steps inside, she peeks over 
     her shoulder and sees --

     Corky look away.

     Violet smiles and steps inside.

     Corky checks the room numbers, stopping in front of the 
     apartment next to the one Violet and Ceasar entered.

     She slides the key in and opens the door.

 4   INT. EMPTY APARTMENT                                           4   

     It is later.  All of Corky's tools are gathered in the middle 
     of the living room.

     The apartment is cavernous and looks like someone recently 
     moved out:  cracks in the wall, picture hooks, hangers, and 
     other discarded junk.

     Corky is on the phone.

               I looked over everything sir, and I 
               don't think there will be any 
               problems... yes, I checked the tub 
               and I'm pretty sure I can rod it 

     She suddenly turns when she hears something that sounds like 
     a man moan.

                           CORKY (CONT'D)
               Yeah, I ordered the vanity.  And you 
               want latex eggshell on the walls, 

     She looks at the blank white wall separating this apartment 
     from Ceasar's apartment.

                           CORKY (CONT'D)
               All right, sure.  I'm going to start 
               first thing in the morning.

     She hears it again, a guttural sound.

                           CORKY (CONT'D)
               Thanks again for this opportunity, 
               Mr. Bianchinni. Goodbye.


                                                             p. 4

     She hangs up the phone and walks toward the wall.

     As she gets closer, we hear a bed rocking, tapping against 
     the wall.

     The man's breathing grows more and more labored until finally 
     it swells -


 5   INT. BATHROOM - MORNING                                        5   

     The whining motor of a high-powered drain-rod.

     The spiral cable whips wildly, spiraling deeper into the tub 
     drain, black goo splattering everywhere.

     The machine is so loud Corky almost cannot hear someone 
     pounding on the apartment door.

     Killing the motor, she stands and goes to the door.

     Behind the door is Violet, wearing jeans, a white T-shirt 
     and cowboy boots.

               Hi. my name is violet
               We sort of met in the elevator -

               Yeah, sure. I'm Corky.

               I heard you working in here and I 
               just wondered if you'd like a cup of 

     She is holding two cups of coffee: one black, one with cream.

               Sure. Come on in. Give me a minute.

     Violet steps inside as Corky goes back to the bathroom to 
     wash off the drain dreck.

               What happened to Rajeev?

     Corky calls from the bathroom, scrubbing her hands vigorously.



                                                             p. 5

               Rajeev, the man who usually works on 
               the building.

               Oh, he went home to India, but as 
               far as I know he'll be back.

     She wipes her hands on her overalls, returning to the main 

               So this is temporary for you?

               Pretty much. One day at a time.

     Violet hands her the cup of black coffee.

               I guessed you were straight black.

               Good guess.

     They both sip from the piping hot mugs.

                           CORKY (CONT'D)
               Mmmm ... thanks, I needed this.

               My pleasure ... but to be honest, I 
               did have a slightly ulterior motive 
               here. I was wondering if I could ask 
               a small favor?

               A favor?

               Yeah, see, I'm kind of a night person, 
               so I was wondering if it wasn't a 
               terrible inconvenience if you could 
               wait a bit before using power tools.

               Oh, I'm sorry -

               No, it isn't your fault. The walls 
               here are just so thin.

               Are they really?


                                                             p. 6

               Yes, it really causes problems. 
               Sometimes it's like you're in the 
               same room. But if it's too much 
               trouble, I understand ...

               No, no trouble. There's other work 
               to do.

               You're doing everything yourself?


               That is so amazing. I'm in awe of 
               people who can fix things. My dad 
               was like that. We never had anything 
               new. Whenever something broke he 
               would open it up, tinker with it and 
               it would work. His hands were magic.

     She looks at Corky's hands cupped around the mug.

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               Yeah ... I bet your car is twenty 
               years old.

     Corky smiles.


               Truck. Of course.

               '63 Chevy.

               I knew it.

     Violet sips.  

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               So, how do you know the owner, Mr. 

               I don't, really. I was referred to 


                                                             p. 7

               Oh, really.

     Corky suddenly feels she has revealed something.

               Do you know him?

               No, but Ceasar does. He likes him. 
               Says he's a good Italian.

               Ceasar is your husband?

               Oh no, no. I'm not the marrying kind.

     Smiling, she says nothing else.

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               I should be going. You can drop the 
               cup off anytime.


               My pleasure.

     Corky watches her leave.

 6   EXT. THE WATERING HOLE - NIGHT                                 6   

     A dirty bar hidden away on a dark street, its cracked, moon-
     white sign the only evidence it exists.

     Corky's truck swings into a space in front of a couple of 
     large motorcycles. She flips her collar and heads for the 

 7   INT. THE WATERING HOLE - NIGHT                                 7   

     The smell of leather and cigarette smoke fills Corky's nose 
     as she crosses to the bar.

               Well, well ...

     Corky sits as the fat bartender waddles over.

                           BARTENDER (CONT'D)
               Been awhile, Cork.


                                                             p. 8

               Five years, two months, sixteen days. 
               How you doing, Sue?

     Corky puts a cigarette in her mouth and lights it.

               Like shit. Now that we're all caught 
               up, how about a drink?

     Sue opens the refrigerator and pulls out two Old Styles.


     They click the bottles together and drink.

               You got a job yet?

               Yeah. Some plumbing, painting and 

     Sue laughs.

               I mean a J-O-B. A real job.

               Not for me, Sue. I'm straight and 
               narrow. I'm just here to get laid or 
               drunk and hopefully both.

     Corky gets off the stool.

                           CORKY (CONT'D)
               Thanks for the beer.

     Looking around, she sees a woman alone at one of the back 
     tables. Through the smoky din, she bears a slight resemblance 
     to Violet.

     The woman is dressed all in black, including a leather jacket.

     Smiling, Corky slides into the chair beside her. There is no 
     one smoother.

                           CORKY (CONT'D)



                                                             p. 9

               You know ... that outfit would look 
               great on my bedroom floor.

     The woman smiles just as someone taps Corky on the shoulder.

     She turns and is face-to-face with a large bull of a woman 
     in a heavy leather Chicago Police jacket. She is more wide 
     than fat.

                           WOMAN COP
               Hey, Jesse. What's happening here?

               Nothing ... yet.

                           WOMAN COP
               Who's this?

     Her coat opens as she puts her hands on her hips. A service 
     revolver is clipped to her belt.

     She squints at Corky, her head nodding in recognition.

                           WOMAN COP (CONT'D)
               Wait, I know you.

               I don't think so.

                           WOMAN COP
               I didn't know you were out.

     Corky smiles at the woman in black.

               When you get tired of Cagney and 
               Lacey, come find me.

     She heads for the exit.

 8   EXT. CITY STREET - NIGHT                                       8   

     The neighborhood would be politely described as "rough." 
     Corky's truck does not stand out parked alone on the littered 

 9   INT. CORKY'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                 9   

     It is a hole but it is home.

     Corky is lying on her futon staring up at the ceiling, a 
     beer resting on her stomach; a folk singer quietly croons 
     from the radio.


                                                            p. 10

     We see the ceiling, a circle of light hovering over the small 
     desk lamp. We move in on the spot, which slowly fills up the 
     screen until there is nothing but the white light.

     Suddenly a wet paint roller loaded with white paint cuts a 
     swath across the ceiling.


10   INT. EMPTY APARTMENT - DAY                                    10   

     Corky is painting the ceiling. The folk ballad has become an 
     angry Riot Grrrl anthem.

     She is working hard, the roller sucking back and forth. Sweat 
     covers her face.

     Dropping the roller down, she reloads it in the tray when 
     the phone rings. She stops and answers it.

               Hello? Oh, hi, Mr. Bianchinni ... 
               yes, everything is going fine. I got 
               the tub drain all cleaned out.

     She listens for a moment.

                           CORKY (CONT'D)
               What apartment?

     She glances at the main wall.

                           CORKY (CONT'D)
               All right, all right, I guess I could 
               take a look. Yeah, you're welcome, 

     She hangs up and looks again at the wall, feeling... curious.

11   INT. HALL - NIGHT                                             11   

     Corky knocks and after a moment Violet opens the door. She 
     seems surprised.

               Oh no. Shit. I didn't know he would 
               call you. God, you must think I'm a 
               total nuisance.

               Not exactly.


                                                            p. 11

               I'm sorry, I usually would call 
               Rajeev, but I didn't know what to do 
               so I called Mr. Bianchinni.

               He said you lost something.

               Yeah, come on in.

     She steps back and Corky walks inside.

12   INT. CEASAR'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                               12   

     Violet leads her through the apartment. It is expensively 
     furnished with very masculine tastes; a lot of gray and black 

               I was doing some dishes and just as 
               I pulled the stopper my earring fell 

     Corky looks at her blankly.

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               It's one of my favorites. That's why 
               I got upset. I know it probably seems 
               ridiculous to you.

     An eyebrow goes up.

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               I'm sorry, look, forget it. I 
               shouldn't have called...

               I told Bianchinni I would take a 
               look. Is it that sink?

     Violet nods.

     She opens the sink cabinet and pulls out a pair of channel 
     locks from her back pocket. The teeth of the channel locks 
     open and bite onto the pressure nut.

                           CORKY (CONT'D)
               Do you have a pot or a bucket?



                                                            p. 12

     She hands one down to her. Corky slides it under the curved 

     As she works, Corky feels herself staring at Violet, at the 
     hem of her dress curving tightly around her thighs.

     Water begins to trickle into the pan.

     The nut slides loose and Corky tips the trap. Water splashes 
     into the pan with a soft metal "tink."

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               Did you find it?

     Corky fishes into gray water and pulls out the earring.

     Violet screams, a huge smile on her face, half-falling as 
     she tries to hug Corky.

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               I can't believe it! You did it!

     Corky leans back under and replaces the trap.

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               Thank you so much. you have to let 
               me pay you something -

               No. Mr. Bianchinni asked me to do 
               it. I did it.

     Corky checks the drain by running the water.

               If you won't take money, how about a 
               drink? It's getting late. You can't 
               work all night.

     Corky eyes her for a moment.

               Okay, one drink.

               What do you want?

               A beer?

               A beer. Of course.

     She smiles and turns to the bar.


                                                            p. 13

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               Sit down.

     Corky sits on the black leather couch and Violet returns 
     with two bottles of Heineken. Corky sneers.

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               Thanks again.

     They clink the bottles and swig.

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               You seem uncomfortable. Do I make 
               you nervous, Corky?


     She looks at Violet, then takes another long pull on the 

               Thirsty, maybe.

     Violet smiles, her eyes again talking for her.

               Curious, maybe.

               Curious? That's funny, I'm feeling a 
               bit curious myself right now.

     Violet notices the tattoo on Corky's arm.

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               That's a great tattoo.

     She reaches over and touches it.

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               Beautiful labrys.

     Corky is a bit suprised that she knows what it is. She nods, 
     rubbing it as if trying to hide it.

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               Are you surprised that I know what 
               it is?



                                                            p. 14

               I have a tattoo, would you like to 
               see it?

     She moves closer, sliding over the leather cushions as she 
     opens the front of her dress.

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               A woman in upstate New York did it 
               for me.

     She is not wearing a bra.

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               Here. Do you like it?

     Set against the soft white skin of her breast is a bright 
     green-stemmed violet.

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               It took her all day to do it. She 
               promised me it wouldn't hurt, but it 
               was sore for a long time after. I 
               couldn't even touch it.

     Corky looks up from Violet's breast to her dark eyes.

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               But now I love the way it feels.

     She runs her fingers softly over the slightly scarred skin.

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               Here, touch it.

     Corky feels the blood pounding in her ears as Violet takes 
     her hand and places it on her breast.

               What are you doing?

     Violet looks at her.

               Isn't it obvious? I'm trying to seduce 


               Because I want to. I've wanted to 
               since I first saw you in the elevator.


                                                            p. 15

     Corky watches her, trying to figure her out even as her thumb 
     presses into Violet's nipple.

     Inhaling sharply, Violet closes her eyes; she can feel Corky 
     staring at her.

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               You don't believe me. But I can prove 
               it to you.

     She takes Corky's wrist and begins pulling her hand down her 

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               You can't believe me because of what 
               you see ...

     She forces Corky's hand between her legs, up under her dress.

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               But you can believe what you feel.

     Violet opens her eyes, a wanton smile on her lips.

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               You see ... I've been thinking about 
               you all day.

     Corky's forearm flexes and Violet moans.

     With both hands, Violet takes hold of Corky's forearm.

               You planned this whole thing?

     Violet's head swims; she is unable to breathe.

                           CORKY (CONT'D)
               You dropped that earring down the 
               drain on purpose, didn't you?

               If I say yes, will you take your 
               hand away?


               ... yes.

     Now it is Corky who smiles.


                                                            p. 16

     Violet shivers, her thighs rubbing, her hips thrusting against 
     Corky's hand.

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               Please, Corky ... please ...

     Her eyes barely open.

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               ... kiss me.

     In a single motion, Corky takes hold of the back of her neck 
     and covers Violet's open mouth with her own.

     With her hand still stuffed between Violet's legs, Corky 
     lays her back onto the couch as the kiss becomes more - more 
     desperate, more hungry until -

     We hear the front door unlock and open.


     Violet's eyes pop open and she pushes Corky back.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               Violet, you home?

     They scramble to compose themselves.

               Yeah. In here, C.

     He comes around the corner and in the dim light sees the two 
     figures sitting close on the couch.

               What's this?

     He mistakes Corky for a man.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               What the fuck is this?

     Violet stands as Ceasar barrels toward the couch.

               Didn't expect -

               What the fuck is going on?

     Corky stands and turns, Ceasar suddenly realizing that she 
     is a woman.


                                                            p. 17

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               Oh, shit ...

               Ceasar, this is Corky. Corky, Ceasar.

               I'm sorry, Christ, I thought ... 
               it's fucking dark in here.

     He reaches to the wall for the lights.

               She is working for Bianchinni.

     Ceasar extends his hand.

               Oh, right, right. Don mentioned that 
               to me. Hi, welcome to the family.

     Corky shakes his hand.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               You're helping Rajeev?

               No. Rajeev's in India.

               She's doing the work herself.

               No shit. Bianchinni hired you? You 
               know he's a good friend of mine. 
               Family, really.

               That's what Violet said.

     He looks at her as if he knows something.

               So, you just got out?

               Jesus, Ceasar!

               What?  It ain't no big fuckin' deal. 
               I know who Don hires. Did you know 
               he did time himself?

     Corky shakes her head.


                                                            p. 18

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               Thirteen fucking years. See, there 
               ain't no secrets here.

     Corky doesn't like this man.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               How many'd you do?


     He whistles.

               Not bad. What for?

               That's none of your goddamn business, 

               You're right. You don't have to tell 
               me, if you don't want to. I just 
               hope you understand you're among 
               good people here.

     He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a thick fold of 
     money and peels several hundreds. Corky stares at it.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               Come on, come on. if you understand 
               what I'm talking about you're going 
               to take the money. if you don't, I'm 
               going to have to worry about you.

     Corky takes it. Ceasar smiles.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               Good. I hate to worry. I got ulcers.

               I should be going.

               What? How about a drink?

               My brushes, I have to clean my 
               brushes. Thanks, though.

               Another time.


                                                            p. 19


13   INT. EMPTY APARTMENT - NIGHT                                  13   

     Close on the paintbrush, Corky's fingers pushing through and 
     separating the black bristles under the running water.

     When the brush is clean, she flicks it dry and resets the 

     She goes to the sink to wash her hands when she stops, 
     noticing her left hand.

     It is the hand that was between Violet's legs.

     She is about to smell her finger when she sees herself in 
     the mirror.

               What are you doing?

     She drops her hand.

                           CORKY (CONT'D)
               What am I doing? I'm fucking up, 
               that's what I'm doing.

     She scrubs her hands clean.

14   EXT. PARKING LOT - NIGHT                                      14   

     It is late, the area burnished with amber street light. Corky 
     walks from the building to her truck.

     She climbs inside and slides the key into the ignition, when 
     suddenly the passenger door opens and -

     Violet gets in. Stunned, Corky stares at her.

               I had to see you.

               Look, I don't think this is a good 

               I wanted to apologize.

               Don't apologize, please. I can't 
               stand women who apologize for wanting 


                                                            p. 20

     Violet smiles.

               I'm not apologizing for what I did -

     She slides across the seat.

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               I'm apologizing for what I didn't 

     She kisses Corky, and if Corky is trying to resist, we can't 

     The windshield is beginning to steam when Violet, panting, 
     breaks the kiss.

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               Do you have a bed somewhere?

     Unable to speak, Corky reaches over and starts the engine.

15   INT. CORKY'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                15   

     The sex.

     There is nothing flower-scented or out-of-focus about it.

     It is sweaty, slippery, body-grinding, bed-squeaking lesbian 
     sex - Pungent and potent -

     And when it is over, neither woman can move.

     Finally, Corky's eyes flutter open.

               I can see again.

     Violet smiles.

     Slowly, Corky gets up and goes to the fridge. She grabs a 
     beer and presses it to her sweating forebead.

     After a moment, she lowers it, gently pressing the cold can 
     elsewhere. Eyes closed, she lets out a long "Ahh."

     Violet hears the sizzle-pop of the beer as Corky returns to 
     the bed.

     She holds the beer to Violet's lips and tilts the can, 
     watching Violet's throat as she drinks.

     Violet's eyes open.


                                                            p. 21

               ... I needed that.

               Tell me about it.

     Corky hands her the beer as Violet sits up a bit.

                           CORKY (CONT'D)
               Ceasar's Mafia, isn't he?

               You have to ask?


               Funny, nobody calls it that anymore. 
               Ceasar calls it "The Business."

               How did you meet him?

               They took over a club I was working 
               at. Ceasar started managing it.

               He's a launderer?


               How long have you been with him?

               Almost five years.

               Five years is a long time.

               Yes, it is.

     Corky stares at her beer. She knows what Violet is thinking.

               The redistribution of wealth.



                                                            p. 22

               Isn't that what you wanted to know? 
               What I did time for?

               The redistribution of wealth?

               That's what I tell someone when I'm 
               trying to get them in my bed.

               I'm already in your bed.

               My cellmate would say she did her 
               time for getting caught. She was 
               always more honest than me.

     Corky sips her beer.

                           CORKY (CONT'D)
               I started stealing when I was little. 
               We were piss-poor, which is not an 
               excuse, just a fact.

     It isn't like her to talk about this, especially with someone 
     she just met.

                           CORKY (CONT'D)
               The first time I remember so vividly. 
               A bunch of us kids were at Waxman's 
               Drugstore, when Mr. Waxman, who was 
               a mean old prick, always worrying 
               about us robbing him, dropped a roll 
               of quarters.

     We can almost hear the coins tinkling on the tile floor.

                           CORKY (CONT'D)
               I can still hear that sound, those 
               quarters, because right then something 
               clicked inside of me. Some instinct 
               took over and as everyone, including 
               Waxman, dove down, I reached up and 
               emptied the cash register.

     Violet smiles. She likes this woman.

                           CORKY (CONT'D)
               I gave most of the money to my mom. 
               I told her I found it at the 
               trainyard. She was so happy she cried,


                                                            p. 23

                           CORKY (CONT'D)
               calling me her lucky charm. Fifteen 
               years later, I guess my luck ran 

     Sbe swallows that with beer.

                           CORKY (CONT'D)
               Sometimes I tell myself that I didn't 
               have a choice, that stealing was 
               surviving. Usually I can admit that's 
               bullshit. I did it because it was a 
               way out. It was easy and I was good 
               at it, real good.

     She glances at Violet.

                           CORKY (CONT'D)
               I don't usually talk this much. I 
               guess I have been rehabilitated.

     Violet laughs.

               You didn't have to tell me if you 
               didn't want to.

               I guess I wanted to.

               I'm glad you did.

               So am I.

16   EXT. PARKING LOT DAY                                          16   

     Corky gets out of her truck carrying her tools. Grinning 
     like someone who has been well-laid, she whistles off to 

17   EXT. LOBBY - DAY                                              17   

     Between the main doors she sees a man. His name is SHELLY 
     and he is an overdressed accountant.

     He is very nervous, talking to someone through the intercom.

               I know he's gone. Please. I have to 
               talk to you.


                                                            p. 24

     Fiddling with her keys, Corky recognizes the voice that 
     answers him.

                           VIOLET (V.O.)
               What do you want, Shelly?

     Shelly glances over his shoulder at Corky, answering in a 
     hushed voice.

               I have to leave. Tonight.

     For a moment the intercom is silent. Then the door buzzes 
     and Shelly pushes inside. Corky follows him to the elevator.

18   INT. ELEVATOR, DAY                                            18   

     Corky glares at Shelly and begins pumping the trigger of her 
     circular saw.

     Shelly hides behind his sunglasses, watching the elevator 
     numbers go up. The doors open and he scurries out.

19   INT. HALL - DAY                                               19   

     She watches him enter Ceasar's apartment, her smile now 
     completely gone.

20   INT. EMPTY APARTMENT - DAY                                    20   

     It is later. Through the wall we listen to the same sound as 
     before of two people making love. We drop down and find 
     Corky's brush, still wet with paint, abandoned in her tray.

21   INT. BEDROOM - DAY                                            21   

     Her face glistening with sweat, Violet climaxes, letting the 
     orgasm spread through her like melting butter.

               I had this image of you, inside of 
               me ...

     She flattens her palms against the soft cradle of her pelvis.

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               Like a part of me ...

     As she opens her eyes, we see that her lover is Corky. Violet 
     watches as she gets off the bed and begins to get dressed.

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               You are so beautiful.


                                                            p. 25

     Corky does not answer as she yanks her pants on. Violet sits 
     up. She can feel that something is wrong.

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               What's wrong?


     Violet pulls the sheet around her.

               Yes there is. I felt it this morning 
               when I brought you the coffee.

               Shit, here we go.

               You didn't want to see me, did you?

               If there is one thing I can't stand 
               about sleeping with women, it's all 
               the fucking mind reading.

               What are you afraid of?

               I'm not afraid of anything.

               I don't understand - ?

               I know!  You can't understand, because 
               we're different, Violet. We're 

               We're not that different, Corky.

               How can you sit in that bed and say 

               Because it's the truth.

               Let me guess. This is where you tell 
               me that what matters is on the inside.


                                                            p. 26

                           CORKY (CONT'D)
               That inside you, there is a little 
               dyke just like me?

               Oh no, she's nothing like you. She's 
               a lot smarter than you.

               Is that what her daddy tells her?

               I know what I am. I don't need to 
               have it tattooed on my shoulder.

               What are you saying? That you don't 
               have sex with men?

               I don't.

               For Christ's sake, Violet! I heard 
               you! Thin walls, remember?

               What you heard wasn't sex.

               What the fuck was it?

               All my life, everyone has been telling 
               me that when I have sex, I'm not 
               really having sex. Not real sex. But 
               they're wrong. I know what is and 
               isn't sex and what you heard was 
               definitely not sex.

               What was it then?


     That knocks Corky back.

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               You made certain choices in your 
               life that you paid for. You said you 
               made them because you were good at 
               something and it was easy. Do you


                                                            p. 27

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               think you're the only one that's 
               good at something?

     Violet stare pins Corky to the wall.

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               We make our own choices and we pay 
               our own prices. I think we're more 
               alike than you want to admit.

               What about that guy this morning?

               You mean Shelly?

               Don't tell me, you're a workaholic.

               No. Shelly knows what I am. He saw 
               me in a bar with another woman.

               I suppose he just wants to watch.

     That's all Violet can take.

               Fuck it! I think you better leave.

               I think so, too.

     Violet turns away.

               Try not to steal anything on the way 

     That stings but Corky walks out without looking back.

22   INT. EMPTY APARTMENT - NIGHT                                  22   

     It is dark now. Corky is standing above the paint tray that 
     has skinned over. She picks up the brush. It is dry with 


     She throws the brush across the room.


                                                            p. 28

23   EXT. CEASAR'S APARTMENT BUILDING - DAY                        23   

     A green-and-white street sign juts in the foreground of 
     Ceasar's upscale apartment building.

     The sign reads: "FRANKLIN STREET."

24   EXT. PARKING LOT - DAY                                        24   

     The rusty Chevy glides to a stop in a parking space near the 
     service entrance. In its payload is a boxed bathroom vanity 
     and sink.

     Corky climbs out of the cab and into the back, unhooking the 
     bungee cords that hold down the boxes.

     She looks up as a black Lincoln Town Car screeches into a 
     spot not far from her truck. THREE SERIOUS-LOOKING MEN get 
     out, leading a fourth, Shelly.

     He is the only one who seems to notice Corky.

     They enter the building, the door closing behind them.

25   INT. BATHROOM - DAY                                           25   

     Corky's legs jut out from the old wicker vanity as she 
     finishes detaching its anchors and pipe work.

     She stands, giving it a yank and pulling it away from the 
     wall, when voices begin to filter in from the next-door 

     She listens - a rising string of warbling sobs drowned out 
     by an angry voice.

                           ANGRY VOICE
               Shut the fuck up! You piece of shit!

     We hear a scream.

                           ANGRY VOICE (CONT'D)
               You're going to tell us! You're going 
               to fuckin' tell us! just a matter of 
               fuckin' time!

     Each sentence is punctuated with grunts and thuds.

                           ANGRY VOICE (CONT'D)
               Where is it? Where the fuck is it?!

     We begin to close in on Corky as she listens to each thud, 
     watching something that disturbs her.


                                                            p. 29

                           ANGRY VOICE (CONT'D)
               You shit! You piece of shit!

     With each thud the water in the toilet shimmers like a struck 
     cymbal. As we move closer, the sound swells until -


26   INT. CEASAR'S BATHROOM DAY                                    26   

     Where blood splatters the toilet, heavy drops hitting the 
     water and spreading like inverted mushroom clouds.

                           ANGRY VOICE
               Did that hurt? News flash, fucko: 
               I'm just getting started.

     The angry voice belongs to JOHNNIE MARZZONE. Shelly is 
     kneeling in front of the toilet, hands tied behind his back 
     with electrical wire.

     Johnnie Marzzone is a flashy young man in Armani slacks, 
     silk shirt and silver-tipped cowboy boots. His tie is tucked 
     in, as if torture were a fine-dining experience.

     Ceasar and two other men are crammed in the small bathroom.

               You got nerve trying to fuck us! 
               Nobody fucks me! Nobody fucks my 
               father! Nobody! Nobody!

     Shelly screams as Jobnnie repeatedly rams his face into the 

               Whoa, whoa. Come on, he's making too 
               much noise.

               You hear that, bitch? Be quiet!

               Here, put this in his mouth.

     Ceasar hands a towel to Johnnie, who stuffs it into Shelly's 

27   INT. CEASAR'S APARTMENT - DAY                                 27   

     Like Corky, Violet can hear the beating. She is trying to 
     block it out but cannot.


                                                            p. 30

     Standing at the bar, she runs the blender, grinding ice cubes, 
     trying to drown out the sounds of the bathroom.

     The bathroom door opens.

               Prick! I can go all night! All night!

     Ceasar steps out, shutting the door, masking the sounds behind 
     him. Violet moves toward him.

               Ceasar, I'm leaving.

               What? Oh, come on, I didn't use one 
               of the good towels.

     The door opens again as someone else steps out.

               Ceasar, I'm serious. This is too 
               much. I have to get out of here.

               Why? 'Cause you know him?

     She nods.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               You women are so fucking sensitive.

     He takes hold of her.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               But I don't want you to go. I like 
               you here. You know this isn't easy 
               for me, either.

     He embraces her. Over his shoulder she sees MICKEY MALNANO 
     in the hallway, staring at her.

     He is an older man, hair graying, built like a fireplug. 
     Sinewy mass strains at his Brooks Brothers suit.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               Now why don't you go watch some TV 
               or something?

               Are you okay, Violet?


                                                            p. 31

               Mickey, why is Johnnie here? You 
               know how I feel about that fucking 

     Mickey continues to stare at Violet, who looks up at him 
     with her big doe eyes.

               Ceasar, didn't I tell you to get 

               Sure, Mickey. Sure.

     He goes to the kitchen.

     Mickey moves closer to Violet, lifting her chin the way a 
     father would do to his little girl.

               You shouldn't have to see this. Why 
               don't you get out of here? Go for a 

               Ceasar wants me to stay.

               Don't worry about Ceasar. I'll handle 
               Ceasar. You just get out of here, 

     She smiles.

               Thanks, Mickey.

     Ceasar returns from the kitchen. He is holding a pair of tin 
     snips. Mickey takes them.

               Thanks, C. Now let's end this thing.

     Violet watches them return to the bathroom.

28   INT. BATHROOM - DAY                                           28   

     Mickey takes off his coat and hands it to a large man named 
     LOU. He slaps Johnnie on the back.

               Hey, Johnnie, ease up, okay.


                                                            p. 32

     Johnnie hits Shelly once more.


     Johnnie checks his hair in the mirror, carefully. Then he 
     begins putting on the rings he had removed for the beating.

     Mickey kneels down next to Shelly's ear and motions to Lou, 
     who lifts Shelly's bound arms.

               Shelly, I'm going to ask you ten 
               times. You understand? Ten times.

     Mickey grabs Shelly's pinky finger, putting it between the 
     metal blades.

                           MICKEY (CONT'D)
               One. Where is our money?

     Shelly whimpers, red-faced and sobbing. There is a sick crunch 
     and Shelly howls into his gag as his pinky finger bounces to 
     the floor amid the expensive leather footwear.

               Aw ... Christ.

     We hear Ceasar retrieve a tissue and his hand enters the 
     frame, scooping up the pinky.

     He plunks the severed finger into the toilet and it sinks to 
     the bottom.

     Ceasar drops the toilet seat down and flushes.

29   INT. BATHROOM - EMPTY APARTMENT - DAY                         29   

     Corky can't stand it anymore. She throws her tools down, 
     leaves the bathroom and finds -

     Violet waiting in the main room. Both women stand apart in 

     Violet seems on the verge of saying something but doesn't 
     know how to start. Her lip begins to quiver; her eyes search 
     the room, returning to Corky each time.

     The violence in the next room can still be heard.

               Violet? Are you all right?


                                                            p. 33

     Almost unnoticeably, Violet shakes her bead. Corky puts her 
     arm around her.

                           CORKY (CONT'D)
               Come on. Let's go.

30   INT. BAR - DAY                                                30   

     It is the kind of bar businessmen drink at in the afternoon. 
     Dark wood and padded leather.

     The bartender, joking with a cluster of men, does not notice 
     Corky as she moves up to the bar.

               Excuse me.

     The bartender glances over.

                           CORKY (CONT'D)
               Draft beer and a TNT.

     Corky eyes the men, who stare into their drinks.

     The bartender says nothing as he puts the drinks in front of 

     Corky heads for her table, ignoring the whispers and snickers.

     Corky and Violet, the only women in the room, sit close 
     together at a far corner table.

     Violet's voice is hushed.

               Shelly was skimming from the business. 
               He came to see me yesterday because 
               he was afraid Ceasar figured it out. 
               He wanted to run but he wanted me to 
               come with him.

               Even though he knew about you?


               He was in love with you, right?

               That's what he told himself. But it 
               wasn't even about me, it was about


                                                            p. 34

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               Ceasar. He wanted what Ceasar had. 
               That's how they are. I understand 

     She glances around the room; a man at the bar smiles at her.

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               For Shelly, taking the money was a 
               way to take from Ceasar. He could 
               have run at any time, but he didn't 
               because he didn't want out.

               Sounds like he wanted to get caught.

               Maybe he did. He would brag to me 
               all the time. He was never afraid of 
               Ceasar because he didn't know him. 
               Not like I do.

     Two men sit down near them, laughing.

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               Ceasar lives for these moments. He 
               tells me it's just the business, but 
               I know it's more than that. He likes 
               it. The violence. I'll catch him in 
               the bathroom mirror touching his 
               scars. He says they remind him who 
               he his. They're all like that. Except 
               maybe Mickey.


               He's the part of the business that 
               the rest of them pretend to be. But 
               Mickey doesn't like it like they do. 
               I suppose that's why he's good at 

     Violet stares at her glass, at the melting ice.

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               I used to be able to block it out. I 
               would tell myself that I wasn't really 
               there so nothing really mattered. 
               But I can't do it anymore.

     She downs the last of her drink.


                                                            p. 35

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               I've been making the same mistake 
               Shelly made. But now I know what I 

     She turns to Corky.

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               I want out. I want a new life. I see 
               what I've been waiting for, but I 
               need you, Corky.

               For what?

               You made a choice once. Do you think 
               you would make that same choice again?

               What choice?

               If those quarters fell to the floor, 
               would you still reach up to that 
               cash register?

     Corky stares at her, knowing where this is going. She glances 
     around the crowded bar.

               Not here.

31   EXT. ALLEY - NIGHT                                            31   

     Corky's truck sits in a gravel parking lot.

32   INT. CORKY'S TRUCK - DAY                                      32   

     Through the back window of the truck, Violet and Corky are 
     silhouettes against the street light.

               Ceasar is going to get the money and 
               bring -

               How much money?

               Shelly said it was over two million 

     Corky quietly swallows that pill. It begins to rain.


                                                            p. 36

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               Ceasar will bring it to the apartment 
               to count and go through Shelly's 
               books to figure out how he did it.

               Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Do you 
               have any idea what you are saying? 
               You are asking me to help you fuck 
               the mob.

     Violet nods.

                           CORKY (CONT'D)
               These people are serious, Violet. If 
               you want to know how serious, ask 
               Shelly. They're worse than any cop 
               because they have lots of money and 
               no rules. You fuck them, you've got 
               to do it right.

               That's why I need your help. You 
               said you were good. 

               I am, but...

     She knows Violet is challenging her.

                           CORKY (CONT'D)
               All right, let's say for the moment 
               that I believe everything you are 

               You think I'm lying?

               I didn't say that, but since you 
               did, let's say that you are. It would 
               have been easy to set Shelly up. You 
               could have got him killed knowing 
               that Ceasar would bring the money to 
               the apartment.

     Violet stares, her face poker-blank.

                           CORKY (CONT'D)
               All you would need to keep yourself 
               clean would be someone unconnected, 
               someone like me.


                                                            p. 37

               Is that what you think?

               I'm just making a point. You have no 
               idea what you're asking. How much 
               trust two people need to do something 
               like this.

     She moves closer to Violet, the sound of the rain beating 
     against the metal cab.

                           CORKY (CONT'D)
               For me, stealing is a lot like sex. 
               Two people that want the same thing 
               sit in a room and they talk, they 
               start to plan and it's like flirting, 
               a kind of foreplay, because the more 
               they talk about it, the wetter they 

     She stops.

                           CORKY (CONT'D)
               The difference is, I can have sex 
               with someone I just met, someone I 
               hardly know, but to steal I need to 
               know someone like I know myself.

               Do you think you know me like that?

               I think ...

     They are close enough to kiss.

                           CORKY (CONT'D)
               We're going to find out.

     Corky pulls back.

                           CORKY (CONT'D)
               But first, I want to see this money.

33   INT. CEASAR'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                               33   

     Violet springs from the couch as the front door crashes open, 
     Ceasar charging in. He is doubled over, clutching something 
     to his stomach.

     He rushes to the kitchen, dumping a bloody bundle into the 
     double sink. There is blood everywhere, smeared up and down 
     Ceasar's front.


                                                            p. 38

               Oh my God ...

     Violet takes a step toward him, unsure of what has happened.

               Don't worry. It ain't mine.

     He pulls a bottle of whiskey and a glass from the cupboard.

               Ceasar , what happened?

               It was unbelievable! Un-fucking-

     He pours himeslf a shot, belting it back.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               Goddammit, look at this shirt! It's 

     He begins unbuttoning the bloody shirt.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               It started when Shelly took us to 
               the money. I tell you, Mickey Malnato 
               knows his shit, he does. Shelly takes 
               us right there.

     He throws down another shot.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               So Shelly's down on his knees and 
               he's pulling out this bag of money 
               from a safe in the floor and I'm 
               staring at it like "holy Fuck!" I 
               mean, look at it -

     He tears open the bloody bag, wet money bricks spilling out.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               And all I can think is how the fuck 
               did he do this when - Bang! Johnnie 
               caps him. Blood sprays everywhere, 
               all over the money. We've no idea if 
               this is even all of it.

     Ceasar is exasperated.


                                                            p. 39

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               And right then I go through the roof 
               and - Boom! I belt the dumb fuck as 
               hard as I can. I didn't care whose 
               son he was, I just wanted to hit him 
               again. Knock some sense into that 
               dumb son of a bitch.

     He looks at the pile of bloody money.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               Just look at this mess I got to deal 

               What are you going to do with it?

               I told them to run it through the 
               cycles. But I guess Gino has plans 
               for it because he's coming here 
               tomorrow night to pick this shit up.

     Searching through a sink cabinet, he can't find what he needs.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               Where the hell's the laundry 

               Ummm ... in the linen closet.

     Ceasar walks down the ball to the bathroom. Violet's eyes do 
     not move from the pile of money.

     Corky seems to come from nowhere. She whispers.

               Come to my place in the morning. 
               Early, okay?

     Violet nods.

34   INT. CLOSET - NIGHT                                           34   

     Corky's hands twitch, and then flex against the ropes that 
     bind them.

     A reflex echoes through her body, muscles spasm and limbs 
     jerk against their bonds.

     As if in a dream, she struggles, trying to get free, fighting 
     toward the edge of consciousness until -


                                                            p. 40

     She seems to succumb, slipping back into stillness.

     We move toward her face, her closed eyes as we again hear 
     the voices in her head.

                           VIOLET (V.O.)
               You're having second thoughts.

35   INT. CORKY'S APARTMENT - DAY                                  35   

     Violet is on the bed, Corky at the window.

               ... no.

     She turns to Violet.

                           CORKY (CONT'D)
               You said he washed the money?


               Then what? Exactly.

               He hung it up.


               To let it dry.

     She begins to focus on the memory.

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               It was unreal ...

     Moving in on her face.


     Benjamin Franklin's face on a hundred-dollar bill.

36   INT. CEASAR'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                               36   

     Franklin's face rotates as we pull back, seeing rows of bills 
     carefully paper-clipped to lines of string.

                           VIOLET (V.O.)
               Hundreds, paper-clipped everywhere 
               like leaves.


                                                            p. 41

     Eyes filled with green, Violet turns inside the laundry lines 
     of money until she sees Ceasar.

     Wearing his undershirt, he is across the room standing at 
     the ironing board, ironing every single bill.

     He seems to have one eye on her, one eye on his work.

                           VIOLET (V.O.) (CONT'D)
               Then one by one, he ironed all of 

     He sprays starch across several bills and presses the steaming 
     iron to them.

                           CORKY (V.O.)
               Did he sleep?

37   INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT                                          37   

     Violet is in bed, unable to sleep, listening to the machine-
     shuffle of Ceasar's bill counter.

                           VIOLET (V.O.)
               No. But neither did I.

     We move past her, floating toward the wall.

                           VIOLET (V.O.) (CONT'D)
               All night long I listened to that 

38   INT. OFFICE - NIGHT                                           38   

     We drift across Ceasar's desk, past bricks of bound bills, 
     as Ceasar folds the paper tape around another stack.

                           CORKY (V.O.)
               What sound?

     He hits the counter again and we hear the sound, now very 
     loud as hundreds blur by, fluttering beneath us.

                           VIOLET (V.O.)
               The sound of money.

     The sound rolls into thunder -

39   INT. CORKY'S APARTMENT - DAY                                  39   

     That seems to shake the apartment.

               And where is it now?


                                                            p. 42

               In his office. I saw it this morning.

40   INT. OFFICE - DAY                                             40   

     Violet cautiously enters the office with a cup of coffee.

     Working furiously at the computer, Ceasar jumps when he sees 
     her, bloodshot eyes animal-wide.

     He checks his watch as she sets the coffee in front of him.

               I need to go to the store.

     He nods automatically, back in his work, as she sees the 
     briefcase filled with perfect rows of hundreds.

                           VIOLET (V.O.) (CONT'D)
               It's in a case, on his desk.

                           CORKY (V.O.)
               Does the case lock?

     We see the open top with its silver flip-over locks.

41   INT. CORKY'S APARTMENT - DAY                                  41   

     Violet is trying to remember.



     Corky begins to pace, ordering the information in her head.

                           CORKY (CONT'D)
               All right, now, tell me about Johnnie.


               It sounded like he and Ceasar don't 
               like each other.

               Like each other? They hate each other.



                                                            p. 43

               It started way before I was around. 
               I think basically it's because he 
               thinks Johnnie is a complete idiot. 
               But Johnnie runs Chicago because 
               Gino is his father.

               Who is Gino?

     Violet suddenly feels that she has made a mistake.

               Gino Marzzone.

               Marzzone? As in Angelo Marzzone, 
               head of the Marzzone family?

               That's his brother.

               ... shit.

     Corky covers her mouth.

                           CORKY (CONT'D)
               Gino Marzzone is coming tonight to 
               pick up the money?


               And Johnnie is his son, that's Johnnie 


               Sweet Jesus.

     Eyes wide, she paces, pulling at her lip, mumbling.

     Suddenly she freezes as it clicks into place. She looks at 

                           CORKY (CONT'D)
               It's perfect.

     She's pacing again.


                                                            p. 44

                           CORKY (CONT'D)
               Gino Marzzone is coming to your 
               apartment. It's a big deal, isn't 
               it? That means Ceasar will be ready. 
               He doesn't want to look like an idiot. 
               Gino has been there before?

               Yeah, twice.

               What happened?

               Not much, really. Ceasar was nervous, 
               kept cleaning the apartment. The 
               first time, he picked out the dress 
               he wanted me to wear.

     Something occurs to Corky.

               Does Johnnie hit on you?

               Johnnie hits on anything in high 

               Has Ceasar ever seen him?

               He does it right in front of him.

               It's getting better and better. Keep 

               Gino doesn't know English, or at 
               least he pretends he doesn't, so he 
               doesn't talk much. He gets right to 
               the point. Both times they talked 
               for about five minutes, had one drink 
               and then they left.

               What did Gino drink?

               Scotch, Glenlivet. I remember that 
               Ceasar made a huge deal about it.

     Corky smiles, the wheels rolling.


                                                            p. 45

               All right ...

     She turns from the window and gets onto the bed.

                           CORKY (CONT'D)
               I have an idea to make this work.

42   INT. CEASAR'S APARTMENT - DAY                                 42   

     Violet is getting dressed, lining her lips with lip-pencil.

                           CORKY (V.O.)
               You'll go back and get ready, take 
               your time, make it real.

     As she works on her face, we see the room behind her and the 
     discarded dresses scattered about.

                           CORKY (V.O.) (CONT'D)
               The more attractive you are, the 
               more believable it will be.

43   INT. CORKY'S APARTMENT - DAY                                  43   

     Corky breaks her thought-train.

               What time did you say they would be 

               The plane is in at seven, so I'd say 
               about eight.

               Any bodyguards?

               Gino travels with a big man named 
               Roy. Ceasar calls him the driver.


44   INT. OFFICE - DAY                                             44   

     Ceasar again checks his watch.

                           CORKY (V.O.)
               At some point Ceasar is going to 
               quit. I'd guess sometime around six, 
               making sure he's got time to get 


                                                            p. 46

     The watch reads 6:10. Ceasar rubs his eyes, his temples.

45   INT. LIVING ROOM - DAY                                        45   

     Violet is at the bar in a sexy dress and high heels.

               Un-fucking-believable, what this guy 
               did. Shelly is one smart-ass 
               mothefucker, I mean, he was one smart-
               ass motherfucker.

     He laughs as Violet smiles, handing him an enormous drink.

                           CORKY (V.O.)
               As soon as he is done, you'll be 
               right there to put a big drink in 
               his hand.

     He takes the drink.

                           CORKY (V.O.) (CONT'D)
               We want him to come down, to relax, 
               feel in control again.

               Poor boy, has to work so hard.

     She gives him a woman's sympathy pout; he knows what it, 
     loves it anyway.

     Smiling, he slides his hand down over her ass.

               You look good enough to eat.

     She smiles and waits for the kiss she knows is coming.

46   INT. CORKY'S APARTMENT - DAY                                  46   

     Both women are starting to feel it, to believe it.

               Where will you be?

               Waiting in the apartment next door.

47   INT. EMPTY APARTMENT                                          47   

     Corky sits on the floor of the dark apartment. She has taken 
     off her boots, which are beside her.


                                                            p. 47

                           VIOLET (V.O.)
               Waiting for what?

     Through the wall we can hear the shower.

                           CORKY (V.O.)
               For the shower. That will be our 

     Corky opens a thin box filled with needle-thin lock picks.

     She selects several and slips them into her multi-pierced 
     ears like earrings.

                           CORKY (V.O.) (CONT'D)
               When he's done with his shower, you 
               will go to the bar.

48   INT. BATHROOM - NIGHT                                         48   

     In slow motion, Ceasar drops the shower plunger and water 
     chokes from the faucet.

49   INT. LIVING ROOM - NIGHT                                      49   

     Behind the bar, Violet pulls out the bottle of Glenlivet.

                           CORKY (V.O.)
               You'll get out the Scotch that Gino 

     Violet steps out from the bar, her eyes on the bedroom, when 
     the bottle slips from her hands.

     We watch it slowly fall -

                           CORKY (V.O.) (CONT'D)
               And as you do, the bottle will slip 
               from your hands.

     And shatter against the hardwood floor.

                           CORKY (V.O.) (CONT'D)
               An accident.

               Shit! Oh shit!

     Ceasar yells from the bathroom.

                           CEASAR (V.O.)
               What happened?!


                                                            p. 48

50   INT. EMPTY APARTMENT - NIGHT                                  50   

     Hearing Ceasar, Corky gets up, moving quietly toward the 

                           CEASAR (V.O.)
               V! What the fuck was it?! Violet?

51   INT LIVING ROOM - NIGHT                                       51   

               enters, a towel wrapped around him, 
               hair still dripping.  V, what? You 
               can't hear me?

     Violet looks terribly upset as she begins to clean up.

               Ceasar, it slipped ... I was trying 
               to get ready ...

     Ceasar realizing what happened.

               Oh, fucking Christ ... You gotta be 
               kidding me!

     He rushes at her.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               Fuck! Fuck! How did you ... Awwww 

               I'm sorry. It was an accident.

     She stands up.

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               Don't worry, I'll get some more.

               There's no time.

               Don't be silly, Ceasar. It'll take 
               five minutes.

     She turns him back toward the bedroom.

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               I'll clean this up and be back before 
               you're even dressed.


                                                            p. 49

52   INT. HALL - NIGHT                                             52   

     Violet opens her door, stepping into the hall where Corky is 

                           CORKY (V.O.)
               When you open the door, I'll be there.

     They pass each other in silence, Violet stepping out as Corky 
     slips in.

                           VIOLET (V.O.)
               What if he sees you?

                           CORKY (V.O.)                               *
               He won't.

53   INT. BATHROOM - NIGHT                                         53   

     Ceasar is working intensely on his fingernails. We glide 
     over a set of gleaming metal manicure tools. We see his hand 
     as he delicately applies a coat of clear polish to a nail.

     Through the open door, we see Corky moving almost casually 
     across the living room.

54   INT. CORKY'S APARTMENT - DAY                                  54   

     Corky is looking for something.

               You can't know for certain that he 
               won't see you.

               Trust me, Violet.

     She finds a black duffel bag from one of her tool buckets.

               I'm just asking, what if?

               If he does ...

     Corky slips her hand in between the mattress and box spring, 
     pulling out a gun.

                           CORKY (CONT'D)
               Then I won't have a choice, will I?

     She tosses the gun on the bed.


                                                            p. 50

55   INT. OFFICE - NIGHT                                           55   

     The black case is lying on the desk, locked shut. Corky moves 
     around the desk, dropping down behind it.

                           CORKY (V.O.)
               When I'm inside, I will get the money.

     From her earlobe, she chooses the right pick, sliding out 
     the silver tool.

     It takes only a second and the first lock pops open.

     She is working on the other lock when the door is pushed 
     open and Ceasar walks in.

     Corky drops down, grasping for her gun -

     As Ceasar, wearing only underwear, enters. He blows on the 
     drying polish on his fingernails before delicately selecting 
     a suit from his closet.

     The gun ready, Corky, pressed against the desk, waits until 
     he leaves.

     She lets her breath out, then pops the second lock, unzips 
     the black duffel bag and quickly empties the case, filling 
     the bag with fat money bricks.

                           CORKY (V.O.) (CONT'D)
               I'm going to need something ...

     Finished, she zips up the bag and looks about.

                           CORKY (V.O.) (CONT'D)
               ... to fill the case.

     Sbe sees a stack of newspapers hidden near the desk.

                           CORKY (V.O.) (CONT'D)
               Yeah, you should hide it near the 
               desk before you leave.

     She fills the case, then closes it.

                           CORKY (CONT'D)
               At that point -

     She thumbs the locks shut and they snap, unnaturally loud, 
     into place.

56   INT. CORKY'S APARTMENT - DAY                                  56   

     They are both on the bed.


                                                            p. 51

               There is no going back.

               When I get the Scotch, how do I know 
               you won't take off?

               The same way I'll know that you went 
               to get the Scotch. Trust.

     Their faces are close, eyes still trying to read each other.

               I still don't see how I'm going to 
               get clean with the money in the 
               apartment. Everyone will think I did 

               Not Ceasar.


               Because of what you are going to 
               tell him. You have to make it as 
               real as you can. The moment you open 
               the door with the Scotch in your 
               hand, you will be covered, and that 
               moment is the most important moment 
               in the plan.

57   INT. CEASAR'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                               57   

     The door bursts open. Violet enters quickly, carrying a bottle 
     in a thin brown bag.

                           CORKY (V.O.)
               If it's real enough, he'll believe 
               it, because deep down he'll want to.

               C! Shit, I'm sorry!

     Ceasar wanders out, tightening his tie. She looks at her 

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               They were early.

               What are you talking about?


                                                            p. 52

               They just left, didn't they?

               What are you, drunk?

     He smiles, grabbing the bottle from her.

               You mean they weren't up here?

               No! They're still on their way.

               That doesn't make any sense.


               Because I just saw Johnnie downstairs.

     Ceasar turns.


               I was getting out of the car when I 
               saw him in the Mercedes.

               It couldn't have been.

               It was him. I'm positive.

               It's impossible!

               Ceasar, I know Johnnie. It was him. 
               I screamed when I saw him. I couldn't 
               believe I missed them. I knew you 
               were going to be upset so I thought 
               I'd apologize and give Gino the 
               Scotch. I honked a couple of times 
               but he didn't stop.

     She watches him, her words caving in around him.


                                                            p. 53

               But Gino's plane doesn't get in for 
               another half-hour.

     Violet thinks.

               Actually, I didn't see Gino in the 

     His eyes dart. His forehead beads with sweat. He turns toward 
     the office.

58   INT. CORKY'S APARTMENT - DAY                                  58   

     Violet is staring at Corky's mouth.

               If Ceasar hates Johnnie like you 
               say, then the second he opens the 
               case he'll know, in his gut, that 
               Johnnie just fucked him.  He'll 
               realize that he has no choice. He 
               can't touch Gino or Johnnie. There's 
               only one way out.

     She pauses.

                           CORKY (CONT'D)
               He'll have to run.

               If he runs, everyone will assume he 
               took the money.

               You'll be clean and we'll be rich.

59   INT. OFFICE - NIGHT                                           59   

               stands over the desk, afraid to open 
               the case.

60   INT. CORKY'S APARTMENT - DAY                                  60   

               Jesus, that's beautiful.

               Thank you.


                                                            p. 54

               If you're this goddamn smart, how 
               did you ever get caught?

               Every job like this has moments where 
               things don't go so well and everyone 
               starts thinking about their own ass. 
               It's in those moments that everything 
               comes together or falls apart.

     She looks dead at Violet.

                           CORKY (CONT'D)
               I had a partner and she fucked me.

               I won't.

               I think we're going to find out.

61   INT. OFFICE - NIGHT                                           61   

     The key turns and the locks pop. When Ceasar sees the 
     newspaper, the whole world begins to spin.


     His chest collapses onto itself while his hands ball into 

               No no no no ...

     She moves around the side of the desk and sees the newspaper.

               Oh God ...

     He slams the case shut, his head hanging down.

     After a moment he looks at her, like a little boy about to 

               ... I've been set up.

     He seems ready to scream but can't say anything.



                                                            p. 55

     The name is like water hitting hot oil.

               That fuck! That rat-fuck! Little 
               shit rat-fuck!

     He starts punching the desk, each blow harder than the last.

62   INT. EMPTY APARTMENT - NIGHT                                  62   

     Corky can hear him pounding. She looks down and smiles. 
     Between her legs is the open bag stuffed with money.

63   INT. CEASAR'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                               63   

     Ceasar is choking on his own rage.

               Why? Why would Johnnie do this?

               Jesus Christ, Violet! Open your 
               fucking eyes! Johnnie hates me like 
               I hate him!

     He starts to pound his fists against his own head.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               I hate that little fuck! I hate him! 
               I hate him! I should've done him!

               But you know he did it.

               So what?! So fucking what?  Use your 
               head, Violet. The money is gone. 
               Gino is coming here to get it. You 
               think he's going to believe me if I 
               tell him his piss-hole son stole it!  
               Is that what you think? I don't. You 
               know what I think? I think I'm a 
               dead man. I'm one in the brain. That's 
               what I think!

               Ceasar, what are we going to do?

     He grabs hold of his chair, using it to support himself 

               I know what he wants me to do. He 
               wants me out of here. He wants me to 


                                                            p. 56

     She watches him, his body rocking against the chair.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               If I run, then everyone will think I 
               took the money and he walks away 
               with two million clean.

     The words squeeze out like tears.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               God, I can see him right now driving 
               to get Gino. I can hear him laughing, 
               fucking laughing, laughing at me.

     He swings the swivel chair over his head and smashes it down 
     on the desk. Again and again.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               Laughing at me! Laughing at me!

     The chair falls and he stands alone, covering his face to 
     hide his tears.

               C ...

     She goes to hold him.

               Don't touch me!

     He backs into the corner of the room.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               Just leave me alone! I got to think!

     Violet watches him trying to wipe the tears and sweat from 
     his face.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               Got to think this through ...

               Ceasar, maybe we should run -

               Violet, please!

               I mean it, Ceasar, forget Johnnie, 
               forget the money, let's just go now, 
               before it's too late -


                                                            p. 57

               Goddammit, Violet!  Would you just 
               leave me the fuck alone! Please! 
               Leave! Now!

               All right, Ceasar.

64   INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT                                          64   

     Violet enters, closing the door quietly behind her. She looks 
     at the wall, then goes to the bed and picks up the phone.

     As she dials, we move along the phone cord, following it 
     down to the jack in the wall.

65   INT. EMPTY APARTMENT - NIGHT                                  65   

     We move out from another jack, following a different cord.

     Corky is sitting with her back to the wall. The black phone 
     beside her barely rings once before she answers.

     She waits, saying nothing.

               (VO) It's me.

               What happened?

66   INT. BEDROOM NIGHT                                            66   

     Violet whispers, her hand cupped over the mouthpiece.

               He totally freaked. I've never seen 
               him like this. He's out of his fucking 

                           CORKY (V.O.)
               That's okay, as long as he believes 
               it was Johnnie.

               Believes it!  Jesus, it's driving 
               him crazy. He wants to kill him. I 
               don't know, Corky, I don't know what 
               he is going to do. I'm getting 
               nervous, really nervous.


                                                            p. 58

67   INT. EMPTY APARTMENT - NIGHT                                  67   

               It's all right, Violet. It's working. 
               All we got to do is wait him out and 
               see what he does.

                           VIOLET (V.O.)
               What if he doesn't run?

               That means he probably will kill 

                           VIOLET (V.O.)
               Oh, Christ, I got to get out of here!

               Listen, if he doesn't run, all you 
               have to do is break down, go to your 
               bedroom and pack some things, start 
               crying, saying you love him but you 
               can't do it. You're sorry but you 
               have to leave and just walk out.

68   INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT                                          68   

               okay, all right.

                           CORKY (V.O.)
               We're almost there, Violet. just 
               hang on.

     Violet hears him.

               He's coming ...

     She hangs up quickly just as Ceasar bursts in.

               I got it! I know what I got to do! I 
               got to get the money.

               The money? The money's gone.

               No. Johnnie's got it. All I got to 
               do is get it back.

               But it could be anywhere.


                                                            p. 59

               He didn't have that much time. He 
               had to pick up Gino. I bet you he's 
               got it with him. I bet it's in the 

69   INT. EMPTY APARTMENT - NIGHT                                  69   

     Corky presses against the wall, trying to hear.

70   INT. CEASAR'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                               70   

     Ceasar is pacing.

               He didn't see you, did he?


               See, right now he doesn't know that 
               I know, that's why he put the paper 
               in the case. He wants me to hand the 
               case to Gino.  Then there is no doubt 
               it was me. Gino will put a bullet in 
               me himself. But it ain't going to 
               happen. I won't let it! Johnnie ain't 
               going to fuck me! Not like this! No 

               This is insane!

     She throws open her closet.

               What are you doing?

     She grabs a suitcase from under the bed.

               I'm leaving! This is crazy! I don't 
               want to be involved. I don't want 
               anything to do with this shit!

     She starts yanking the dresses from the closet.

               You can't leave.

               The hell I can't!


                                                            p. 60

               I need you ...

               Bullshit! You don't need me! You've 
               never needed me! I can't help you! 
               Understand?! I have to get out.

               Violet, I won't let you leave.

     She turns and sees that he is holding a gun.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               If you're not with me, Violet, then 
               I have to assume you're against me.

               Ceasar, this is crazy.

               Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. Maybe 
               you dropped the Scotch by accident. 
               Maybe you didn't.

     Now it is her turn to feel the world spin.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               It would have been so easy to let 
               him in as you went out.

               You don't, you can't believe that...

               I've seen the way he looks at you. 
               He's always wanted you. Maybe two 
               million dollars finally bought you.

     She slaps him hard. He stares at her.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               I'm sorry, Violet, but it has to be 
               this way.

     He moves past her, picks up the dresses and returns them to 
     the closet.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               I hope you understand. I want to 
               trust you, I want to believe you, 
               but I don't have any other choice.

     He shuts the closet.


                                                            p. 61

71   INT. LIVING ROOM - NIGHT                                      71   

     Ceasar is at the bar, drinking the scotch. The gun in front 
     of him. Across the room, Violet sits, staring holes through 

     They wait in silence.

               You sure you don't want a drink?

     Violet says nothing.

72   INT. EMPTY APARTMENT - NIGHT                                  72   

     In the dark, Corky sits, her face, her posture very similar 
     to Violet's.

     She is concentrating, her mind somewhere else, when the door 
     buzzer sounds.

     She turns her head and hears Ceasar faintly answering the 

     Corky stands just as -

73   INT. CEASAR'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                               73   

     Violet stands.

               faces her for a moment, then shoves 
               the gun into his belt behind his 

74   INT. EMPTY APARTMENT - NIGHT                                  74   

     Corky watches through the door peep as three men pass by.

75   INT. CEASAR'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                               75   

     There is a knock and Ceasar opens the door.

     GINO MARZZONE is an old Italian whose face is a mask of 
     irritated indifference.

     ROY, his enormous driver, is behind him.

     Ceasar smiles, greeting them in italian with open arms.

     Johnnie is the last inside. He has tape over his broken nose. 
     He smiles and hugs Ceasar.


                                                            p. 62

               You shouldn't have hit me.

               You want to get into this now?

               No, no, Ceasar. Not now.

     He smiles again, patting him on the shoulder, then throwing 
     a fake punch.

     Ceasar sees gino with his bright italian smile, flattering 
     Violet, kissing her.

               Hey, Ceasar! You take care of this 
               girl, or I find out!

               You are as radiant as ever, Violet.

     As he bends to kiss her hand, she sees Ceasar watching them.

               Glenlivet, right, Gino?

               I'll have whatever Violet's drinking.

               I'm not drinking.

               Then neither will I.

     This makes Violet very uncomfortable.

               No, I'll have a Tanqueray and tonic.

               Ceasar, make that two TNTs.

     Ceasar's hand shakes as he pours Gino's Scotch.

76   INT. EMPTY APARTMENT - NIGHT                                  76   

     Pacing in her socks, Corky tries to think through several 
     possible situations. She stops, staring at the bag of money.

     The idea of its sitting out in the open suddenly bothers 


                                                            p. 63

77   INT. CEASAR'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                               77   

               hands Violet and Johnnie a drink. He 
               stares at her. She stares back.

               Salud, eh. Roy, Violet, Pop, Ceasar.

     Ceasar watches Johnnie, suspecting everything he does.

     Johnnie reaches into his pocket and takes out a cellular 

               No, Johnnie. No goddamned phones. 
               Not now.


               Ceasar, come here. Sit. We talk now. 
               You too, Johnnie.

     Each man sits on either side of Gino.

                           GINO (CONT'D)
               Ceasar, look at me. Johnnie tell me 
               what happened.  Ceasar, you gotta do 
               me a favor, a personal favor. For 
               me, eh? You gotta start respecting 
               Johnnie the way you respect me. You 
               understand? Good.

     Ceasar sees Johnnie smiling at him, but when Gino turns, the 
     smile disappears.

                           GINO (CONT'D)
               And you, Johnnie. You gonna stop 
               acting stupid. You gotta earn this 
               respect that Ceasar's gonna give. 
               You understand? Good.  Done. Now, 
               where's my money?

78   INT. EMPTY APARTMENT - NIGHT                                  78   

     Corky drops a hefty bag, knotted tight, into an open five-
     gallon bucket of paint.

     As she picks up a paint stick, we see a second bag beside 
     another bucket.


                                                            p. 64

     She pushes the first bag down until it disappears, enveloped 
     by the milk-white liquid.

79   INT. CEASAR'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                               79   

     Ceasar puts the briefcase onto the coffee table.

     Gino looks up at Ceasar, very serious, with his hand on the 

               We know how this was done, eh?

               Yeah, I know.

     He looks dead at Johnnie.

               It won't happen again, eh?

     Ceasar shakes his head.

                           GINO (CONT'D)

     Gino throws down the last of the Scotch.

                           GINO (CONT'D)
               Done. We go now.

               Jesus Christ, Pop. You got two hours 
               until your plane leaves.

     Gino checks his watch, shouting in Italian. Johnnie shouts 
     back until Gino throws up his hands, refusing to listen.


     He gestures to his empty glass, then folds his arms, leaning 
     back. Ceasar gets the bottle.

               So Ceasar, what did it total out at?

               Two point one seventy-six.

     Johnnie whistles as Ceasar pours Gino another Scotch.


                                                            p. 65

               Unbelievable. Can you believe that, 

               Hey, Johnnie ...

     In Italian tells him to shut up.

               Come on, Pop, all I want to know is 
               one thing. Just one thing after he 
               made such a big deal out of it. I 
               bet it wasn't a big deal. Was it, 

               What's that, Johnnie?

               The money.  I bet it was nothing to 
               get it clean, after you made such a 
               fucking big deal ...

               Johnnie, what did I say?

               Pop, this is important to me. It's a 
               simple question. if he would just 
               answer the question, that's the end 
               of it.

               Where is this going, Johnnie?

               Just admit it, Ceasar.

               Admit what?

               That you overreacted. That you lost 
               it. Not me. It was your mistake.

     Ceasar sees it so clearly now.

               All right, Johnnie, you want to play 
               it this way, I can play it this way. 
               You want to know who made a mistake, 
               why don't you open the case.


                                                            p. 66


               Shut up, Violet! This is between me 
               and Johnnie.

     He pushes the case toward him.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               You want to do this now, let's do 
               it. Open the case. Open the fucking 

     Johnnie stares at him, feeling that something is very wrong.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               That's right, I know. I fucking know.

               Know what?

               Open the case!

               All right! Where's the key?

               You don't need a key.

     He tries but it's locked.

               How the fuck can I open it?

               The same way you did before.

               What are you talking about?

     Ceasar smiles and tosses the key onto the table.

               There you go, Johnnie.

     He reaches for the key. Ceasar stands up and gives Violet 
     his drink.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               Get me another.

     He can see the fear on her face as she goes to the bar.


                                                            p. 67

     Time drips.

     The key turns. One lock pops.

     Then the other.

     Tbe case opens like a scream and Johnnie sees the newspaper.

               What the ...

     Before anybody can move, Ceasar whips around with his gun.

     Roy jumps off his stool, his drink crashing to the floor.

               Don't! Don't fucking move!

     Nobody can believe what is happening.

               Ceasar ? What is this?

               Ask Johnnie! Ask your rat-fuck son!

               What the fuck?

     Ceasar levels the gun.

               You don't think I'll do it, do you?

               I think you're fucking crazy!

               Where is it?

               Where's what?

               The money!

               Ceasar, I don't know what you're 
               thinking here, but if you don't put 
               down that gun -

     He stands up.


                                                            p. 68

               Sit down!

     He does.

               Ceasar !

               Gino, your son stole this money to 
               set me up and I can prove it. Violet!

     She doesn't know what to say.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               Tell them! Tell them!

               For Christ's sake, Johnnie, do what 
               he says.

               This isn't happening ...

     Boom! Ceasar blows a hole in the couch right between Johnnie's 
     legs. Johnnie screams.

               The next one blows off your dick.

               You're a dead man! A fucking dead 

               Where is it?


     Gino jumps up.

               No, Gino!

               You aim a gun at me?! Do you know 
               who I am?! I am Gino Marzzone. You 

     He starts walking toward Ceasar. Roy moves around for a good 


                                                            p. 69

               Sit down, Gino!

               No, Ceasar, gimme the gun.

               Stay away!

     He backs up as Gino walks straight to him.

               We're family, Ceasar.


               Gimme the gun.

               I can't. I can't.

               Give it to me.

     He reaches up and takes bold of the barrel. Ceasar looks 
     resigned as he shuts his eyes.

                           GINO (CONT'D)
               Good man.

     Close on Gino's hand holding the gun barrel as -

     Ceasar fires.

     From behind the gun we watch Gino's grip yanked free, time 
     melting away as he falls, blood bubbling from his chest, his 
     eyes wide in disbelief.

     His body hits the floor and the room erupts.

     Roy dives, drawing his gun as Ceasar continues to fire, 
     pumping the trigger.

     Violet drops behind the bar as Jobnnie screams, falling 
     towards his father.

     Blood spurts from Roy as two bullets hit, his gun clattering 
     and sliding across the floor.

     Johnnie lunges at Ceasar as Ceasar turns and fires, hitting 
     Johnnie everywhere; blood and meat spray and speckle 
     everything around him.


                                                            p. 70

80   INT. EMPTY APARTMENT - NIGHT                                  80   

     The gun continues to fire as Corky clutches the phone, 

               This is an emergency!

81   INT. CEASAR'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                               81   

     Crunched down behind the bar, Violet listens to the only 
     sound, repeating in the unnatural quiet:

     Click. Click.


     Rising, she peers over the edge of the bar.

     Ceasar is standing in the aftermath. His gun is still aimed 
     at Johnnie as he pulls the trigger over and over.

     The bodies are still, blood silently pooling around them.

     Blinking the sweat from his eyes, Ceasar sees Violet.

               I had to do it, Violet. You saw it. 
               I had no choice. It was Johnnie. 
               That lying fuck. He made me do it.

     He looks down at Jobnnie, hate rising like bile.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               You lying rat-fuck. You think you 
               can set me up? Is that what you think? 
               You stupid fuck.

     Kicking the body, be causes a series of sickening wet noises.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               I'm a dead man? I'm a dead man? Guess 
               again, fuck-face. Who's dead?  Who's 
               the dead lying rat-fuck? Take another 
               guess, take another fucking guess!

     He stops, panting, unable to catch his breath. Violet is 
     afraid to even look at him.

     Blood creeps along the edge of the floorboards.

     Ceasar tries to clear his head, mopping the sweat from his 
     face. He bends down and starts searching Johnnie's pockets.


                                                            p. 71

     He finds his keys.

               What are you doing?

     Lost in thought, he goes to Gino. Throwing open the coat, he 
     sees the airplane ticket. There is a bullet hole in it.

     He checks the times and then his watch.

               ... maybe three hours.

               Ceasar, what are you going to do?

               What do you think we're going to do? 
               We have to find the money.


               Once we have the money, then none of 
               this ever happened.

               Ceasar, you just killed Gino Marzzone.

               No I didn't. Not if his body 
               disappears and not if the money is 
               still here. Then they never showed 

               What happened to them?

               I don't know. We may never know, but 
               I'm going to guess it was a job, 
               maybe the Karpoli family.

     He smiles.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               All part of the business.

     He picks up Roy's gun and stuffs it in his belt.


                                                            p. 72

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               We just got to find the money. Once 
               we do, everything is going to be all 

     In the distance, the wail of a police siren can be heard.

82   EXT. PARKING LOT - NIGHT                                      82   

     Through the window they see a squad car, lights blaring, 
     roll up in front of the building.

83   INT. CEASAR'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                               83   

               Oh, no.

     He turns back to the carnage.


               Ceasar, what are we going to do?

               They're just cops. Stall them as 
               long as you can.

     Ceasar flies into action.

     Grunting, he hauls Gino's body up, drags it to the bathroom 
     and throws it into the tub. He returns for Johnnie's body.

84   INT. EMPTY APARTMENT - NIGHT                                  84   

     Standing near the bathroom, Corky hears the metal echo of 
     the tub. Looking at her tub, she imagines what he is doing.

     Through the wall, she hears the door buzzer.

85   INT. CEASAR'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                               85   

     The buzzer sounds again as Violet sees him lift Roy's body.

               Answer it!

     He heads back to the bathroom, dropping Roy onto the other 

     The three bloody bodies fill the tub.


                                                            p. 73

     We see Johnnie's arm hanging over the edge as Ceasar snaps 
     the shower curtain around, hiding them.


                           COP #1 (V.O.)
               This is the police, ma'am.

     She cuts them off using the intercom.

               The police?

     Over her shoulder she sees Ceasar moving the furniture, 
     clearing the area around the heavy bloodstains.

                           COP #1 (V.O.)
               We had a report of gunfire, so if 
               you could -

               Gunfire? Is this a joke?

     Violet sees Ceasar hurry to his office.

                           COP #1 (V.O.)
               No joke, ma'am. Please open the door.

               How do I know you are cops?

86   INT. OFFICE - NIGHT                                           86   

     Ceasar seizes the beautiful oriental rug in his office and 
     yanks it up, overturning furniture. Dragging it out, he slams 
     the door behind him.

87   INT. LIVING ROOM - NIGHT                                      87   

     Violet looks at Ceasar, who is working with the calm, single-
     minded focus of a machine.

                           COP #1 (V.O.)
               Ma'am, you have to open the door.

               All right.

     She buzzes them in as Ceasar throws the rug like someone 
     making a bed, letting it fall to the floor and cover most of 
     the blood.


                                                            p. 74

88   INT. LOBBY - NIGHT                                            88   

     The cops are waiting for the elevator. After a moment, the 
     door slides open.

89   INT. CEASAR'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                               89   

     Violet moves away from the intercom as Ceasar begins arranging 
     the furniture on the rug.

               Get me a wet towel.

     His words push her to the bathroom.

90   INT. BATHROOM - NIGHT                                         90   

     Stuffing a towel into the sink, she turns on the water. She 
     does not even look at the shower curtain.

91   INT. HALL - NIGHT                                             91   

     The elevator opens and the cops step out.

92   INT. CEASAR'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                               92   

     Ceasar grabs the television remote, hits "on" and jacks the 
     volume until it is obviously loud.

     Violet returns and he snatches the towel from her.

93   INT. HALL                                                     93   

     As the two cops walk down the hall, they hear the television. 
     They look at each other, already knowing what happened.

94   INT. CEASAR'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                               94   

     Like a maniac, Ceasar wipes at any blood still visible until 
     there is a knock on the door. He grabs Violet by the arm.

               If you're thinking about doing 
               something stupid, remember I just 
               killed Gino Marzzone. You understand 
               what that means?

     She nods.

               They're just cops.

     There is another knock, much louder.


                                                            p. 75

     Violet goes to the door as Ceasar rips off his blood-soaked 
     jacket and shirt.

     He drops down behind the bar Leaving the chain on, Violet 
     opens the door. Tbe cops smile.

                           COP #1
               See? We're for real.

               I'm sorry, it's just you hear stories.

                           COP #1
               You did the right thing.

     Crouching, Ceasar wipes vigorously at the blood on his hands 
     and face.

     Violet opens the door.

     Ceasar crams the bloody wad under the bar sink.

     Just as the cops enter the living room, Ceasar stands, looking 
     comfortable in no shirt, with ice cubes in his hands.

               Hey, hey, Chicago's finest.

     He plunks the ice into a glass and walks from behind the bar

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               How's it going tonight, fellas?

                           COP #2
               Pretty good, sir.

     Ceasar turns his head.

               Huh? I'm sorry, I can only hear in 
               this ear.

     Tbe cops look at each other again.

     Wiping his wet hand on his pants, Ceasar shakes hands with 
     each of them.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               I'm Ceasar and this here is my Violet.

     They smile at Violet as Ceasar puts his arm around her.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               Violet said something about gunshots?


                                                            p. 76

     Violet sees the gun wedged in the back of his belt.

                           COP #1
               Yes, sir, a neighbor in the building 
               called in.

     COP #2 I think we know what happened.

                           COP #1 (CONT'D)
               It was probably just the television.

               The television?

     He looks at Violet.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               Honey, why didn't you say something? 
               Turn it off.

     Violet walks across the rug and turns off the TV.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               Fuck, this happened before. It's 
               this shitty ear. Born with it. The 
               batteries wore out in my aid. I'm 

                           COP #2
               It's all right, sir.

                           COP #1
               No big deal.

               Hey, can I get you guys a beer?

                           COP #1
               Not on duty, sorry.

               Oh, right.

                           COP #2
               But, uh, would you mind if I used 
               your bathroom?

     Ceasar's face tightens.

               Yeah, why not? It's right there.

                           COP #2


                                                            p. 77

     He heads for the john.

     Violet watches Ceasar back up to the bar, moving behind it.

               I'm going to make myself a drink, if 
               that's okay?

                           COP #1
               Go right ahead, sir.

95   INT. BATHROOM NIGHT                                           95   

     COP #2 enters, walking right past the shower curtain. We 
     hear his sigh as he starts to piss.

96   INT. LIVING ROOM - NIGHT                                      96   

     Cop #1 walks onto the rug, looking around, turning to Violet.

                           COP #1
               This is a beautiful place.

               ... thank you.

     She stares at his shoes on the rug.

     Watching everything, Ceasar takes a sip of his drink. He 
     slips his gun out and holds it at his side.

97   INT. BATHROOM - NIGHT                                         97   

     There is a bulge in the shower curtain where we imagine 
     Johnnie's arm is hanging.

     Slowly we slide down to the bottom edge of the plastic 
     curtain, where a drip of blood forms and -

     Plips into a small red spot on the white tile floor.

98   INT. LIVING ROOM - NIGHT                                      98   

     Close on the heel of the cop's black shoe, where we can almost 
     see the blood seeping up through the oriental rug.

                           COP #1
               Is this a condo?

     Violet nods.

     Everyone turns when Cop #2 busts out of the bathroom.


                                                            p. 78

                           COP #2
               Okay, let's roll.

     Cop #1 walks across the rug to the hardwood floor. He turns 
     to Ceasar.

                           COP #1
               Try to keep the extra batteries for 
               your aid around.

               Good idea.

99   INT. EMPTY APARTMENT - NIGHT                                  99   

     Corky hears the cop say goodbye to Violet. The door closes. 
     She isn't sure what she should do.

     Over her shoulder, she notes the bucket of paint. She lets 
     the cops leave.

100   INT. CEASAR'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                             100   

     Ceasar puts on a new shirt, the gun stuffed in his pants.

               Let's go.

101   INT. EMPTY APARTMENT - NIGHT                                101   

     Corky rises at the sound of Ceasar's door closing.

     We track her along the wall to the foyer as she follows the 
     faint sounds of Ceasar and Violet's footsteps.

102   INT. HALL - NIGHT                                           102   

     As they pass by, Violet looks up to the door of the empty 
     apartment, straight at the peephole.

103   INT. EMPTY APARTMENT                                        103   

     Corky is pressed against the door, eye at the peephole.

     She sees that Violet is afraid as the two women seem to speak 
     to each other with their eyes.

               ... shit.

104   EXT. PARKING LOT - NIGHT                                    104   

     Ceasar is on his knees, searching under the seats of Johnnie's 
     Mercedes. Unable to find the money, he is ready to snap.


                                                            p. 79

     From the main doors, Corky slips out of the building. Hiding 
     behind a column, she sees Violet and Ceasar across the lot.

     Corky moves behind the parked cars, the gun squeezed in her 

     Violet edges away, on the verge of running, looking toward 
     the busy street.

     Standing, Ceasar pounds on the car.

               Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

               Ceasar, someone could see us out 

     Ignoring her, be tries to think.

               Get in.

     Still too far from them to do anytbing, Corky sees Ceasar 
     slam the trunk.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               Get in! It's got to be at his house. 
               That's the only other place it could 

     Violet looks around the lot, looking for some way out.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               Violet! Now!

     Corky can only watch as Violet gets in and the car rips away.

105   INT. EMPTY APARTMENT - NIGHT                                105   

     Alone, Corky stands over the bucket of paint. She kicks it 
     with her boot-toe.

               Two million dollars, Cork... Two 
               million dollars...

     She sighs, wondering how long she can make herself wait.

106   EXT. JOHNNIE'S BROWNSTONE - NIGHT                           106   

     The BMW is parked in front.


                                                            p. 80

107   INT.JOHNNIE'S BROWNSTONE - NIGHT                            107   

     Close on Ceasar, as he rakes his sweaty hair back, his face 
     knotted in torment.

               Okay, I come in...

     He turns as if he just came in through the front door.

     We see Johnnie's home has been laid to waste. The furniture 
     is broken, cushions split open, pictures shattered, holes 
     punched in the drywall - even the carpeting has been torn 

     Ceasar doesn't look much better.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               I've got the money...

     Huddled in a corner, Violet watches him.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               I can't wait to see the look on 
               Ceasar's face when he finds out.

     Ceasar moves from the front door, trying to get into Johnnie's 

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               Now I don't have much time...

     He takes a couple of steps into the room.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               Got to put it someplace safe...

     He looks at a closet. It's gutted, searched 10 times already.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               ... put it...

     A couple more uneasy steps and he looks at a large over-turned 
     rolltop desk.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               ... got it...

     He starts looking around the room as if he is seeing for the 
     first time that it is destroyed. He is near the breaking 



                                                            p. 81

     His voice cracks. There is nowhere else to look.

               Where did I put it?

     He explodes. A terra cotta lamp sails across the room.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               Where's my fucking money?! Fucking 
               cocksuckers! Where the fuck is it?!

     He smashes his forehead into the wall, denting the drywall.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)

     He holds his head, sinking to the ground.


     She sits next to him, putting a hand lightly on his shoulder.

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               It's not here, Ceasar.

               Where, then?

               I don't know. it could be anywhere. 
               We don't even know if he was alone. 
               Please, Ceasar, we don't have much 
               time. Let's get out of here.

     He knows what he has to do. Digging through the debris, he 
     finds the phone.

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               What are you doing?

               We're going to need some time.

               Who are you going to call?

     Already dialing, he does not answer 

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               Ceasar ?

     Ceaar takes a deep breath, mustering composure.


                                                            p. 82

                           MICKEY (V.O.)

               Hey, Mickey.

               Oh, God.

               Ceasar? What the fuck time is it?

               Mick, I know it's late, but there is 
               a problem. They haven't shown up 

               What? They ain't there?

               No. I don't know where they are. I 
               even called over at Johnnie's, but 
               no answer.

               Okay. Let me call around. I'll see 
               what I can do. Don't go anywhere, 

               Okay, sure, Mick.

               Ceasar, you still got the money?

     Ceasar looks at Violet.

               Yeah, Mick. I've got the money. I'm 
               staring right at it.

               Good. Sit tight. I'll call you.

     He hangs up.

108   INT. CEASAR'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                             108   

     Ceasar drags himself in. Violet closes the door behind them.

     Ceasar moves into the room where it happened. He is dizzy 
     and confused and does not want to be here.


                                                            p. 83

     Violet turns him around.

               I'll start packing. You know what 
               you have to do.

     She turns him toward the bathroom. He nods.

               I can use Johnnie's car, dump it in 
               Lake Michigan... I need plastic 
               bags... tape and rope...

               Just hurry.

     Nodding, he heads for the kitchen.

109   INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT                                        109   

     Violet enters and goes straight for the phone. She looks at 
     the blank wall as she dials.

               Please, Corky...

     The phone rings.

     When Corky answers, Violet almost collapses with relief.

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               Oh, thank God.

               I'm still here.

               I was so afraid you...

               You don't quit on me, Violet, and I 
               won't quit on you.

110   INT. KITCHEN - NIGHT                                        110   

     A box of Hefty bags tucked under his arm, a coil of 
     clothesline in his hand, Ceasar searches through several 

111   INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT                                        111   

     Violet glances at the door.


                                                            p. 84

               Corky, it worked! He's going to run. 
               He needs to take care of the bodies 
               to buy himself time, but as soon as 
               he leaves, it's over.

112   INT. EMPTY APARTMENT - NIGHT                                112   

     Corky falls against the wall.

               Just a little longer and it's ours.

113   INT. KITCHEN - NIGHT                                        113   

     Mumbling to himself, Ceasar walks out of the kitchen, heading 
     for the bedroom.

114   INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT                                        114   

     Violet reaches out and touches the wall, as if she were 
     touching Corky.

               Corky, I have to tell you something...

115   INT. EMPTY APARTMENT - NIGHT                                115   

     Corky turns to the wall.

               I know, Violet. I know.

     Her fingers gently touch the wall as we travel up and over, 
     where we see they are actually touching the wall in the exact 
     same place.

                           CORKY (CONT'D)
               It's why I'm still here.

116   INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT                                        116   

     Suddenly, Violet hears Ceasar.


     As he opens the door, she slams down the phone.

117   INT. EMPTY APARTMENT - NIGHT                                117   

     The line cuts off.


                                                            p. 85

118   INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT                                        118   

     Fear and panic paralyze Violet as Ceasar drops everything, 
     grabbing for his gun.

               Who was that?

     He levels the gun at her.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               Who the fuck was that?

     She stands and be rushes at her, grabbing her by the throat.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               Was that Mickey? Did you call Mickey? 
               Did you?!

     She shakes her head and he throws her on the bed. The gun 
     aimed at her, he picks up the phone and -

     Hits the redial.

119   INT. EMPTY APARTMENT - NIGHT                                119   

     Unsure of what happened, Corky hears the phone ring and 
     answers it on reflex.

     Listening, she waits.

120   INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT                                        120   

     Ceasar listens, waiting as long as he can.

               Mickey? Is that you?

121   INT. EMPTY APARTMENT - NIGHT                                121   

     Corky hangs up, jumping away from the wall.

122   INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT                                        122   

     Ceasar hits the redial again.

123   INT. EMPTY APARTMENT - NIGHT                                123   

     Panicking, Corky doesn't answer it, but as it rings very 
     loud in the empty apartment, she realizes her mistake.


                                                            p. 86

124   INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT                                        124   

     Turning slowly toward the wall, Ceasar hears the phone ringing 
     in the empty apartment.

125   INT. EMPTY APARTMENT - NIGHT                                125   

     Corky rips the plug out of the wall.

126   INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT                                        126   

     The line goes dead.

               Who is that? Who is over there?! 
               Tell me!

     She tries to get away, but he grabs her and slaps her to the 

127   INT. EMPTY APARTMENT                                        127   

     Corky hears Violet scream and that does it. Gun in hand, she 
     flies at the door.

128   INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT                                        128   

     The door to the empty apartment slams shut and Ceasar, hearing 
     it, starts to run -

     But Violet reaches out, catching his ankle, sending him 
     crashing to the dresser.

               Run! Just run!

129   INT HALL - NIGHT                                            129   

     The door to Ceasar's apartment is locked. Corky falls to one 
     knee, whipping two lock picks from her earlobe.

130   INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT                                        130   

     Ceasar raises the gun to pistol-whip Violet and she screams.

131   INT. HALL - NIGHT                                           131   

     Working the lock, Corky hears Violet's scream cut off.

     She feels the tumblers click, and rotates the cylinder.

     A shadow stirs under the crack of the door as she hears 
     something that sounds like footsteps. Corky freezes.


                                                            p. 87

     Corky presses down low against the door beneath the peephole.

     She can almost feel Ceasar beyond the door, but grits her 
     teeth and turns the doorknob.

132   INT. APARTMENT - NIGHT                                      132   

     The door cracks open and Corky slips in, gun-first. As she 
     moves into the room, we see Ceasar behind her.

     He puts his gun to her head.

               Drop the fucking gun or die!

     Corky hesitates.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               Drop it!

     She does.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               Turn around.

     Rising from her crouch, she turns and he recognizes her.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               You!? Holy fucking Christ! You gotta 
               be kidding me!

     He starts to laugh when she strikes - knocking the gun, she 
     punches him, slamming him back against the door as - she 
     twists, diving, grabbing her gun, just as -

     He steps and kicks her full in the face.

133   INT. CLOSET - NIGHT                                         133   

     Still unconscious, Corky's head jerks, reacting to the kick.

     We see the dried blood caked to her check where his kick 
     split the skin. She is again swimming toward consciousness.

     We hear water splash, her face flinching as we move closer, 
     the sounds and voices echoing.

                           CEASAR (V.O.)
               Wake up! Come on, you fucking dyke!

     We hear Ceasar slapping her.

                           CEASAR (V.O.) (CONT'D)
               Wake up!


                                                            p. 88

134   INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT                                        134   

     Corky's face is dripping with water as her eyes slowly blink 

     Coming into focus is Ceasar, standing over her with an empty 
     glass in one hand.


     Except for the gag, she is bound as we have seen her bound 
     in the closet.

     Ceasar yanks out his gun and puts it to her head.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               I know everything now so I don't 
               want to hear any "I don't know" 
               bullshit, you understand?

     She sees Violet on the bed, also bound hand and foot.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               God, I should have seen this coming! 
               The second I met you, I knew it. 
               Everyone knows your kind can't be 
               trusted! Fucking queers make me sick.

     The gun digs into her cheek.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               But you tried to fuck the wrong guy. 
               And I swear to you that I'm going to 
               kill you for it.

     He thumbs back the hammer.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               Where is the money?

               Don't tell him -

               Shut up, Violet!

               He can't kill you -

     He aims the gun at Violet.



                                                            p. 89

               Not until he has the money!

     He fires and she jumps as the bullet punches through the 
     wall behind her.

     His point made, he puts the gun back to Corky's head.

               Now, where the fuck is my money?

               Lick me.

               Where is it?

               Either pull the trigger or get that 
               thing out of my face.

     Blood temperature rising again, Ceasar pulls the gun back 
     and slaps her with it.

               Stupid cunt!

               Ceasar, stop acting like an asshole 
               and think -

               Don't try to tell me what to do.

               You need the money just like we do.

               Shut up, Violet.

               Let us go and we'll make a deal.

     He rushes at her, grabbing a fistful of her hair.

               Shut the fuck up!

     He looks at Corky.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               What did you do to her?! This isn't 
               my Violet!


                                                            p. 90

     He looks at her as if unable to recognize her 

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               What did she do to you?

               Everything you couldn't.

     He shoves her down.

               You ungrateful bitch! You had nothing 
               before I met you. You were nothing!

     He stomps around the room.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               Who gave you this place? This 

     He throws open the closet.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               Who gave us all of this? I did! I 
               gave you everything!  I gave you 
               this life! I made you, Violet. I 
               saved you.

     He seems to believe what he is saying.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               I saved you.

               Ha! What a load of crap. Look at 
               yourself, Ceasar. You're a thug. You 
               launder money for the mob. You rent 
               women like you rented this apartment.

     He doesn't want to hear this.

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               Saved me? You don't even know me. 
               You used me, Ceasar, just like I 
               used you. All part of the business.

               You betrayed me!

               You murdered Gino!

               I had to. You made me.


                                                            p. 91

               Bullshit, you killed him. Not me. 
               You did it because you couldn't stand 
               the thought of Johnnie fucking you.

               Shut up!

     He slaps her.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               Okay, you want business, I'll give 
               you the fucking business.

     He leans closer. 

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               I'm going to make you beg just like 
               Shelly did. Just like Shelly!

     He storms out of the room.

     Corky looks up at Violet.

               I'm sorry, Corky...

               Don't be sorry. Help me.

     She pulls at the ropes as Violet slides off the bed.

135   INT. KITCHEN - NIGHT                                        135   

     Ceasar throws open the broom closet and grabs the clippers 
     that Mickey used to cut off Shelly's finger.

136   INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT                                        136   

     The two women are back-to-back, fingers working at each 
     other's knots when Ceasar bursts into the room.

               Oh, no no no.

     Grabbing Corky by the boots, he drags her and flips her so 
     that she can now see Violet.

     He drops down onto Violet putting the clippers in front of 
     her face.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               Hey, Violet, you remember these?


                                                            p. 92

     Her eyes widen with terror. She starts to scream when he 
     stuffs a towel in her mouth.

     Laying against Violet, he turns to Corky.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               I'm going to start with her so you'll 
               get a good idea what's coming.

     He takes hold of Violet's pinky finger, stretching it out.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               I'm going to ask you where the money 
               is. Every time you don't give me an 
               answer, I'm going to cut off one 


               When I reach ten, then I'll start 
               with you.

     He puts the finger between the blades.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               Where is the money?

     Corky sees Violet thrashing helplessly. She has no choice. 
     Her mouth opens as -

     The door buzzer rings.

     Ceasar is distracted, trying to think who it could be.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               ... Mickey.

     He sees the phone, where he dropped it, lying off the hook.

     The door buzzer rings again, more insistently. Corky sees 
     him momentarily unnerved.

     He looks back at her.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               I said where -

     He starts to cut and Corky SCREAMS -

               No! I'll tell you!


                                                            p. 93

     He stops, the door buzzing continuously.

                           CORKY (CONT'D)
               It's over there in the empty 

     As she speaks, the sound of the door buzzer changes.

                           CORKY (CONT'D)
               I put it inside one of the paint 

     He is not looking at her; listening, he realizes that Mickey 
     is buzzing the other apartments.

     Ceasar stands as the buzzing stops. He pulls out his gun and 
     aims it at Corky.

               I promised I would kill you.

     He cocks it.

               You can't kill me yet.


               I could be lying.

     His hand start to shake with ftustration. He is beginning to 
     hate this woman more than he ever hated Johnnie.

     Taking a deep breath, he eases back the hammer.

               You're going to wish to God you hadn't 
               done that.

     He kicks her again, snapping her head back.

     After he leaves, Violet looks over and sees Corky lying 

137   INT. HALL - NIGHT                                           137   

     Ceasar tries to open the door to the empty apartment but it 
     is locked.



                                                            p. 94

     At the end of the hall, the elevator "dings." Just as the 
     door opens, Ceasar jumps back into his apartment.

138   INT. CEASAR'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                             138   

               Son of a bitch...

     His mind a racing blur, he locks the door and runs back to 
     the bedroom.

139   INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT                                        139   

     With another towel, he gags Corky and drags her into the 
     closet. In her pocket, he finds the key.

     He closes the doors, then hangs up the phone.

     Grunting, he hauls Violet up over his shoulder -

     When there is a knock on the door.

140   INT. LIVING ROOM - NIGHT                                    140   

     Carrying Violet, he hurries to the kitchen, where he throws 
     Corky's gun into the freezer. Mickey is banging on the door 
     as Ceasar heads for the bathroom.

141   INT. BATHROOM                                               141   

     Dropping Violet onto the floor, he reaches behind the curtain 
     and turns on the shower.

               Mickey will get in. I know he will.

     We hear the water hitting the bodies while Ceasar starts 
     tearing off his clothes.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               Violet. I can kill you right now if 
               that's what you want. If you want to 
               live, then you have to help me. I 
               need you to make Mickey believe that 
               everything is normal.

     He picks up his gun.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               Tell me, do you want to live?

     She stares hard at him and his gun, then nods.


                                                            p. 95

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               Good girl.

142   INT. LIVING ROOM - NIGHT                                    142   

     We move toward the door as the lock clicks open.

143   INT. BATHROOM - NIGHT                                       143   

     Violet's hands are untied. She pulls off the gag and the 
     ropes at her feet.

     Naked, Ceasar sticks his head under the shower spray, wetting 

144   INT. LIVING ROOM                                            144   

     Still dripping, Ceasar walks into the room, a towel wrapped 
     around his waist, another towel in his hand.

     Mickey and Lou are standing in the middle of the room.

     Ceasar jumps.

               Jesus Christ!

     Ceasar holds his chest, laying it on a bit thick.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               Holy fuck, Mickey! You scared the 
               shit outta me.

     He sees they both are holding their guns.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               What is this?  what are you two doing, 
               sneaking in here with your peckers 
               in your hands? You gonna do me, Mick? 
               Is that it?

     Mickey smiles, putting his gun away.

               No, Cease. There was no answer.

               I thought I heard someone knocking.

               I was buzzing, I was knocking, but I 
               guess you couldn't hear me on account 
               of being in the shower.


                                                            p. 96

               Yeah, it was Violet's idea. I was so 
               wound up about Gino, she was trying 
               to help me relax.

               That Violet is one nice lady. Wish 
               someone would help me relax.

               Shit, Mick, come on in, let me get 
               you a drink. Sit down, Lou.

     Behind the bar, he sets down the towel be was holding and we 
     see the gun hidden inside it.

145   INT. BATHROOM - NIGHT                                       145   

     Violet watches through a sliver of open door, her mind already 

146   INT. LIVING ROOM - NIGHT                                    146   

     Ceasar is making the drinks.

               We was worried about you, Cease.

               Me? Why?

               We went over to Johnnie's place just 
               to check it out and it was busted 
               up, Bad.

     Ceasar hands him a drink.

                           MICKEY (CONT'D)
               I started thinking maybe it's about 
               the money so I call you, but all I 
               get is the busy signal. I figure the 
               phone is off the hook, that's why I 
               come rushing over here.

               Oh Christ, the phone... That was a 
               fucking stupid thing to do, wasn't 

               Hey, if Violet was helping me relax, 
               I'd probably do the same thing.


                                                            p. 97

     Mickey smiles as he sips his drink.

147   INT. BATHROOM - NIGHT                                       147   

     Violet stands and goes to the shower curtain. She reaches in 
     and turns off the water. Steadying herself, she pulls back 
     the curtain, exposing the wet, bloody bodies.

148   INT. LIVING ROOM - NIGHT                                    148   

     Mickey is looking at the furniture.

               Cease, can I ask you something?


               Why'd you move all the furniture 

     The knot in Ceasar's stomach tightens.

                           MICKEY (CONT'D)
               Let me guess. That was Violet's idea, 

     He laughs, and Lou laughs with him.

               Actually, yeah, she was nervous about 
               Gino coming, wanted everything to 
               look right. You know women, Mick.

               Sure, Cease. They make us do stupid 
               things, don't they.

     Ceasar smiles feebly.

149   INT. BATHROOM - NIGHT                                       149   

     Violet has pulled up Johnnie's body and is digging through 
     his coat pockets, searching for something.

150   INT. LIVING ROOM - NIGHT                                    150   

     Mickey sees the briefcase still on the coffee table.

               Is that the money?


                                                            p. 98

               Yeah, that's it.

     Ceasar puts his hand inside the towel as Mickey walks across 
     the rug.

               That fucking Shelly. I gotta hand it 
               to the guy, but Jesus, if I were him 
               I would have bailed a long time ago. 
               I mean, how much money does a man 

     Talking to Lou, be picks up the case and walks back, somehow 
     moving right between the wet spots.

                           MICKEY (CONT'D)
               I remember I was just staring at all 
               this goddamn money, Shelly down on 
               his knees, and the next thing I know, 
               Johnnie just blows his head off.

     He slaps the case up onto the bar.

                           MICKEY (CONT'D)
               What a fucking mess. Johnnie's 
               laughing his ass off and that's when 
               Ceasar lost it and - Boom. He 
               coldcocked him. Fucking coldcocks 
               Johnnie Marzzone.

     He thumbs the latches but the case is still locked.

                           MICKEY (CONT'D)
               Hey, Ceasar, where's the key?

               The key, yeah, the key's in my pants 
               in the bathroom.

               Fuck it, I don't need the key.

     Ceasar takes the smallest breath.

                           MICKEY (CONT'D)
               I didn't need a key to get in here, 
               did I?

     He pulls out a lock-pick and starts working the lock. The 
     muscles in Ceasar's forearm bulge as he tightly squeezes his 


                                                            p. 99

     He is slipping toward that same desperate choice. He is going 
     to attack when -

     Across the room, the phone rings.

     Everyone looks at it.

                           MICKEY (CONT'D)
               Who the hell could that be?

     The phone is near the couch. Ceasar doesn't want to let go 
     of the gun.

     The phone continues to ring.

                           MICKEY (CONT'D)
               You gonna answer it?

151   INT. BATHROOM - NIGHT                                       151   

     Violet has Johnnie's cellular phone.

     Watching through the cracked door, Violet sees Ceasar cross 
     to answer the phone.

                           CEASAR (V.O.)

               Hello, Ceasar. This is Gino.

     Ceasar looks toward the bathroom.

                           CEASAR (V.O.)

               You're blowing your only chance. Act 
               like I'm Gino.

152   INT. LIVING ROOM - NIGHT                                    152   

     Ceasar's eyes light up.

               Holy shit, I don't believe it! We've 
               been going crazy over here, Gino!

                           VIOLET (V.O.)
               Good boy.

     Mickey jumps up.


                                                           p. 100

               It's Gino! It's Gino!

               Where in the hell is he?

153   INT. BATHROOM - NIGHT                                       153   

               We were in a car accident -

                           CEASAR (V.O.)
               They were in a car accident.

               But everybody is all right.

154   INT. LIVING ROOM - NIGHT                                    154   

               They're all fine. Just bruises and 

                           VIOLET (V.O.)
               Now you listen to me, asshole, I 
               know your gun is behind the bar...

               Un-fucking-believable. I called those 
               highway patrol dumb fucks.

               Ssh! I can't hear Gino!

                           VIOLET (V.O.)
               We make a deal or I come out and 
               hand this phone to Mickey.

               I'm listening.

155   INT. BATHROOM - NIGHT                                       155   

     Violet has her robe over her dress, wrapping her hair in a 
     towel, making sure the bruise on her forehead is hidden.

               I want what's mine, half the money. 
               We get rid of Mickey, no one else 
               dies. No one. Say yes, I understand.

                           CEASAR (V.O.)
               Yes, I understand.


                                                           p. 101

               Tell them I'm at St. Mary's off the 
               Kennedy, in the waiting room, but 
               stay on the phone until I come out.

                           CEASAR (V.O.)
               Sure, Gino, sure.

156   INT. LIVING ROOM - NIGHT                                    156   

     Out of the corner of his eye, he watches Violet come out of 
     the bathroom.

               St. Mary's off the Kennedy, sure. 
               Okay, Gino.

     Mickey sees Violet.

               Mickey? What are you doing here?

               Violet, it's Gino and Johnnie. They 
               were in a car accident.

               Oh my God. Was anyone hurt?

               I think everything is okay.

     Ceasar hangs up.

               They're at St. Mary's in the waiting 

     Mick is already on the way.

               I can't fit them all in my car so 
               give me your keys. You drive my car, 

     Ceasar sees Violet walking toward the kitchen.

               Sure, Mickey, sure. Violet!

     She stops, looking straight at the freezer.


                                                           p. 102

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               Go grab my car keys from my pants in 
               the bathroom.

     She turns to him.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               Please, help us out, Mickey wants to 
               get going.

     She turns to the bathroom.

               They might want to go straight to 
               the airport and back to Miami, so I 
               better take this.

     He grabs the briefcase.

                           MICKEY (CONT'D)
               You got the key?

               Oh yeah. Violet!

157   INT. CLOSET - NIGHT                                         157   

     Where Corky remains bound, still unconscious. We hear the 
     name echo in her head.

                           CEASAR (V.O.)

     Suddenly, her eyes blink open.

                           CEASAR (V.O.) (CONT'D)

     Her eyes blink again as she tries to focus.

158   INT. LIVING ROOM - NIGHT                                    158   

     Violet hands Mickey the keys for the car and the case.

               Thanks, V.

     He kisses her on the cheek.

               Call me as soon as you get him.

               Leave your phone on the hook.


                                                           p. 103

     Mickey and Lou leave. Violet is staring at Ceasar, standing 
     near the door.

     In his right hand he is holding the other towel. He smiles.

               Now that's teamwork.

               I should have let him kill you.

               You know he would have done you, 

               I knew I couldn't trust you.

     He drops the towel, raising the gun.

               I said I'd let you live and I will.

     He smiles again.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)

159   INT. CLOSET - NIGHT                                         159   

     Corky is wide awake, thrashing-mad, biting her gag, struggling 
     to get free.

160   INT. LIVING ROOM - NIGHT                                    160   

     Ceasar pulls his pants on.

               Time to find out if the dyke was 
               stupid enough to lie.

     Ceasar drags Violet through the front door.

161   INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT                                        161   

     The closet doors burst open as Corky fights her way out.

162   INT. EMPTY APARTMENT - NIGHT                                162   

     Ceasar sees the buckets of paint.

     He rips the lid from the nearest and kicks it over. Paint 
     spills out across the floor.


                                                           p. 104

163   INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT                                        163   

     Suddenly Corky stops; something has caught her eye. We drop 
     down, focusing on what she is staring at -

     The clippers.

164   INT. EMPTY APARTMENT - NIGHT                                164   

     He kicks over the second bucket and the bag tumbles out with 
     the rushing flow of paint.


     He turns to Violet, who is already running out the door.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)

165   INT. HALL - NIGHT                                           165   

     Violet turns down the hall, bare feet beating against the 

     Ceasar slices out of the room behind her.


     He aims the gun as she hurls her self into the emergency 

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)

166   INT. STAIRWELL - NIGHT                                      166   

     She flies, hands on the rail, spiraling down each flight as 
     he charges after her.

               Goddammit, Violet! Stop! Now!

167   INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT                                        167   

     Straining, Corky's fingers curl around the handle of the 

168   INT. LOBBY - NIGHT                                          168   

     Violet smashes through the door, but instead of turning to 
     the main doors, she runs straight for the elevators.


                                                           p. 105

     She pounds the button and waits.

               Come on. Come on, please.

     She hears Ceasar coming just as the elevator opens.

     Ceasar crashes out of the stair door, running toward the 
     exit. When he doesn't see Violet, he turns to the sound of 
     the elevator -

     And catches a glimpse of her as the doors close.

               Oh, you bitch. You fucking bitch.

     Taking a really deep breath, he throws open the door to the 

169   INT. ELEVATOR - NIGHT                                       169   

     Violet takes Johnnie's cellular phone from the robe pocket 
     and dials a number.

     Mickey answers on the car phone.

               Mickey! Oh God, Mickey!

                           MICKEY (V.O.)

     Whispering, she acts terrified.

               He made me help him, Mickey, God, I 
               was so afraid. It was Ceasar, all 
               Ceasar. You have to help me. He's 
               coming - Oh God!

     She hangs up, eyes blazing.

170   INT. STAIRWELL - NIGHT                                      170   

     Sweat pouring off him, Ceasar climbs the stairs.

171   INT. HALL - NIGHT                                           171   

     The elevator opens, Violet bolts out. She runs down the hall, 
     past the empty apartment, back to her door.



                                                           p. 106

172   INT. EMPTY APARTMENT - NIGHT                                172   

     She rushes to the bedroom, where she finds the coils of cut 


     She looks at the wall separating the apartment.

173   INT. HALL - NIGHT                                           173   

     Ceasar half-falls out of the stair door, drenched with sweat.

174   INT. EMPTY APARTMENT                                        174   

     Gun ready, Ceasar throws open the door.

     Spread out like a pond of milk is the spilled paint, but -

     The money is gone.

     Leading away from the white pool are boot prints and the 
     drip trail of the plastic bag.

     The tracks lead to the bathroom.

     Ceasar kicks open the bathroom door and finds the bag of 
     money next to Corky's empty boots.

     Over his shoulder we see Corky already swinging a massive 
     pipe wrench.

     At the last second he is able to duck, falling to the ground 
     as - 

     The doorjamb splinters with a terrible metal crunch.

     Before he can recover and shoot, she brings the wrench down 
     on his arm.

     He screams as the gun hits the floor.

     She kicks it, sending it skidding, hydroplaning across the 
     paint pool to the other side, leaving a jet trail of white 
     swirls and spirals on the wood floor.

     They fight, Corky raining blows onto his back and flailing 
     arm until -

     He catches her foot, flipping her as he clambers up.

     Scrambling across the paint, slipping, crawling for the gun 
     when -


                                                           p. 107

     Violet bursts in, pointing the gun from the freezer.


     Ceasar, on hands and knees, looks at her, then at his gun 
     still out of reach.

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               It's over, Ceasar. I called Mickey. 
               He's on his way.

     Violet stands for long time, the gun trained carefully on 
     him as he rises from the floor.

     Panting, Ceasar watches her like a mad dog.

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               Get out of here, Ceasar. If you want 
               to live you had better start running.

     He smiles.

               All these years and you still don't 
               know me, Violet.

     She glances down and sees the paint-covered gun.

                           CEASAR (CONT'D)
               But I know you.

     He turns to the gun.

               Ceasar, don't.

               What are you going to do, V?  Shoot 
               me? Kill me in cold blood?  I don't 
               think so. I'll tell you why. If you 
               had it in you to pull that trigger, 
               you would have done it a long time 
               ago. If I was you, I would have killed 
               me the minute I brought the money 
               home. But you didn't and I know why, 
               because you don't want to kill me. 
               Do you, V? Do you? No, I know you 

               Ceasar, you don't know shit.



                                                           p. 108

     The bullet hits Ceasar in the shoulder, knocking him off 
     balance. Another doubles him over as blood speckles the pool 
     of paint.

     She empties the gun into him. His body arcs back, falling, 
     splashing into the paint.

     Ceasar's blood bubbles out bright red against the glistening 

175   DISSOLVE TO: INT. CEASAR'S APARTMENT - DAY                  175   

     It is empty and clean. In the bedroom, only a few hangers 
     are left dangling in the open closet.

176   EXT. PARKING LOT - DAY                                      176   

     Mickey is standing with Violet, next to his Lincoln Town 

               I will never understand it, Mickey. 
               You didn't even call the police.

               I told you, the family doesn't want 
               the police around. We want to take 
               care of it ourselves and we will. 
               I'll find him. I swear I will.

               I know you will.

               Sure you're going to be okay? I mean, 
               if you're having second thoughts, my 
               offer still stands.

               Thanks, Mickey, but I need to get 
               out, you know? Get away from all of 

     Mickey nods.

                           VIOLET (CONT'D)
               But thanks. Thanks for everything.

     She hugs him and he kisses her. Then he gets in his car. 
     Violet watches him drive away and knows that she is free.

177   EXT. CORKY'S APARTMENT                                      177   

     Corky sitting on stoop, patient, like a rock.


                                                           p. 109

     She looks up as she hears high heels, and smiles at -

     Violet standing there, new outfit.

     Corky stands in front of her.



               How'd it go?

               I'm here, aren't I?

     Corky nods.

               I guess we should get out of here.

     Violet nods.

     Corky digs out alarm keys, aims, fires. Violet turns, looks.

     New truck.

     Violet turns to Corky, eyebrow cocked.

                           CORKY (CONT'D)
               Thought we might need a getaway car.

     Smiles, they get in.

178   INT. TRUCK                                                  178   

     Corky admires truck.

               You know what the difference is 
               between us, Violet?


               ... Me neither.

     Lean for kiss, as dolly in.

     Guns engine.


                                                           p. 110


                               THE END