About the Instructor/Program Director


Ian Abrams, Associate Professor
Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts & Design

Office: 051 University Crossings
email: abrams@drexel.edu

Office Hours: by appointment

Brief biography: Mr. Abrams went to Hollywood in 1979 and left in 1998. In between, he spent ten years as an entertainment industry publicist and ten years as a screenwriter. He wrote the 1993 film "Undercover Blues" and created the television series "Early Edition," which ran four years on CBS and six more in syndication and Professor Abrams wishes it would go back into syndication because he needs the money. Professor Abrams wrote a lot of better stuff that never got made and some stuff that did get made that he won't talk about.

Mr. Abrams does not like apples, but you can always get on his good side by bringing him coffee (lots of cream and Equals).

Mr. Abrams prefers to be called "Mr. Abrams" by anyone under the age of 40.

Mr. Abrams is easily irritated.

Despite its persistence, there is no truth to the rumor that, under the name "Gene Simmons," Professor Abrams has been frontman for the band Kiss since the late 1960's.

Apart from screenplays, here's some stuff he's written:

"Unity 2000 lays an egg: Protest march was long on sincerity, woefully short on creativity" (Philadelphia Daily News, August 1, 2000)

"Imagining a world without nukes" (Philadelphia Daily News, June 20, 2000)

"'Star Wars' revisited: May the bores be with you" (Philadelphia Daily News, May  3, 1999)

"Escape from Hollywood" (Written By, April, 1999)

Here's some stuff he's quoted in:

"Promote and Protect: How to Safeguard Your Creative Work From Theft" Article on the Writers Guild website

"Sour Notes": Article on the Writers Guild website, responding to "How do you deal with a producer who gives you notes that you know will sink a script?"

"Field of Dreams" (Story about writers who pitch ideas to studios)

"How to Collaborate on the Internet: Your Screenwriting Partner May Be Only a Modem Away"

And here's a profile of him from the New York Times:

A Successful Screenwriter Polishes the Art of Seduction

Every year or so, Mr. Abrams betrays Drexel by doing a few classes at the Screenwriting Conference in Santa Fe. Here are a few blurry pictures of some of his students.

Other professional information:

Duke University, BA (English), 1977.

1979 - 1988: Hollywood publicist/publicity executive; Rogers & Cowan, Los Angeles Theatre Center, Solters/Roskin/Friedman, others.

1988 - present: Screenwriter (film and television), producer.

1995 - 1997:  Contract writer/producer with TriStar Pictures. Created CBS TV series "EARLY EDITION"

1997 - 1998: Contract writer/producer with Spelling Television.

1998 - Present:  Assistant Professor and Director of the Program in Dramatic Writing, College of Media Arts & Design, Drexel University, Philadelphia

Active, 1993 - 1998 in UCLA Screenwriting Mentorship Program.

Founder, 1993, The PAGE BBS, a computer bulletin board system/web site operated by and for professional writers.

Member (since 1994), Duke University Drama Program Advisory Board

Lecturer, Duke University

Chairman, Wednesday Night Writers' Workshop


Mr. Jonathan Baruch
12300 Wilshire Blvd., # 420
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Photo of Mr. Abrams with somebody richer, more famous and better looking than he is

News article about Mr. Abrams' more successful (but shorter) younger brother

Grainy photographic evidence that Mr. Abrams actually had a real Hollywood career.

More of the same

Mr. Abrams is tickled by the fact that an Early Edition convention was held in Chicago in October, 2001. Mr. Abrams attended and renewed his acquaintance with some of the stars of the show.

Some internet graphics in response to the September 11 attacks that Mr. Abrams finds fascinating.

Here's something he's thought was hysterical since he was eight years old.

Here's a cartoon, which Mr. Abrams clipped 30 years ago when he was an undergraduate, and which is even truer now than it was then.

Here's a really cool link that Professor Abrams' artist mother sent him.

And here's a picture of the Dutch Royal Family with Professor Abrams' Idiot Daughter.

To schedule a meeting with Professor Abrams, pick an empty slot and email him.