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Picture of myselfWelcome to my music page. This site will continue to grow. I hope you like the stuff on it.

I'm very much in to music. I play different instruments. My main instruments are trombone, clarinet, drums, and piano/keyboard.

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Unless you purchased a separate sound card for your system, midis on your computer will probably sound very unrealistic. But there is an answer, the Yamaha S-YXG70 file based midi driver. All you need is a Pentium 166 MHz system (MMX recommended) with Windows 95, and 16 Mb Ram. **FREE**

Stuff by Me!

Here is the solo that I played in "Splanky" during the jazz band portion of my High School spring concert.

Original Stuff!

Two Originals by me!

Marching Band Stuff!

This year's field show is based on a collection of songs with the theme, "Pictures at an Exihibition." Click the links below for .WAV files of the song samples.

Here's my arrangment of the popular cheer song, Hey Hey!

Jazz Band Stuff!

The following songs are midi's that I found that sound similar to the jazz band versions that we have.

Symphonic Stuff!

These two may take little longer to load, but if you like sypmhonic stuff, it's worth it.

TV and Movie Stuff!

Other Stuff. . .

Hey, Mario Fans check this out.

Guess This!

Guess what this song is! I bet you can with only 5 measures. Include the answer when you sign my Guest Book below. Remember to click the private button so others can't figure it out.

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