Nonlinear Models

I have been working on creating a library of test problems written in AMPL.

Optimization Problems with Multiple Characteristics

I have also been working on creating a library of mixed-integer nonlinear programming test problems with other interesting characteristics, such as cone constraints and complementarity constraints.


I have been working with and making enhancements to Dr. Robert J. Vanderbei's interior-point method code for nonconvex nonlinear programming, LOQO.

I have also recently started working on a Matlab-based code for Mixed-Integer Linear and Nonlinear Optimization, called MILANO.


One of my recent research interests has been warmstarting of interior-point methods. The links for the two papers I co-authored with Dave Shanno on warmstarting for linear programming and nonlinear programming problems are provided above. I have also provided a link to the paper I wrote on solving mixed-integer nonlinear programming problems using these techniques. All papers required extensive numerical testing on a wide-range of models. These models and numerical results can be obtained from here.

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Last updated on January 23, 2013.