Kathy Miller delights in creating art from observation of life, using a variety of media. She has taught drawing, painting, and sculpture to students of all ages. Currently she is teaching at the Chester County Art Association, where she co-curated the well-received "Nude and Draped Figure Show". Kathy earned her BS in Graphic Design, minor in English, from the University of Delaware.

While working as a commercial artist and starting a family, she continued her fine arts at various art centers in the Commonwealth of PA, eventually fine arts and family prevailed. She tends to exhibit locally, is a volunteer for her township's stream team and their trails comprehensive plan committee, and was an Art-in-Action volunteer for a dozen years as her children went through school. With her husband she enjoys walking and biking -- they brake for good views and history.

When Kathy was growing up, her family lived for a year in Sweden, traveling throughout Scandanavia and a good bit of Europe during vacation time. They saw lots of museums, sculpture and historic buildings. In Norway, they watched old men carve trolls out of wood and she remembers thinking that she wanted to do that.

Fast forward to 1992, and the Chester County Art Association. Kathy was mainly involved in life drawing and painting, when she met her sculpting mentor, Holly Silverthorne - in that relation, and continued close friendship, she went from student to assistant to co-teacher to taking over the classes on Holly's retirement. Kathy has been teaching mainly clay sculpture with a life model, but also beginning carving, with hand tools, of plaster, soapstone and alabaster, plaster mold making, and finishes – being largely oil based patinas.

About six years ago, Kathy started learning glazing and pressing tiles, by trial and error, reading and quizzing her fellow instructors. She always loved glazes, and though she had fired clay sculptural work for years, Kathy used other materials to finish pieces. Now, after years of working on her skills, Kathy is part of a new artisan group - The Architectural Arts Group - where she is taking her fine arts skills and putting them to practical use.