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The Knitting Thesaurus is displayed in two forms:

Hierarchical List
This display shows how each term is related in the hierarchy. Within the hierarchy, terms of equal level are listed alphabetically. Terms in brackets are not actually searchable terms, but used to group terms with shared traits.
Alphabetical List
This display shows each of the terms listed in alphabetical order, regardless of hierarchical level. Indications of the next level above and below the term are given to help orient the term with relation to the hierarchy, but bracketed terms are omitted in favor of the searchable broader term. Entries may include brief definitions (scope notes). Related terms are mentioned to provide additional access to closely related information.


SN Scope Note - provides a brief definition or explanation of the term and its usage.
BT Broader Term - indicates the level above the term in the hierarchy. This allows one to choose the broader term to obtain more search results.
NT Narrower Term - indicates the level below the term in the hierarchy. This allows one to choose the more specific term to focus a search.
RT Related Term - indicates a term associated with this term that may provide additional useful information.
UF Use For - indicates other terms (often synonyms) that have been included in this term and, therefore, have not been used as full terms in this thesaurus.
USE USE - indicates the preferred term that should be used within this thesaurus.

Last update: 29 August 2003