Instruments and manuals:


Hitachi Tabletop Microscope TM-1000

RT instruments EXSTAR TG/DTA 600



Smith Scientific-IlluminatIR details version

IR software for spectra analysis

Hitachi D-2000 Elite Chromatography Data System

VAC 101965

OMNI-LAB Glovebox System and Accessories


Keithley 2636A manual Short version


Keithley 2636A manual Full version

OCA 15 Contact angle meter -- short version long version

VersaSTAT 3F Potentiostat/Galvanostat

SCS 6800 Spin Coater

Hitachi 7000 fluorimeter

Perkin-Elmer Lambda-2

Ultraviolet/Visible Absorption Spectrophotometer

Microcantilever system

AFM operation






Experimental procedures.


1.      Surface modification of enzymes. Several methods.

2.      ELISA

3.      Circuits basic devices labs (Keithley)

4.      Nanoscience research labs (Keithley)

5.      Semiconductor electronic (Keithley)