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Greg Hislop is a faculty member and former Associate Dean of the College of Information Science and Technology at Drexel University.He is extensively involved with many aspects of curriculum management for the Collegeís computing related degrees.†† He has also been involved with the College's online education programs since 1995.Dr. Hislop also holds a joint appointment in the Department of Computer Science.

Dr. Hislopís research interests include technology for education, the evolution of the computing and information disciplines, and various aspects of software engineering.Prior to coming to Drexel University, Dr. Hislop spent nearly twenty years working with information technology in commercial and governmental organizations.He holds degrees in economics, computer science, and information science and technology.

Dr. Hislop's work has included extensive involvement with the IST curriculum.He played a lead role in development of the BS and MS in Software Engineering, and the BS in Information Technology.He has also led major revisions to the BS and MS in Information Systems and the successful effort to obtain ABET accreditation for the B.S. in Information Systems in the first year this accreditation was offered.Dr. Hislop frequently chairs the College curriculum committee.

Dr. Hislop was principal investigator for an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation project to compare online and traditional delivery of the MSIS degree.   He was also the Drexel lead for a six university NSF project to create curricular materials for software engineering education. He is currently principal investigator for an NSF project designed to create a better entry point for computing majors in IS and IT degree programs.

In prior positions, Dr. Hislop has worked as a staff member, manager, and independent consultant.  His efforts principally related to technology planning and evaluation, software development and support, and development and delivery of technical training.  He has worked with organizations ranging from small software vendors to very large corporations and government agencies. 


INFO 110

Human-Computer Interaction

INFO 424

Team Project Practicum

INFO 425-426

Design Problem I and II

SE 491-493

Design Project I - III

INFO 503

Introduction to Information Systems Analysis

INFO 628

Information Systems Implementation

INFO 630

Information Systems Evaluation

INFO 636

Software Engineering Process I

INFO 637

Software Engineering Process II


Technology inEducation

Online and blended learning, learning and teaching in technology enhanced environments, student and faculty satisfaction, and the costs of using technology

Computing Disciplines

Evolution and organization of the computing and information disciplines including software engineering, information systems, and information technology.


Software reuse, software measurement, techniques for understanding and characterizing software for purposes of development and evaluation.  Particular interest in the later life cycle phases from detailed design through maintenance, and in application of software engineering to information systems.


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