MEM 636/637/638 Nonlinear Control Theory


Text Book: Harry G. Kwatny & Gilmer L. Blankenship, Nonlinear Control and Analytical Mechanics: a computational approach, Birkhauser 2000.

Text Book: Draft 2nd Ed

Software: The book came with a set of Mathematica notebooks and packages (ProPac V 2.0). Students can purchase full function Mathematica for personal use at reduced price. Download  ProPac V5.3 - it is required for Mathematica 8.0 and above)



Lecture 1a Slides

Lecture 1b Slides        

Lecture 2 Slides 

Lecture 3 Slides           

Lecture 4 Slides           

Lecture 4a Slides

Lecture 5 Slides           

Lecture 6 Slides

Lecture 7 Slides Intro to Part 2

Lecture 8 Slides

Lecture 9 Slides

Lecture 9b Slides Intro to Discontinuous Systems

Lecture 9c Slides Adaptive Linear Families

Lecture 10 Slides Intro to Variable Structure Control

Lecture 11 Slides  VS - Mechanical Systems       

Lecture 12 Slides  VS - Electric Motors     

Lecture 13 Slides  VS - Disturbance Rejection


On Governors, Maxwell 1868

LQR, Kalman & Bucy 1961

Robust Adaptive Control, Nguyen 2012


Problem Set 1, Due Oct 29 Problem Set 2, Due Nov 12

Paper WMR Control

Fall Final Project Wheelset Simulation



Inverted Pendulum


Wheelset Simulation(Simulink)