MEM 636/637/638 Nonlinear Control Theory


Text Book: Harry G. Kwatny & Gilmer L. Blankenship, Nonlinear Control and Analytical Mechanics: a computational approach, Birkhauser 2000.

Text Book: Draft 2nd Ed

Software: The book came with a set of Mathematica notebooks and packages (ProPac V 2.0). Students can purchase full function Mathematica for personal use at reduced price. Download  ProPac V5.3 - it is required for Mathematica 8.0 and above)



Lecture 1a Slides

Lecture 1b Slides        

Lecture 2 Slides 

Lecture 3 Slides           

Lecture 4 Slides           

Lecture 4a Slides

Lecture 5 Slides           

Lecture 6 Slides

Lecture 7 Slides Intro to Part 2

Lecture 8 Slides

Lecture 9 Slides

Lecture 9b Slides Intro to Discontinuous Systems

Lecture 9c Slides Adaptive Linear Families

Lecture 10 Slides Intro to Variable Structure Control

Lecture 11 Slides  VS - Mechanical Systems       

Lecture 12 Slides  VS - Electric Motors     

Lecture 13 Slides  VS - Disturbance Rejection

Lecture 14 Slides Hybrid Systems


On Governors, Maxwell 1868

LQR, Kalman & Bucy 1961

WMR Control Oriolo et al 2002

Inverted Pendulum Ibanez et al 2005

Wheeled Inverted Pendulum Pathak et al 2005

Nonholonomic Mobile Robot Sankaranarayanan & Mahindrakar 2009

Mathematical Analysis of the Parallel Parking Problem Allen 1960


Problem Set 1, Due Oct 26 Problem Set 2, Due Nov 9

Fall Final Project, Due Dec 6

Final Winter Project, Due March 9

Winter Project 1, Due Feb 8

Final Winter Project, Due March 9

Mathematica and MATLAB Resources

Inverted Pendulum


Wheelset Simulation

Quadcopter Simulation

Quadcopter Rotation FBL S-Function