MEM 633/634/635 Robust Control Systems




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Disturbance Rejection Notebook

Realizations a mathematica notebook containing some functions and examples for finding minimal realizations and canonical forms for multivariable linear systems given in transfer matrix or state space form. Requires Mathematica and ProPac to run. Can be read with MathReader (free download from Wolfram Research). See related Controls.nb on this site.

MATLAB Examples: Two .m-files Example 1 and Example 2. Very simple aircraft longitudinal dynamics. Example 1 has wind gust disturbance, Example 2 involves flight path angle command. Design a state feedback max-min controller.  The two .m files Example 3 and Example 4 have 5 dimensional dynamics (from Lublin, Grocott   and Athans: The Control Handbook). Example 3 does state feedback max-min and Example 4 does H-infinity.