Current Research Interests

My overall focus is on the understanding of risks to people from environmental exposure to pathogens and the analysis and design of processes for the control of such risks.  Some specific activities that have been undertaken or underway in my research group are:

  • Integration of quantitative microbial risk assessment models and epidemiological disease transmission models
  • Development of risk assessment methods and their validation in water (drinking, recreational) air, food, personal hygiene
  • Behavior and analysis of chemical disinfection technologies (in both water and air applications) including chlorine, ozone, chlorine dioxide, peracetic acid
    • Chemical factors influencine performance
    • Kinetic modeling of inactivation
    • System design and scaleup using computational fluid dynamics
  • Treatment of wastewater for water reuse and/or energy and materials recovery
  • Opportunistic pathogens (Legionella, Mycobacterium, etc.) in various engineered wetted environments (pipes, ornamental features, rain barrels, …)
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