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Gail W. Hearn
Principle Investigator


Principle Investigator


Postdoctoral Fellow, Zoological Society of Philadelphia, Univ. of Pennsylvania

Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, Rockefeller University

B.A. in Biology, Bryn Mawr College


Professor, Department of Biology, Drexel University

Professor, Department of Biology, Arcadia University

Lecturer in Biology, Department of Biology, Bryn Mawr College


Director & Founder of the Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program

The Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program (BBPP) is part of an academic partnership with the Universidad Nacional de Guinea Ecuatorial (UNGE, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea). The mission of the BBPP is to conserve the biodiversity of Bioko Island, especially its critically endangered primates and nesting sea turtles, through the development of economically sustainable educational programs, research programs and conservation activities that demonstrate the greater value of wildlife alive, rather than dead as bushmeat.

The immediate problem facing BBPP is the dramatic loss of rare primates by commercial shotgun hunting for the luxury bushmeat market in Malabo, the capital of Equatorial Guinea.

Contact Information

Gail W. Hearn, Ph.D.

Drexel University
Department of Biology
3245 Chestnut St.
Papadakis Integrated Sciences Building, Rm. 503
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Office: PISB 320

Phone: (215) 895-1476
Email: gwh26@drexel.edu