Picture of Demetrio Bocuma Meñe
Demetrio Bocuma Meñe
Ph.D. Student


Ph.D. Student


B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, La Universidad Nacional de Guinea Ecuatorial


Overall, I am interested in the conservation of biodiversity on Bioko Island, but also within all of Equatorial Guinea. My research will likely focus on identifying challenges and potential solutions to conservation policy and wildlife management issues in Equatorial Guinea.


My first involvement with the BPPP was as a participant in the fall 2006 study abroad program on Bioko, where I conducted research on the medicinal uses of the plants of Bioko Island.

In January 2007, I began working for the BBPP as manager of the BBPP/UNGE computer lab at UNGE and bushmeat market data entry. In September 2007, I was promoted within the organization to the role of Assistant Manager of the Moka Wildlife Center. As Assistant Manager, I helped coordinate all the different activities that take place at or around the center. In 2009, I was promoted again and was made the manager of the Moka Wildlife Center.

Every summer since 2008, I have been traveling back and forth to the United States to improve his English knowledge at Drexel University’s English Language Center on a BBPP scholarship.

Most recently, I was granted another opportunity from the BBPP, this time to continue my studies as a student in the Environmental Sciences Ph.D. program at Drexel University, where I have been since August 2010.


Cronin, D. T., D. Bocuma Meñe, T. B. Butynski, J. M. E. Echube, G. W. Hearn, S. Honarvar, J. R. Owens, and C. P. Bohome. 2010. Opportunities Lost: The Rapidly Deteriorating Conservation Status of the Monkeys on Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea (2010). A Report to the Government of Equatorial Guinea by the Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program, Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Demetrio Bocuma Meñe

Drexel University
Department of Biology
3245 Chestnut St.
Papadakis Integrated Sciences Building, Rm. 503
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Office: PISB 503

Phone: (215) 895-6906
Email: db525@drexel.edu