Moishe Garfinkle, PhD
Philadelphia, PA


A proprietary vehicle security system is disclosed that is invisible to the motorist. When the motorist is absent with the vehicle alarm system not actuated, either intentionally or unintentionally, the security system actuates itself. On return the security system deactivates itself on recognition of the motorist, although no recognition information whatsoever was deliberately inputted to the security system by the motorist. If system recognition is not effected, the vehicle is immobilized.


There are many reasons which motorists might consider, on leaving a motor vehicle for a short period, when it would be considered inconvenient to actuate the vehicle's alarm system. Such reasons might be to keep heating or cooling systems operating, escorting a person to the vehicle, refueling, simple forgetfulness, obtaining a newspaper from kiosk, or plain laziness. Undoubtedly many vehicles have lost to thieves during these short innocuous periods, generally not planned thefts but crimes of opportunity.

In regard to these occurrences a proprietary Egress-Ingress Vehicle Security (EIVS) System is disclosed herein to immobilize the vehicle without requiring system actuation. Without entering any information whatsoever, personal or otherwise, the particular motorists on return to the vehicle is recognized as the person who had exited, the EIVS System thereupon deactivates itself.  

Because the EIVS System is not an alarm system it is not designed to substitute for a comprehensive alarm system designed to protect a vehicle during substantial unattended periods. If a legitimate reason arises to deactivate the EIVS System to allow another driver to operate the vehicle then activating and deactivating the alarm system will reset the EIVS System.

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