Miscellaneous Citations


The Number Crunch Monster
M. Garfinkle; Telephony; 6 Apr 1998, p39

ABSTRACT - The number of available telephone addresses is dwindling rapidly even as the number of requests for new addresses accelerates. Although the number of lines requested for POTS is increasing at a moderate rate that has not changed significantly in the past decade, the number of lines sought for ancillary devices such as fax machines, cellular phones, modems and pagers has skyrocketed. Instead of relying on a variation of the familiar North American Numbering Plan, an alternative called the Multifunctional Telecommunication Addressing System might be the answer to the numbering dilemma.

Ion Implantation as a Definitive Means of Investigating any Possibility of Intracrystalline Nuclear Fusion
M. Garfinkle; Fusion Technology; 22 (1992) 160

ABSTRACT - The recently reported detection of helium (albeit minuscule) with equivalent heat production using an electrochemical process at the University of Texas and at the Naval Weapons Center at China Lake were both attributed to intracrystalline nuclear fusion, which again brings to the fore this most controversial of subjects. However unlikely this fusion process, it is contended that an electrochemical process is particularly to the task of substantiating intracrystalline nuclear fusion because simultaneous thermochemical processes are occurring that can overshadow possible modest nuclear processes. Moreover, the presence in the electrolyte of extraneous reagents such as dissolved oxygen and salts complicates interpretation of results. In light of these observations, an investigative method utilizing deuteron implantation with concurrent spectrometric analysis of reaction products is proposed.


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