Expertise in Component Failure Analysis

Moishe Garfinkle, PhD
Material Scientist and Engineer
P.O. Box 15855
Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 235-5042

Fields of Expertise in Product Liability Matters

Because component failure often plays a dominant role in the cause of accidents, I have been engaged by attorneys for the past 24 years for my expertise in accident investigations concerning forensic failure analysis.  My fields of knowledge include metal (ferrous & non-ferrous), polymer (wood & composites), and ceramic (sanitary & structural) components.  On numerous occasions I have testified in both arbitration and trial proceedings. Case experience includes investigations of failures or presumed failures of components in the following categories:






Among my duties I have taught both undergraduate and graduate materials engineering courses including polymer science and technology involving fibers and textiles, physical and extractive metallurgy, component design, mechanical and corrosion failure, metallurgical thermodynamics, chemical kinetics and engineering economics. In addition I have taught extension courses to those seeking the Professional Engineering Certificate.

Curriculum Vitæ