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                  Teaching and Research Assistant in

                            Mechanical Engineering


 Professional Preparation


             PhD in Mechanical Engineering;   2004-Present

             Drexel University, USA   


             M.S in Mechanical Engineering; 2004

             Tennessee Technological University, USA


             B.S in Mechanical Engineering;    2002

             Middle East Technical University, Turkey


Current Research:


             Piconewton force transduction of neurons


Current Teaching:


             Engineering Statics




             Dr. Bradley Layton

Current Project:

            Cell and protein mechanics has applications ranging from cellular development to tissue engineering. The primary objective of the project is to demonstrate a method for design and fabrication of a highly compliant microbeam array for measuring cell stiffnesses(neurons) in a highly parallel manner. The long term objectives include understanding the effects of various proteins have in determining the mechanical properties of axons and various pharmaceuticals play in affecting neural growth characteristics and also developing neuronal based biosensor device.The microbeam array may also be used for printing proteins such as lysine and laminin on substrates for applications such as cell printing. The chick forebrain neurons will be printed as an array and will be stretched by using our PicoNewton force transduction (PNFT) device in a parallel manner.










"We can learn even from our enemies."







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             Phila, PA 19104


Office Phone:  215-895-1783


Cell Phone: 215-917-4258  


Office: 520 Bossone        


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