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Dr. Papish's Teaching Philosophy is Here.

General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry: Dr. Papish has taught CHEM 101 (General Chemistry) at Drexel U. (2007-2008).  At Salisbury U., she taught Organic Chemistry I and II.  When teaching organic chemistry, she put a lot of emphasis on a logical, thoughtful approach, where by the students should think about what's possible, and use flowcharts that summarize reactivity decisions.  Development of pedagogical material related to this approach was funded as Salisbury University, and culminate in ten modules on "How to Think Logically about Organic Chemistry".  A sample module is here.

For Syllabi for courses below, follow the hyperlinks:

Upper Level Undergraduate Level Chemistry Courses and Graduate Level Courses: Dr. Papish has taught CHEM 421 and 521 (Inorganic Chemistry I) in the fall several times, and she has taught CHEM 420 and 522 (Molecular Symmetry and Group Theory / Inorganic Chemistry II) in the winter several times.

Inorganic Chemistry Electives:  Dr. Papish taught Bioinorganic Chemistry during fall 2010 (CHEM 772/480).  She also taught Organometallic Chemistry during winter 2011 (CHEM 771/480).  These courses will likely be offered every 2 years, or more frequently if student demand warrants.  Speak to Dr. Papish about prerequisites.


Dr. Papish and her group frequently do outreach events at nearby high schools and colleges.  We ran networking and job info workshops in 2010 and 2012.  These outreach activities are sponsored by NSF CAREER.  Some photos are below.

Making lemon batteries as part the Catalyst workshop run by Swarthmore College.  Liz Papish and Natalie Dixon were workshop leaders:


2010 Careers in Chemistry Workshop at Drexel University.  Participants came from 10 colleges and universities, and included a diverse group of students, and representatives from various chemistry careers (academics, industry, forensic science, and patent law):