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Hi!  I joined Drexel University in 2007 and these past 4+ years I have enjoyed doing research with students and postdocs, teaching general, inorganic, and organic chemistry, getting to know the faculty and students, and exploring Philadelphia.  Prior to coming to Drexel, I was a professor at Salisbury University for four years where I taught organic, general and inorganic chemistry and did research with undergraduates.  I am originally from Long Island, New York and I lived in New York City for five years.  I enjoy running and I love sushi and exotic food in general.  My husband is a meteorologist and he works for the National Weather Service.  On the personal side, my husband and I have a 3.5 year old girl, Genevieve, who is full of spunk and already likes rock climbing (rocks are couch cushions).











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    Answer: EPR, tempting as that was, I chose to keep my last name and stick with ETP (even after being teased for being an extra-terrestrial alien all through elementary school).


    Dr. Elizabeth T. Papish     
    Associate Professor of Chemistry
       and Graduate Advisor
    Office: 410 Stratton Hall
    Lab: 502 Disque Hall
    Drexel University
    3141 Chestnut St.
    Philadelphia, PA 19104
    (215) 895-2666
    email: elizabeth.papish@drexel.edu