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Why Should Undergraduates Consider Doing Chemistry Research???

        Research is often one of the most interesting courses students take in college because they actually get to see how chemistry is applied to real problems. 

        Research can help students decide what career and education options are best for them.  Students can get an idea of whether or not they would enjoy graduate school (which is often more lab work than course work) or working in a lab in industry. 

        Since research problems are hard and require independent thinking, graduate schools, medical schools, pharmacy schools, and industry all look upon research experience very favorably.  There are many opportunities to enhance your resume through research by giving talks, applying for research funding, and maybe even publishing a paper!

Students who do research gradually transition from working very closely with the faculty when they are first learning the basics of research, to eventually working independently.  This transition happens slowly, but when the students feel they are ready they can start deciding what to try next.  Students who do research for six months to one year usually get to this point, and it is very exciting for them to come up with new ideas and try them out!

Undergraduate and Graduate Students who are interested in doing research in the Papish Group should email Liz Papish or speak with her in person.