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Course Description

Catalog Course Description: INFO552 is an introduction to creating websites that incorporates participatory and interactive web services to support users in information organizations. Includes design, implementation, and evaluation of approaches such as wikis, blogs and social networking. Students learn to establish websites that meet usability, accessibility and intellectual property standards, via composition of text and graphic files, and use of scripts for interactive application to support community information resource needs.

Curriculum Role: INFO552 is a required course in the Digital Libraries and Library & Information Services concentration. It is a pre-requisite to INFO653 Digital libraries and INFO658 Information Architecture. It is an elective in the Youth Services concentration and complements INFO664 Library Automation.

Course Rationale: Web publishing is an increasingly essential skill for librarians and information professionals. The ability to navigate and author effectively within this environment has become a basic requirement for overall professional competency. INFO552 provides the student with an entry-level introduction into website creation, design, and management; as such competencies apply to serving information and educational organizations.

Course Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this course, a student will be able to:

Demonstrate an understanding of basic web design using HTML, CSS, usability techniques, and standards-compliant web authoring products.

Integrate Web 2.0 technologies into a user-focused website.

Evaluate websites for content organization, representation, and site navigation

Justify the importance of web design literacy for information professionals