What is Outreach?

introducing a girl to engineering

Outreach is an essential part of our organization. We strive to build a relationship with our surrounding community to foster and promote education within the STEM fields. Our goal is to introduce the concept of engineering and the design process to young students in order to help them build engineering skills from a young age. We hope to inspire more young people to choose a STEM career and share with them how much fun engineering can be!

In an effort to promote STEM education, our chapter participates in local STEM promotional events, such as the Philadelphia Science Festival, and we host our own events for local high school and middle school students at Drexel. Our chapter also participates in local community service events like Philly spring clean-up day!

Outreach Director
Outreach Chair

Circuit Construction and Electrical Engineering:

Also to get access to the Aerodynamics Assignment click here

Past Events:

Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day” 2013
Smart Technology Workshop
Introduction to Podcasting
Introduction to HTML/CSS

Ideas about future events? Questions about past events? Email swe.drexel@gmail.com and look forward to more workshops in our 2014 summer learning series for grade school and high school students!

Learn more about STEM outreach and education before and after attending our workshops by visiting:


Check back for more resources as we learn of them!