Drexel SWE takes the importance of a mentor seriously. Having this role model allows us to actualize our end goal and reinforce confidence in achieving it. This year marks the first in our chapter’s plan to reach out to Drexel SWE alumni and students as mentors and mentees, respectively. As in years before, Drexel SWE is continuing to establish itself as a resource for high school girls across the region. In this perspective we aim to motivate our younger counterparts to one day pursue engineering and join us in the workforce.

Being only a few years younger than our alumni and a few years older than our mentees puts our members in a valuable position. We have the ability to see both the end result and the formation of a dream.

We would like to set up some great matches between alumni and undergraduates with similar interest. If you are interested in being a mentor or wants a mentor in specific engineering field, please complete our forms and contact us at Please don’t hesitate to ask us questions. We are really excited to get to know everyone a little better and begin new introduction to some inspiring women in the area.


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To the right, Drexel SWE members with their alumnae at National Conference’12.