Welcome to SWE!

Welcome to SWE! My name is Janette Danella and I am the Membership Director of the Drexel Chapter. Thanks for showing interest in SWE! Getting involved is easy! Just join us on CollegiateLink or join the Facebook Group.

If you’re thinking about becoming a National Member, go for it! There are a lot of scholarship opportunities and networking events that you can be a part of as a national member. Info on how to become a National Member is below.

Join over 80 National SWE and 300 DragonLink Members today!

Membership Director
Membership Chair
Membership Chair

How to Become a National Member

To see more detailed instructions with pictures, download the help document here.

1. Go to On the homepage there is a side tab labeled “JOIN”. Click side tab.

2. Click “JOIN NOW!”

3. Tab will open in a new window. Click the link labeled “Become a member (nonmember).

4. Fill out the form with name, email, etc.

5. Fill out the longer form on the next page.

6. Choose the package membership you would like. Collegiate to Career membership is suggested because with the 5yr program you save the most money.

7. Select the Drexel Chapter (E058).

8. Put in your credit card info and you’re home free.