Maria Raggousis ‘18

I joined SWE because I wanted to be a part of something that was so much bigger than myself. It allows for meeting new people in the Drexel Community as well as long term networking with female engineers across the country. That sounded so appealing to me that I just had to be a part of it, too. The current members were so welcoming and accepting at the Summer Diversity Barbecue the summer before my Freshman year and I really connected with them. I've been a proud member and active participant of SWE ever since!

Anita Ting ‘17

I joined SWE because I switched into engineering after a year at Drexel and definitely wanted to be involved in an organization that reinforced my appreciation for our field. So far my experience has definitely been a SWEet one and I only hope that my involvement with this wonderful organization has benefitted other fellow female engineers, as I have from everyone in SWE.

Danielle Schroeder ‘17

"I originally joined SWE as a way to network with other girls in my field, but this organization is so much more than that. Throughout my time in Drexel SWE, I have been blessed with countless opportunities, such as to attend National Conference, that have both introduced me to many amazing women engineers as well as taught me important skills to use in my future career."

Chris Lang ‘15

I joined SWE to broaden my horizons within the engineering realm and meet fellow engineers.

Claudia Gutierrez ‘15

I joined SWE because I had the vision to develop a strong support system for women in engineering to grow professionally and academically. I then found that several of my peers shared a similar vision and together we were able to initiate the transformation of Drexel University into a school with a powerful support network for women in engineering.As a SWE officer for three years I learned how to work with a very diverse group of individuals who had very unique skills to contribute to our organization. Having to work as a team and lead such a diverse group of individuals has given me an unbreakable confidence to execute my visions. I know I will carry this confidence with me in both professional and personally aspects of my life.

Anna Lu ‘17

SWE has been an opportunity and niche for me to grow as a leader and professional. Through SWE I have met some of the most talented and passionate female engineers who inspire me to be the best I can be, knowing that our future in STEM is in responsible hands. The comraderies within SWE form a strong network of diverse fields with various interests, all with the same goal: To aim, advance, and achieve as women in engineering.

Janette Danella ‘15

For me, SWE is a great place for me to let my passion for engineering help the community and inspire younger girls to get excited about math and science, as well as a place for me to grow as a woman in a competitive career environment!

Karishma Changlani `18

I knew about SWE in general before joining drexel and It was fascinating for me to know that female engineers could come together to become a powerful team. Hence, after coming to Drexel I immediately sought out for Drexel SWE. And this worked so well for me. I met some of my dearest friends at the SWE yogurt night, found myself a lovely supportive mentor, helped little girls learn about the amazing world of HTML and so much more. And all of this in just one term of Drexel. I had high expectations of SWE when I came to Drexel and SWE met all of them and more.

Kathryn Volk ‘17

Drexel is not a school where they hold your hand for the first year, they give you a schedule and cut you loose! That may be the reason why our retention rate isn't high, because we as inexperienced freshman we have no idea what were doing! What professors to take? How co-op works? Interviews? What classes to consider dropping or with drawing from? Especially as a female in engineering it seems normal to never have a female professor, or even a TA to ask for advice. SWE for me is a wonderful bridge from high school to Drexel! Especially now with the mentoring program!

Travis Longenbach ‘13

I'm a guy, but I love everything SWE stands for. It's much more than an engineering group, its an organization dedicated to empowering women to live up to their potential. The Drexel chapter extends to every aspect of life, providing workshops for everything from professional development, building a healthy lifestyle, work-life balance, and much more. SWE is able to accomplish so much by focusing on building relationships and empowering people. Plus, as a man, I think the world could always use more strong, confident, and intelligent women.

Aruna Srinivasiah ‘18

I joined SWE because I wanted an opportunity to connect with a group of great girls who think like me as well as enjoying the same things, such as engineering and technology. So far, I've loved getting advice and help not only in the academics but in life from a lot of the board as well as my mentor, which I know I would not have gotten otherwise. I also love all the workshops we have much I look forward to all the time, that allow me to de-stress, have a good time, and gain some insight into intellectual experiences I will face in the near future.

Lexi Kapsta ‘18

SWE inspired me to want to stand out and become the leader I always strived to be. SWE encourages me to be a leader and role model for other women. All the women in SWE have similar goals and it's awesome that it's so easy to relate to everyone in this organization. I'm definitely way more proud to be a woman in engineering and to have the opportunity at my finger tips to change the world if I want to. Being in SWE shows me the path to achieve my goals and dreams.

Jasmin Patel ‘16

I joined SWE to become apart of a group where girls in engineering could come together to share experiences and encourage each other. I think SWE offers the opportunity to make new friends who want to see you succeed and be the best you can be. I have learned so much about myself and how to build my professional career from the several workshops and events SWE holds every term. By getting involved in SWE I have been able to contribute my ideas and pursue leadership positions to inspire other girls who are entering into engineering fields or even younger girls who are interested in STEM fields. I became the conference director because I realized that attending conferences can provide an entirely unique experience to attendees. Conferences allow students to network with their peers from other schools or industries and learn more about what interests you and provides the opportunity to reflect on your dreams. I am so glad I joined SWE because SWE has inspired me!