About Us

The Drexel University Section of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) started with just a handful of driven young women working to establish the Society’s first collegiate section more than fifty years ago. Today, we stand at more than 120 national members, governed by 22 board members serving on 9 committees. This structure reflects not only the advancement of women in the workplace, but that of the Drexel engineering curriculum and the Drexel co-operative education program. Capitalizing on the value of all three elements, Drexel SWE consistently strives to prepare members to be well-rounded, technically proficient engineering leaders of an innovative world.

This aim was affirmed last year in the recognition of our section on several platforms. In March 2013, we received 1st Place, Region E Outstanding Collegiate Section, and went on to place Gold, National Outstanding Collegiate Section in November of the same year. On an individual basis, our section produced four SWE Future Leaders (SWEFLs) for the year 2014, tying for first in largest number of SWEFLs, nationally. These members, Claudia Gutierrez (’15), Meaghan Paulosky (’15), Samantha Schneider (’16), and Laura Worley (’17), were recognized for their leadership ability and encouraged to pursue it by participating in the Collegiate Leadership Summit in November 2013 and serving on the Region E Collegiate Team. Additionally, two of our members, Savannah Lee (’17) and Neha Thomas (’17) took 1st Place in the 2013 National Technical Poster Competition for their combined work on detecting dehydration through skin conductivity

These accomplishments are exciting, gratifying, and encouraging as they serve to motivate us for even more success and growth. This last year has seen the doubling of our national member count and the expansion of our existing Membership, Outreach, Treasury, and Professional Development Committees. Additionally, we have added several committees including Wellness to facilitate mental and physical well-being, Networking to foster connection building and alumni relations, Conference to sufficiently prepare members for professionally excellent attendances, and Public Relations to increase our media reach, as well as an Historian Chair to further research the beginnings of Drexel SWE and document our progress since then.

Each committee and member will be called upon over the course of the next year to share their talents when we host the Region E Conference in early spring of 2015. This conference is the culmination of all our hard work and efforts in recent years and we look forward to planning it. Please stay tuned for updates during our planning as we hope to see you there!