Hellenic Society of Drexel University


1.       Name

2.       Objectives

3.       Administrative Bodies

4.       Members

5.       Advisor

6.       Official Language

7.       Means and Methods

8.       Meetings

9.       Elections

10.    Alterations in the Constitution

11.    Seal

12.    Annulment

13.    Ratification

We, the Hellenic students of the Drexel University, do hereby establish our organization, and draft this constitution in accordance with the policies of Drexel University so that our purpose will be defined and realized to its fullest extent.

Article 1 - Name

The official name of the society is Hellenic Society of Drexel University (hereafter referred to as the Hellenic Society) with its headquarters located at:

Hellenic Society of Drexel University

3200 Chestnut Street

Greenawalt Student Development Center

Room #32B

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104

Article 2 - Objectives  

1.       To promote solidarity, fellowship and assistance between the members of the Hellenic Society. In addition, to actively participate and take a public stand, not only on educational issues but also on social issues that members face both in and outside the University.

2.       To cooperate with other student societies of Drexel University, as well as with other university organizations, in order to provide solutions on shared problems and concerns.

3.       The active involvement on issues that both the Hellenic Community of Philadelphia and neighboring suburbs, and the Hellenic Nation (national issues) deals with, in collaboration with the different organizations that exist within the Hellenic Community.

4.       To support and promote student democratic efforts to develop relationships in student government, and also other Hellenic Student Societies and Associations in foreign countries which are actively seeking to resolve common concerns (recognition of degrees received etc.)

5.       To provide help and information to every Greek student that wishes to enroll at Drexel University, coming from a different state or country. That is with respect to his/her own registration, familiarization and orientation within Drexel University.

 6.       To promote Co-Op opportunities in Greece in more places other than Athens and to attract more attention towards the study abroad opportunities and broaden the options for those who want to study in Greece or Europe in general.

7.       The organized protection of students views on scientific, civil and social issues that are of concern to them, as well as, the enlightenment of public opinion around the same issues.

8.       The resumption of activities for the development of civil life and the promotion of Hellenic folk cultural heritage, both within and outside the University.

9.       To introduce members of the international community to modern Hellenic culture, and to emphasize the contribution of Hellenism to Humanity.

Article 3 - Administrative Bodies

*          General Assembly (G.A) => the prime and dominant body of the Hellenic Society.

*          Executive Council (E.C) => consists of the following office positions:

Officers listed in order of Authority:

1.       President

·         Must attend S.O.O.T. workshop

·         Oversees all activity, events, and operations of society

·         Ensures all members are welcomed and active

·         Chairs all G.A.s

·         Chairs events with Activities Director

·         Holds access to E-Mail account and mailing lists

2.       Vice President

·         Must attend S.O.O.T. workshop

·         Takes control in event of President’s absence *Refer to Role of President

·         Ensures all members are welcomed and active

·         Co-Chairs all G.A.s

·         Co-Chairs events with the President and the Activities Director

·         Holds access to E-Mail account and Mailing lists

                     3.       Secretary

·         Records minutes for both E.C.s and G.A.s

·         Presents previous recorded minutes to G.A.

·         Sends minutes via E-mail to all members following G.A.s

·         Ensures all members are welcomed and active

·         Has access to E-mail account

4.       Treasurer

·         Attends S.O.O.T. workshop

·         Works with S.A.F.A.C. liaison for Annual Funding

·         Accounts for all monies in accounts (debits and credits)

·         Ensures all necessary payments are paid-in-full

·         Collects and records dues.

·         Sets yearly budget for, but not limited to: dinners, meetings, social events, charity donations

·         Ensures all members are welcomed and active

5.       Activities Director

·         Chairs all events with President

·         Brings in new activities, events, ideas

·         Delegates Committees (if necessary) for event planning

·         Ensures all members are welcomed and active

6.       Public Relations

·         Works as liaison between Hellenic Society and outside organizations

·         Maintains strong relations between the Hellenic Society of Drexel University and other student run Hellenic Societies, Associations, or Organizations

·         Responsible for design, clearance (from Drexel), and distribution or posting of all posters and flyers for the society’s events

·         Ensures all members are welcomed and active


Article 4 - Members

1.       The Hellenic Society is composed of both regular and honorary affiliates.

2.       All honorary affiliates are not eligible for SAFAC funding privileges.

3.       All current and actively enrolled Drexel Students, regardless of race, religion, sex, age, national origin, abilities, and sexual orientation have the right to become members of this Hellenic Society. The registration of a new member in the Society requires a validated Drexel ID and the payment of the annual membership fee, as determined by the Hellenic Society.

4.       Others, such as alumni, and graduate students have the right to become honorary affiliates of this Society but will not be eligible to hold a position in the E.C. Honorary affiliates although are denied the rights of members, can be present at all G.A.s of the Society and express their opinion. They cannot make any membership payments. One can be declared an honorary affiliate after a decision at a G.A in which there is a majority (=51% not 66%) vote.

5.       Quorum = 20

6.       Every member has the right to:

1.       express his/her views freely, both within and outside of the administrative bodies of the Society.

2.       maintain and publicly express his/her disagreements without proceeding to actions against the Society.

3.       participate and vote at the G.As.

4.       vote for the elections of the administrative bodies of the Society (as long as he/she has become a member up to until the G.A before the elections.)

5.       be nominated for an administrative position and alerted for such a position (as long as he/she has become a member at least one month before the elections.)

6.       participate in the committees of the Hellenic Society and, with the President present, to represent the Society in outside committee bodies.

7.       inspect the minutes taken during the convention of the E.C. and G.A.

7.       Termination of an individual's membership in the Society occurs only after a serious violation of the Society's policies, involving such actions or moves that are against the constitution and decisions of the G.A., and/or harm the Society in general. Such cancellation can only be decided by a G.A., after the E.C.'s proposal or any members proposal with the requirement that the 2/3 majority vote of the G.A.'s attendants, is obtained. In the case that the accessed member appeals the G.A's decision, the G.A. elects a 5-member committee (one E.C. member must be part of this committee)which will examine the case and announce its decision at the next G.A. which should take place within a short time period. The next G.A. should take into consideration the Committee's decision prior to reaching a final decision. In the meantime and until the final decision of the G.A. is announced the membership of the accused individual will maintain a hold or of non-active status. In compliance with a guilty verdict, the membership of the individual will be terminated.

8.       The individual, whose membership has been terminated, may be re-registered, only if his/her actions that led to his/her membership termination, and as long as the G.A. agrees to proposed reasons. The G.A decides for his/her registration after a new voting, which should not take place before 3 months from the previous decision and for which re-registration the majority of the members of the members of the G.A are required. This stands under innocent until proven guilty.

9.       Drexel University students after their graduation are automatically honorary affiliates , and they no longer have the voting and nominating privileges of the members

10.    It is not mandatory for the alumni affiliates to pay the annual membership fee, but it will be greatly appreciated as a donation.

Article 5 – Advisor

1.       A Fulltime Drexel University faculty, staff, or administrator is eligible to be appointed as the advisor.

2.       The term in which the advisor serves has no limit; however the E.C. holds the right to remove the Advisor with a majority vote of a 4/6 or 66% vote. 

3.       It is encouraged that the Advisor is active in the decision making process and work together with all members to promote the good of this society, though the advisor does not hold authority over the students in the E.C.


Article 6 - Official Language

The official language of the Hellenic Society is Modern Greek. In addition, the needs of the Society may be covered in English.

Article 7 - Means and Methods

To fulfill its purpose, the Hellenic Society will utilize the following means and methods:

1.       meetings and discussions

2.       public lectures by invited speakers

3.       public exhibitions

4.       publications

5.       letters to other organizations, expressing the view of Hellenic Society on an issue

6.       recreational activities (excursions, athletic events, etc.)

7.       subscriptions to publications from Greece, Cyprus and other countries

8.       support to the efforts of any individual, considered to serve the purposes of the Hellenic Society in good faith

The Hellenic Society may cooperate in the organization of such activities with other associations.

Article 8 - Meetings

Meetings are to be held on a regular basis at least once every month at a commonly acceptable day and time. The agenda of the meetings will be redefined and announced by electronic mail. All members must maintain direct or indirect contact with the President or the Secretary about the agenda of the following meetings.  The meeting’s minutes are to be recorded by the Secretary.

Article 9 - Elections

All members are eligible to vote. All members may hold offices. The officers will be elected separately on an annual basis by a majority vote.* The new officers assume office after the election meeting.

*Refer to Article 4 Line 5 for Quorum.

Article 10 - Amendments

Any decision to modify this constitution, requires a formal written proposal and presentation to the G.A. in which 1/4 of the Hellenic Society's members must be present and a 2/3 majority vote of the attendants must be obtained.

Article 11 - Seal

The present, official seal of this Hellenic Society is that shown below. A design of the Greek Flag, the Drexel Flag, and the society’s three Greek Letters. For the seal to change the G.A. must consent by majority vote.*

*Refer to Article 4 Line 5 for Quorum.


Article 12 - Annulment of the Society

Annulment of the society requires a formal written proposal presented to the body of the society at a special G.A., in which at least 3/4 of the registered members must be present. In addition, such a decision requires a majority vote of 4/5 vote of the attending to the G.A. members.

Article 13 – Ratification

The Constitution must be ratified by a 2/3 vote of the Hellenic Society’s E.C. by the commencement of the Fall Term immediately following the induction of the new E.C.


Drexel University

Hellenic Society of Drexel University

Ratified on

20 February 2006