Who We Are

To be actively involved with the Hellenic Community of Philadelphia and the Hellenic Nation, in collaboration with the different organizations that exist within the Hellenic Community. We support and promote student democratic efforts to develop relationships in student government, and also other Hellenic student societies in foreign countries which are actively seeking to resolve common concerns.

We offer guidance and information to every Greek student that wishes to enroll at Drexel University, coming from a different state or country with respect to his/her own registration, familiarization and orientation within the university.

We also are working to promote the education of the modern Greek language as well as Co-Op opportunities in Greece. By doing so this will attract more attention towards the study abroad opportunities in Greece or Europe in general.

The resumption of activities for the development of civil life and the promotion of Hellenic folk cultural heritage, both within and outside the University. We encourage introducing members of the international community to modern Hellenic culture, and to emphasize the contribution of Hellenism to Humanity.