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About Golden Key

Golden Key Rewards Excellence

As the world's leading and most dynamic collegiate honor society, Golden Key rewards academic acheivement with exceptional leadership, service, and networking opportunities. The Society also awards over half a million dollars each year in scholarships to its members.

An Invitation to Membership
Golden Key invites only the top 15 percent of juniors and seniors to be members. Golden Key maintains its selective requirements and emphasizes diversity by recognizing students from all fields of study, regardless of part-time or full-time status. Members pay a one-time membership fee to support the Society's mission of investing in students and academic excellence. Golden Key allocates a portion of the membership fee to scholarships, and a portion of the fee to support community service programs and events within the chapter.

Our Mission
  • Recognize scholastic achievement and excellence among junior and senior students across all disciplines
  • Unite university faculty and administrators with students to foster a network of scholars
  • Award scholarships for the pursuit of knowledge
  • Serve the campus and community for personal growth and leadership development
  • Connect members with career opportunities

    Corporate Sponsors
    Bank of America
    Cisco Systems
    Dow Chemical Company
    Ford Motor Company
    General Mills
    Lehman Brothers
    MBNA America
    Merck & Co, Inc.
    The New York Times

    Benefits of Membership
  • Academic Recognition
    Local chapter induction ceremonies celebrate formal membership into the Society. At these special occasions, certificates of membership and press release announcements are presented. Graduation honor cords, stoles, pins and pendants are available online in the Golden Key catalog.

  • Resume
    Students highlight their academic achievement by listing their membership with the Society.

  • Scholarships
    Golden Key awards over half a million dollars annually to members in undergraduate and graduate scholarships.

  • Career Assistance
    Golden Key provides members with extensive internship and employment opportunities through the Society's exclusive corporate partnerships. An on-line career center also connects members with potential employers.

  • Leadership & Community Service
    The Society dedicates considerable time and resources to student leadership. Chapters are student-run.

  • Member Discounts
    Golden Key provides special promotions and unique discounts to members only including offers from Geico Direct, Gateway, Kaplan, seven different hotel chains, and more. The Society continues to expand tangible member benefits.

    History of Golden Key
    Golden Key International Honour Society, founded in 1977, recognizes college students solely on the objective basis of their academic achievements. Today more than 300 chapters in the United States, Canada, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United Kingdom honor and reward over one million lifetime members.

    In an effort to reflect the Society's diversity and international presence, Golden Key uses the globally accepted spelling of "honour" in it's name.

    The Board of Directors governs Golden Key, and the Council, made up of volunteers from diverse university backgrounds, preserves the Society's academic standards.

    The Society maintains active membership in several organizatoins including the American Council on Education (ACE), the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC), the National Association of Student Personnel Adminstrators (NASPA), the National Scholarship Providers Association (NSPA), the American Association of Collegiate registrars and Admisssions Officers (AACRAO), and the Points of Light Foundation.

    Honorary Members of Golden Key include:
    Willam J. Clinton, Former U.S. President
    Bill Cosby, Entertainer
    Stephen Covey, Leadership Consultant and Author
    Elizabeth Dole, Former President of American Red Cross
    General Colin L. Powell, U.S. Secretary of State
    Ronald W. Reagan, Former U.S. President

    Golden Key International Honour Society

    International Headquarters
    1189 Ponce De Leon Avenue
    Atlanta, Georgia 303306-4624, U.S.A.
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