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Course Description
Drexel University
The Philippine Society

  • The Philippine Society
  • Sociology 495-703
  • September 22, 2003 - December 13, 2003
  • Thursday - 6:00 PM - 8:50 PM
  • Instructor: Prof. Ernesto Arcilla
  • Course Description
    The course introduces the history of the Philippines. It traces its origin, foreign migration, exploration and conquest, nationalism and statehood and partnership in the global community. It explains the influence of the eastern cultures as well as those of the western way of life. The course examines the traditional culture of the Filipinos, customs and beliefs and investigates the Filipino traits and characteristics. It introduces the government of the Philippines, its bureaucratic system and management styles. The course also explores its geography, describes its demography and examines its socio-economic classes of the Philippines. It provides discussion for the challenges of the future of the Philippine society.

  • Instructor's Profile
    • Double Baccalaureate
    • B. S. of Arts in Political Science
    • B. S. in Foreign Service
    Lyceum of the Philippines, Manila
    • Master of Arts in Political Science
    MLQU University, Manila
    • Master of Public Administration
    Temple University, Philadelphia
    • PhD. In Political Science (AbD)
    Temple University, Philadelphia
    • Fellow, Life Management Institute
    Atlanta, GA
    • Professor, Political and Government
    Ortanez College
    • Visiting Lecturer, Diplomacy and Geopolitics
    Lyceum of the Philippines
    • Adjunct Professor, Sociology
    Drexel University

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