Drexel Actuarial Science Student Association

DASSA members enjoying our first speaker event!

Drexel Actuarial Science Student Association

The Drexel Actuarial Science Student Association is an organization dedicated to guiding aspiring actuaries.  DASSA was recognized as an official Drexel student organization in November 2008. 

The job “actuary” has been consistently rated as one of the top four best jobs in the U.S. by the Jobs Rated Almanac in each of its six editions.  This organization assists students who want to be an Actuary, one of the hottest careers of our times!

The organization provides its members with study materials, information on classes and tips to improve study habits for the exams.  We also have speaker events that are designed for advising the students on everything you could possibly want to know about Actuarial Sciences and the career opportunities.


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