Constitution of CSSAD

I. Identification


This organization is named Chinese Students and Scholars Association of Drexel University (CSSAD)


II. Mission

Provide support to all Chinese graduate students and scholars who are adjusting to the new environment as well as to college life. We are trying to form a big and warm family for every Chinese Student or Scholar. In addition, CSSAD represents and serves the common interests of all Chinese graduate students and scholars at Drexel University. Our core values are selfless contribution, responsibility, Innovation and Focusing on doing things


III. Membership


All currently and actively enrolled Drexel University graduate students and scholars with specific Chinese nationality status who have an interest in serving the common interests of all Chinese students and scholars of Drexel University may become a member of CSSAD.
Membership is open to students regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or ability.

IV. Officers


Officers are to be voted by the entire Chinese graduate students/scholars in University at the beginning of May each year. The tenure of the officers is two years, Officers must be Chinese graduates who can attend the meetings regularly and fulfill their responsibilities as detailed in the constitution. The executive board will be comprised of all CSSA officers.

Elections are based on a slate process in which the slate who gets the highest votes wins as an entire group.


A.President- Elected at the official election.

President is responsible for the following:

a. Presiding the general or executive CSSAD meetings

b. Overall marketing and promotion coordination

c. In supportive of website building and management

d. Assigning task and responsibility for events and activities

B. Vice Presidents- Elected at the official election.
Vice Presidents are responsible for their corresponding departments.

1. Corporate relations

  1. Connect Chinese companies which have braches in USA and businesses in Philadelphia to CSSAD in supportive of funding for operation of CSSAD
  2. In supportive of marketing in corporation levels

2. Public relations

  1. relations between other CSSAs and CSSAD
  2. relation between Chinese embassy & Philadelphia Chinese Association and CSSAD
  3. Relations between other Drexel students organizations and CSSAD
  4. Relations between different Drexel schools and CSSAD


3. General Administration

  1. Recruiting new members
  2. Event place reservation
  3. relations between related university administrations and CSSAD

4. Information and Financial Budgeting

  1. Website building and management
  2. Event posting and promotion
  3. Financial Budgeting and monitoring


V. Advisor

The faculty advisor should advise CSSAD on issues concerning Drexel community. The faculty advisor must be a full time faculty or staff member at Drexel.

VI. Executive Board


The Executive Board is composed of all elected officers. The Executive Board may call a meeting at any time with as many members as are available. In general, all members should be advised of such meetings. The executive board is responsible for recruiting new members each year.

VIII. Standing Committees


Committees shall be formed or dissolved by executive board as needed. They are responsible to give a report to executive board of their actions on a regular basis. They are under the authority of the executive board.

IX. Ratification


The constitution shall be ratified by the agreement of executive board.

X. Quorum


The total number of CSSAD members who attend the election is quorum. The quorum is updated during election week.

  1. Election


The election is held before the previous executive board tenure will end. All Chinese graduate students and Scholars at Drexel University have the right to vote for new officers. Teams will compete for the executive board seats. The election procedure should follow these steps:

  1. The date and time of the election is announced 2 months prior to the final election by sending email to all Chinese graduates and Scholars at Drexel University.(Note: the first Executive Board starting 2009, will be composed of Chinese graduates voluntarily without election. The previous executive board members are responsible for the successors¡¯ election organization.)
  2. No individual candidates will be accepted, the election is based on team competition. Any qualified team must be applied for election three weeks prior to final election.
  3. Executive board will formally announce the candidates by sending emails to Chinese students in Drexel one week prior to the final election.
  4. Each candidate team has the chance to give 20-minute speech before the election.
  5. The candidate team who gets the highest votes will be the new CSSAD executive board members. The result will be announced immediately after the statistics.


If any member of executive board quit because of some unexpected reasons (such as car accidents or something else), executive board members will jointly elect a candidate to fill that position or one of executive members will be an immediate candidate for missing position.

XI. Amendments


Any changes to the Constitution must be passed in the form of amendments. There should be a 2/3 majority vote from the total CSSAD membership in order for an amendment to be adopted in the Constitution.

XII. Dissolution

CSSAD¡¯s executive board should conduct a poll of current members. If only 5 members or less vote against the dissolution of CSSAD, the organization will proceed to the next step.? The CSSAD¡¯s executive board will meet with the faculty advisor and discuss the dissolution of this organization. CSSAD will proceed to the final step. CSSAD will write a formal letter of dissolution to OCA with an explanation and withdraw from the Drexel community.

Writen by CSSAD 03/25/2009