Haunted House

         Believe it or not, there are things that live among us that we may not be able to see or communicate with. Are they real or are the fake? You decide.

         This website will take you to the other side of the realm. You will read about the different types of hauntings, view images from the dead, listen to the dead communicate, read haunting stories, and much more. Should you have questions or feedback, please locate the appropriate page.

         I am not here to change your mind on your beliefs. We all have reasons for what we believe in. I am here to research other possibilities.

         Since you are still reading, you must be interested in learning about other possibilities like the paranormal world. If you think we live alone, think again.

         If you are new to the paranormal world, please read the "Equipment" and "Types of Ghost" pages, as this will help you on your journey to understanding. It will describe how images, video, and sounds are caught and recorded. It will also educate you on the different types of ghost you may encounter.

         I have compiled a list of locations that is said to be haunted. Check them out as some may be close to your location. I have included a page with a list of other paranormal research websites that you may find interesting. Good Luck with your research! Do send information should you encounter your own paranormal video, EVP, or pictures of the paranormal. I am always interested in new material.