Ghost Hunting Equipment

Digital video recorder

DVRs have gotten fabulous in the last few years and there are dozens out there to choose from. Buy quality, because your digital video recorder is one of your primary tools.Be sure and get a DVR with excellent sound quality and buy a good static free external shotgun microphone to go along with the camera. This allows a good DVR to function as a digital audio recorder too.

Digital Still Camera

Itís all about the Megapixles! Ė The higher the resolution the more you will be able to zoom in later on when you are analyzing your photos in Photoshop.

Digital Image Editing Program

Sometimes by adjusting contrast, shadows and highlights or colors, you can find things in a photo you didnít know were there. Photoshop is my favorite. And remember you can give your video the same treatment with the color correction tools in a Video Editing Program like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere.

35mm FILM Camera

There are tons of great digital still cameras and they are much easier to use, but, remember, a film camera processes the images through a chemical process, not through an electronic sensor array.Experienced ghost hunters will tell you that a traditional 35mm camera, especially with black and white film often catches images that do not show up on even the best digital cameras. So, make sure someone on your team is rolling old school.Today Ebay is far and away the best place to buy 35 mm cameras. My all time favorite is the Nikon F3. It has simple, dependable controls and is built like a tank.

Night Vision Equipment

Night vision scopes have gotten a lot cheaper in the last few years and there are adapters that you can use to attach them to video recorder and cameras so you can shoot in near total darkness.

Analog Tape Recorder

Like the 35mm camera magnetic tape recorders are also quickly headed for obsolescence, but they also record sound differently than modern digital audio recorders. Also, you should be getting digital audio through your DVR, so this gives you a valuable double check for any anomalies you encounter.Remember to rewind the tape and listen to it at the end of the expedition even if you didnít hear anything unusual while you were there. Spirit voices sometimes are recorded on magnetic audio tapes even when humans hear no sounds. This phenomena is known as EVP, Electronic Voice Phenomena. Be sure and use new tapes, because the tiny scratches from rewinding and playing tapes make it much more difficult to pick out very faint noises.

Flash Lights

Obviously, this is a no brainer. If you havenít already moved up to a modern LED flashlight now is a good time. Battery life is much longer, the LED bulbs are almost unbreakable, and they often allow for different colors of light and intensity. However, no matter how good your primary flashlight is every other team member should carry a back up light.

EMF Detector

EMF Detectors pick up electronic fields at a variety of frequencies. Usually, where there are ghosts there are disruptions in the electronic magnetic field. This is one piece of equipment that every ghost hunting expedition should have and they are fairly cheap.


Obviously, a good thermometer can detect changes in the air temperature, but your ghost hunting team should carry both a traditional mercury thermometer and a digital thermometer to ensure good backup. Also, today both types are very cheap.


Follow the same logic as with thermometers and have both a traditional and electronic.

Infrared Thermal Scanner

These are a great pieces of gear, because they essentially allow you to see changes in temperature across a room or field. When you see the anomaly move towards your team and trigger the wind chimes and the thermometers it is an incredible moment.

Walkie Talkies

Always useful, but try to get one that is hands free, preferably with headsets. Today, you can actually link a team together through conference call on cell phone if everyone has the minutes.

Extra Batteries

Try to have extra batteries for everything.

Motion Detectors

These can really give you a heads up and they are not expensive.

Information curtisy of The Atlantic Paranormal Society - TAPS