How It All Started!

         I have been interested in the paranormal since a little kid. I believe ghost hang around certain people for different reasons (good or bad). I believe my mother’s ex-boyfriend (back in the day) was one of those people. He ended up not being what everyone expected. I believe the paranormal used the evil inside of him for energy. No matter where we lived or went, they seemed to follow him. Now that he is not around, everything is peaceful. Below, I will describe some of my paranormal stories growing up around him.

         I had my first paranormal experience around 8-9ish. We lived in a small old house in Sawyerwood, Ohio. This was a very small community, within a large city, Akron, Ohio. The basement had a big hole in it filled with water, which just gave the basement a very creepy sense to it. It was all cement with cement stairs to the main floor. The stairs twisted around like a 180. It gave it the Dungun look and feel, at least for a kid it did. One night about 11pm, I was up playing my video game when I decided to grab a blanket, as I was a little cold. I decided to head back to my bedroom, which was a little dark with all the lights off. On my way to it, something caught my eye. As I looked towards my bedroom door, I noticed this white figure peak around my doorway. I was only able to see the top half of it, as the rest was behind my door or “not there at all”. At that time, I did not realize that it was paranormal. I believed someone had entered our house. I went to the living room to tell my mother’s boyfriend about it. As I described to him what I seen, it was as if it did not affect him. It was like an everyday occurrence to him. He explained to me what it was but not why it was there. I was a little uneasy but felt a little better, as he was perfectly comfortable with it.

         My next encounter was in the same house. I was in the kitchen doing what kids do probably “looking for food”. As I was walking past the basement door, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. When I looked over, for a split second, I saw a little boy and girl holding hands turning the corner of the stairs. I headed down the stairs thinking that maybe someone was over but did not find anything.

         I think that was all I actually witnessed myself in that house. There may have been other instances that I cannot recall at this time. My mother’s boyfriend on the other hand, witnessed a few things himself. He seemed to see different types of paranormal then I did. His seemed to be of the evil kind, which makes perfect sense now. He said that one night he was suddenly waken from dead sleep and felt that he needed to go check on my sisters. As he entered my sister’s room, he noticed a figure sitting on the corner end of their bed. He said it looked at him and he took off to grab my mother. As they both arrived back at the room, it was gone. There was an indent in the bed where he said it was sitting. We decided to go spend the night with his mother that night. There was another time he said he seen a dark figured man standing at the top of the basement stairs staring down the hallway at him. He supposedly tossed his boot at it, which went right through it.

         That house was eventually blessed by his mother, which he sort of took after. I am still unsure if it actually made a difference. During the blessing, they decided to go into the basement, which is where I think it all originated. As she dropped holy water into the well hole, an ashtray flung across the basement smashing into the wall. We ended up moving not to long after that. That was the start of my fascination with the “Other Side”.

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