Daniel M. Lofaro of Drexel University

Daniel M. Lofaro
Left: Captain Ferguson of the Space Shuttle Atlantis, Right: Daniel M. Lofaro


Daniel M. Lofaro is a PhD student at Drexel University in the Drexel Autonomous Systems Lab (DASL) in Robotics. Daniel holds BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering in Control Systems and Robotics from Drexel University.

The topic of Daniel’s graduate thesis is Control Design to Reduce the Effects of Torsional Resonance in Coupled Systems under the guidance of Dr. Tom Chmielewski and Dr. Paul Kalata of Drexel University.

Currently Daniel is working towards a PhD at Drexel University in the Drexel Autonomous Systems Lab (DASL) in the field of Robotics with a concentration in biped locomotion as it pertains to animals with tails, namely dinosaurs.

The NSF, National Science Foundation, supports Daniel’s work towards a PhD in Robotics by granting him a fellowship to work at the Hubo Lab at KAIST, Korean Advanced Institute for Science and Technology, in Daejeon S.Korea.

In 2007 Daniel served as the Technical Chair of Drexel University’s IEEE Student Chapter. The IEEE is the world’s largest professional engineering society. While in office Daniel created a robot competition for the students at Drexel University. This even continues to the present. Daniel Lofaro is also a mentor for the Agnes Irwin FIRST Robotics Team 709. FIRST Robotics is a 6 week long robot competition that attracts teams from over 1000 high schools in the US and over 100 teams around the world. Serving such professional societies and outreach programs has made Daniel acutely aware that engineering – and robotics in particular – it truely global. Through such service, Daniel has learned to communicate and collaborate with members worldwide.

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