DASL: Weekly Update ( 2009-12-04 )

A. Software Manual

75% complete, Dave is helping me with the gestures because of his experience making them and Dr. Kim’s desire for him to be involved in making the manual.

B. Task Clayton motor driver board fab, quotes for population, etc.

Clayton responded with quotes listed below. Note: these quotes are only for board fabrication and NOT for population, however he did note the places that does assembly and which ones do not.

C. Ask Bruce Maxwell: vision hardware

I contacted Point gray and they brought up some issues with some of the firewire (IEEE1394) chipsets. They pointed me to one picoITX board but it used the chipset that they did not recommend for this.

D. Frame Robot Magazine article and hang in Bossone Lab


E. Jaemi videos on each joint for Prof. George Lee

Done. Question: Can we send George Lee the schematics of Jaemi for his simulation? He sent us an email on Nov 19th with the subject line “DASL: Jaemi Hubo Kinematics” asking for the CAD files for Hubo.

Tasks for this coming Week:

1. Jaemi’s stage parts list/ordering info 100% complete so Keith can order it

2. Pre-Design for new Jaemi Batteries ( I want to have the new batteries completed and tested two weeks before the NSF presentation because I do not like the original Hubo batteries).

3. Detailed outline for PhD Qualifier topic i.e. what topic and what should the topics of the separate papers be on. If you do not give me another idea I will go with the “human humanoid interaction” with a focus on a teleoperated humanoid like in the movie Surrogates (2009).