DASL: Weekly Update (2009-10-19)

A. Software Manual (10-week delivery time)

40% Complete (On Track)

B. Simon Says Bot

I emailed Dr. Bruce Maxwell about what camera he wants to use. I also sent him the one I found that I fell in love with because of the fact that it runs on the PCI Express bus and is relitively small. It is the PointGray ProFUSION 25. It runs 25 VGA, 640x480, cameras at 25fps. I picked this one out because it is the only one that I can find that works on the PCI Express bus and to save space in Jaemi's chest I would rather not have to get a IEEE1394/FireWire card and just get a new CPU board with PCI Express built in.
Bruce has not gotten back to me yet.

C. Backup Team + forcing function demo before X-mas

Demo with Clayton went well. Jaemi did fall once but she was on her harnis. Clayton is doing very well handeling Jaemi. I feel comferterable working with Clayton.
Question: When do you want to have the next big demo or can I pick a date?

D. Stage

I have a few questions for you.
Question 1: How big do you want the stage? The stage at the PTM was the size I want but it is 16ft by 8ft + an additional 4ft x 8ft board in the back for the hoist.
Question 2: Where do we plan on storing this item?
Question 3: How are we going to transport this?