DASL: Weekly Update (2009-09-21)

A. Software Manual (10-week delivery time)

B. Simon Says Bot

C. Stair-climbing demo by end of Fall term * Gantt Chart by 09/21/09

Please see below for the requested Gantt Chart for the completion of the Stair Walking for Jaemi Hubo. Please note that it starts on Monday, September 28th, 2009 and is scheduled to end by Friday, March 19th 2010. Please note that this Gantt chart does take in to account the Xmas and Thanksgiving Holidays.

To my opinion Min-su was right and it will take a long time to make Jaemi walk up stairs. The positive sides of this is that it would be directly be able to be used with Rob's SISTR modifications. However if it is more important for me to try to finish the candidacy exam sooner rather then later then maybe the Simon says part should be done first, please see section B.

In addition if you still want something to be used for Rob's modifications of SISTR and for the conference I still have the program that I wrote, but not tested yet, that allows Jaemi to walk and turn at the same time, something that she cannot do at the moment.

D. Backup Team + forcing function demo before X-mas

I visited my old highschool, Harriton HS, in person and talked to my former teachers and the current engineering prof and they were really excited about the presentation. They are rather flexable as to when to have the show. He will get back to me in a few days. If I do not hear from the engr prof by Monday I will ping him. Right now I am thinking Tuesday December 12th becasue that is after our finals and it gives us a day to set up before hand at my high school.
Please see below for the class schedual. It will start on the first of October and it will end right before Thanksgiving with one practice show on the 18th of october in between. RJ, Clayton, and Alex will be the ones to partisipate. All classes will occure between 6pm and 7pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.