DASL: Weekly Update 2009-02-05

Things accomplished this week:

1. Worked with Clayton to get the tapping working, see video below.  I have not received the other gestures as of yet.  Clayton did make a program that will make the C code for the gestures when given the inputs.  This code has a few little bugs in it which I already set a meeting up with Clayton to talk to him about. 

After talking with the people from the please touch museum we came up with some idea for what Hubo can do there.  I gave Clayton the following gestures to finish by Thursday February 12th.

Clayton’s Movements Due the 12th:

-          Touch nose

-          Pat head

-          Point

o   Left

o   Right

o   Forward

o   Up

o   Down

-          Show wrist

-          Bend elbows (lick chicken)


2. I worked with Dave and have serial connection from the body PC to an external laptop.  This will be used for the tapping commands.

3. I made the video for the IARC.  It is just taking a lot longer than I thought to render.  I have included a quick 10s clip of the video below to show you what it looks like.  Please note that the fully rendered version has audio commentary.

4. I reserved Bossone first floor for May 3rd, April 19th was booked for both third floor and first floor.  I am currently looking for a second location.  I am thinking of the Grand Hall in Main.

5. I finished the first draft tutorial on NXT Whip.  http://www.pages.drexel.edu/~dml46/Tutorials/NXT_Build/Main.html

6. Rob and I put together the framing of the treadmill.  Waiting for the top boards for the treadmill to proceed.

7. The XL1 Camera issue is still an issue.  I stopped contacting the buyer because he said that he would pay multiple times and have not and now I am in conversation with ebay to get my $40+ in ebay fees back.