DASL 2010 Indoor Aerial Robotics Competition "IARC 2010" (April 2010)

Competition Rules:


This year's annual Indoor Aerial Robotics Competition sponsored by the Drexel Autonomous Systems Lab (DASL), hosted by Rowan University, will focus on unmanned equipment pickup/drop off and target tracking as it has to do with UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). The competition will consist of the three parts listed in the Rules section below. Note: This competition is similar to IARC 2009 with the main difference being the requirement to only use autonomous control for the vehicles.

For the 2010 IARC Rules please Click Here

For more information about DASL Click Here

Due Dates and Deadlines:

  • Friday, February 5th @ 5:00pm: Pre-Registration
    • Contact Daniel M. Lofaro [dml46 (at) drexel (dot) edu] on or before the above date if you are interested in continuing to receive info with hopes to participate in IARC 2010.
  • Friday, February 26th @ 5:00pm: Registration
    • Contact Daniel M. Lofaro [dml46 (at) drexel (dot) edu] on or before the above date if you would like to register for the IARC 2010. Please include your team name, members names, advisor's names, contact info etc.
  • Sunday, April 11th @ (TBA): Practice Session
    • Location: Rowan University: Atrium of Rowan Hall
  • Sunday, April 25th @ (TBA): Competition
    • Location: Rowan University: Atrium of Rowan Hall

EXAMPLE: Target Tracking Example using 5Hz frame rate to simulate low powered, or offboard, vision system processing.

For a short tutorial of how to track colors with a CMUcam please Click Here.

Parts used by Drexel Universitie's 2009 IARC team:
Item Link
Communications (Serial to Bluetooth) Sparkfun Bluetooth Mate
PWM Driver (8x Servo Driver) Pololu Micro Serial Servo Controller
Motor Driver (Serial) Pololu Micro Dual Serial Motor Controller
Motor (DC) GW/EDP-20
Servo (Micro) Hitec HS-55
Structure Material Balsa Wood
Balloon Envelope 52 inch Replacement Silver Blimp Balloon Envelope