Korea/KAIST Week 5 2008-07-15 to 2008-07-21

KAIST Week 5:

So this week’s blog will be somewhat different.  A few people have been wondering about my day to day living here at KAIST.  To help with some of the questions they have, like where do I eat, work etc. I have posted a few videos to help explain.  I apologize, the video’s are more of a Blare Witch style than anything else, thus I am not responsible for any motion sickness you may or may not feel while you are watching.


The room:

Here you can see the nice dorm room that I live in.  I live with one other person, Bobby a sometimes Korean.  The room is really nice, it is made for three people but it is a lot nicer due to the fact that there are only two of us.  We have internet, though my laptop is broken so it does not matter to me, and A/C and clean beds, so what else could you ask for.  Oh it is important to note that the room is a no shoes area.  Thus as soon as you get in the doorway you have to take off your shoes.  Having a pair of flip-flops/sandals is a must because it is a lot easier to put those on and off when you enter and exit the room, especially if you are just going to the bathroom.




The Cafeteria:

Now the cafeteria is well… good in the sense that the first few times you eat there the food is good and the prices are low, seriously low about $2.50 for a whole lunch.  After the first few times you realize that they serve the same thing every day.  Thus going out for lunch and dinner is not uncommon, that cost anywhere between $4 to $6 a meal.  Not too bad at all.




The Lab:

As you may or may not know I am working in the KAIST Hubo Lab.  It is a biped robotics lab that houses about 20 students and four and a half biped robots… the half is the New Hubo which is not finished yet.  Now in the video there is a lab tour going on, a group of outsiders is being shown the Hubo Lab, it is somewhat of an attraction for KAIST.




The Starcraft:

No lab experience is complete without watching some lab mates play Starcraft.  Please note that I was playing in this game but, well, I was eliminated in about 10 min. 




The Bathroom:

Last but not least I bring to you our bathroom.  It is a common bathroom for the entire floor.  It contains washers, which are free, and dryers, which are not, as well as places to do your business, wash your hands, brush your teeth, you know the works.  The showers, which are not shown well in the video for obvious reasons, is basically an open room, with no curtains and 8 showers.  Thus you get to know your neighbors well.  Also please note that you have to take off your shoes in the showers, that means no flip-flops. 




That is about the extent of my KAIST experience.  I get to work with some great stuff and get my ass kicked in Starcraft.  Oh one other nice thing, which I did not show, is the convenient store.  It has all the basic food items to keep a college student going, i.e. snack foods, raman noodles, drinks.  The best part is the convienient store in KAIST is about 40% less than those outside of KAIST.  For example my favorite ice-cream here, Mellon Bars, costs 700 wan outside of KAIST at any GS-25 but in KAIST they cost 400 wan!!!  Basically everything is like that there too =-)  they treat their students well.